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Village health and disease

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  • Opublikowany 13 wrz 2022
  • Direct link to original video, www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddRPI...
    For more reports from Uganda, plclip.com/user/WefwafwaAndrew

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  • Sherralee woods
    Sherralee woods Dzień temu +327

    I don't think anyone is surprised to see Dr John Campbell where he is. His involvement in Africa is obviously long term. A good man.

  • savemefromreligion
    savemefromreligion Dzień temu +119

    We have been supporting a children’s home in Jinja, Uganda for some time. I am so impressed by the grass roots teaching and ministry of our Brother, Simon Ogutu. I feel certain that in 15-20 years, the world’s great leaders will come from East Africa. God bless this man!!🙏👍

  • MIO
    MIO Dzień temu +152

    The inequality is staggering. I am so happy they made it through the pandemic with natural immunity and the flood because of strength and love :) Ben seems nice such a nice boy <3 Beautiful community.

  • Silvia Etna
    Silvia Etna Dzień temu +87

    Thank you, I don’t have anything clever else to say. If the world was full of people like you and your friend…this world would just be something else. You are an inspiration. Thank you again for being with us through out this nightmare we have been living. You have been an open minded beacon.

  • Planetzogg
    Planetzogg Dzień temu +60

    I had a realy, realy, realy s**t day at work. To come home to see this has restored my faith in the grass roots of humanity! I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight. Thank you John and Wefwafa and the community that help make this happen!

  • Donna
    Donna Dzień temu +107

    It’s lovely to see you outside of your house John, even lovelier to see you visiting this village. So glad Benny is getting better. ❤️‍🩹

  • Josh Wagar
    Josh Wagar Dzień temu +51

    I started watching your videos because of the covid content and was pleasantly surprised to see this video recommended today. If only there were more caring people like you in the world instead of so many selfish narcissists trying to get ahead at everyone else's expense. God bless you.

  • Midwest Preparedness With Mother Portia

    My prayers are for the safety and well-being of the children and that God will continue to send healing. You are doing a good work.🙏🏾❤️🙌🏾🇺🇸

    AANYU SAMUEL Dzień temu +39

    Great thanks Dr Campbell John for the support and love for humanity and especially for reaching Uganda

  • benrlego
    benrlego Dzień temu +34

    This is a most excellent series of videos, it is great to have the chance to see and learn first hand the differences in Africa compared to the West. Their hardships seem to have some benefit, in that they do still rely on each other closely and the sense of community remains. God bless you, you are a true public servant.

  • Jess Barnes
    Jess Barnes Dzień temu +13

    What a lovely, supportive community. It’s humbling to see the huge smile on Ben’s face after so much trauma. Isn’t he patient sitting there as the adults talk, and he politely answers questions. God bless their work and Dr Campbell.

  • Jack Slaughter
    Jack Slaughter Dzień temu +74

    Wow, COVID really ain't no thang when you have so many more serious things to contend with. If hugs could heal I'd be on the first plane with my arms open wide. You're doing an incredible job highlighting these issues John, you are an AMAZING human being 😃👍

  • Kimchi Noodles
    Kimchi Noodles Dzień temu +50

    I love Dr. John such an amazing human!

  • rahn45
    rahn45 Dzień temu +89

    Sometimes it's easy to forget the kind of world exists outside our 4 walls.

  • L
    L Dzień temu +40

    I'm an American. I spent a short time working in S Sudan (Daja Post). The absolute worst feeling in the word was not being able to help people that desperately needed a hospital. People walked for days in hopes of finding medical care in that little village. To watch mothers and grandmothers carry their dying children and grandchildren in hopes that we could somehow save them was absolutely traumatizing. I could not simply pick up the phone and call the specialists. I could not order labwork. I could not send a menangitis child to critical care, and had to watch the grandmother's eyes imploring me do do something, I could not even order an Xray. No electricity. No running water. The local village women laughed at us when we inquired about safe birthing practices. "We just go out quietly in the field, squat, and do what we have to do when the time comes."

  • Silva Maris
    Silva Maris Dzień temu +11

    You are an absolute asset not just to youtube, but to humanity itself. Thank you Dr John Campbell

  • beate zackey
    beate zackey Dzień temu +44

    I am so glad to see you in Africa, Dr Campbell! It's great to have you.

  • Shane Callaghan
    Shane Callaghan Dzień temu +21

    There are tears in my Eyes to see what you are doing John "God is watching" God is happy 🙏

  • Andrew Wefwafwa Medical Videos

    I have no doubt you were God sent, I'm so privileged to work with you

  • Be Your Unique Potential ~ Sleep Meditation&Music

    What a wonderful message here from you both. You make a fabulous team. Wishing you every success on your mission. Great comical ending. 🤩