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NIH, Wuhan were working on monkeypox

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  • Opublikowany 30 maj 2022
  • Wuhan Institute of Virology published on monkeypox research 3 months ago, NIH also have been researching monkeypox treatment
    Total funding, $9,824,009
    The funding supports a clinical trial to identify effective treatments for monkeypox
    A re-emerging pathogen
    A disease of epidemic potential
    Causes significant morbidity and can result in death
    Human cases have been increasing in sub-Saharan Africa since 2000
    Sporadic outbreaks outside of Africa have occurred
    Similarity between MPXV and the variola virus,
    coupled with concerns about the potential of the variola virus as a potential bioterrorism agent,
    have placed monkeypox treatments at the forefront of public health and scientific research agendas in many countries.
    Article in Virologica Sinica?
    Efficient assembly of a large fragment of monkeypox virus genome as a qPCR template using dual-selection based transformation-associated recombination (Feb 2022)
    Since MPXV infection has never been associated with an outbreak in China, the viral genomic material required for qPCR detection is unavailable.
    Using viral DNA recombinations
    Transformation-associated recombination (TAR),
    to assemble large DNA constructs
    A 55-kb genomic fragment of monkeypox virus in VL6-48B (yeast cells)
    What is Virologica Sinica?
    Virologica Sinica, the official journal of Chinese Society for Microbiology,
    will serve as a platform for the communication and exchange of academic information and ideas in an international context.
    Discussion section
    However, this DNA assembly tool applied in virological research could also raise potential security concerns,
    especially when the assembled product contains a full set of genetic material that can be recovered into a contagious pathogen.
    Recently, a group of scientists was funded by a biotech company to synthesize a full-length horsepox virus genome and recover it into an infectious virus (Noyce et al., 2018).
    Not surprisingly, such a controversial achievement has received enormous attention and raised global debate on its biosecurity implications (DiEuliis et al., 2017; Koblentz, 2017, 2018; DiEuliis and Gronvall, 2018).
    In this study, although a full-length viral genome would be the ideal reference template for detecting MPXV by qPCR, we only sought to assemble a 55-kb viral fragment, less than one-third of the MPXV genome.
    This assembly product is fail-safe by virtually eliminating any risk of recovering into an infectious virus while providing multiple qPCR targets for detecting MPXV or other Orthopoxviruses (Li et al., 2010).
    Our world in data monkeypox
    Spain and Belgium ‘gay events’
    Cases, + 11 = 190
    20,000 doses of a smallpox vaccine
    offered to close contacts of those diagnosed with monkeypox
    reduce the risk of symptomatic infection and severe illness
    Dr Rosamund Lewis, WHO
    It's very important to describe this because it appears to be an increase in a mode of transmission that may have been under-recognised in the past
    unfortunate if monkeypox exploit the immunity gap left by smallpox 40 years ago
    there is still a window to close the outbreak

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  • Jamie Saari Crawford

    I’m a former Canadian journalist (living in the US) sadly watching the decline of American “journalism.” I was trained many years ago to give facts, not opinions. I am selective about what I watch these days and check in with media outlets around the world before I make an opinion. You have become one of my most trusted providers of information. Thank you for all you do, Dr. John.

  • Sergio Diaz

    This is a breath of fresh air. Seems like no one wants to seriously consider the possibility of bio weapons just because they’re illegal.

  • Van Hattfield

    I was in Liberia during the Ebola eradication effort and remained until after it was declared to be a success. The US military had a big presence during the effort, but China was there as well, and had been there well before there was ever an issue. They had even funded the one and only paved road in th entire country that connected Monrovia to the International airport and on to the small coastal town of Buchanan. When I first arrived and was making assessments, one of my first observations was that Liberia was the perfect location to test a biological weapon because of it's location and very limited options for travel. It would be very easy to contain something released to the general public and observe not only the "victims" but also to evaluate the world's response. It seemed like a potential "experiment" at the time, but now in hindsite it appears even more likely. The Ebola situation did two things, it introduced the world to a "real" threat that required increased government control in order to prevent it spreading. Seeing anyone who is infected with ebloa is enough to convince anyone that it is a very serious virus and plants a seed in everyones thoughts. Years later when the Covid pandemic started, people had already been primed to accept government intervention and increased restrictions and the governments from many countries were able to easily take control of things with very little opposition. I am not a conspiracy theoroist ny any stretch of the imagination, but being in some of these places and making actual observations sure does point to potential links, which are hard to ignore.

  • Yvonne Brown

    Thankyou Dr.Campbell for all the information provided during the worst times of our lives. You have given us more information that any news, radio, tv or government outlets. We cannot thank you enough! 👏👏🏾

  • Spidge B
    Spidge B  +388

    Love the way he started: "We're not going to talk about the involvement of NIH in Corona. We're not going to talk about the embarrassing response of WHO....." Point made, Doctor.

  • Joseph Lang

    I remember the good ole days when covid data looked like this. Been watching you for a few years now, John. I'm as impressed by you and your work now as I've ever been.

  • Morgan Dawn

    Protect this man at all costs. He's rational, logical, and fair.

  • Molly
    Molly  +106

    Dr Campbell, you are totally on the ball ! I've said this from the outbreak of covid and also monkeypox. Well done for this video of telling people how it is. Well done 👏

  • Cindy Spikes

    My father used the scenario of releasing a fly infected with a biological pathogen into a densely populated city like New York. He was addressing his teenaged kids on what his training in the USN had taught him. That was sometime in the 60’s. Now Dr. Campbell mentioned hurling an infected cadaver?

  • Cloudie 9 Druoid

    It’s very questionable these viruses coming out lately, I’m feeling these are deliberate. If something else starts reeking havoc next that would certainly increase my suspicions

  • Kariakas
    Kariakas  +143

    Quite a coincidence that 2 of their projects went viral within a few years of each other.

  • Queen B
    Queen B  +7

    You consistently provide informative material with proper backup and supporting data on ALL topics!!! I appreciate your hard work, professionalism, easy to understand, factual reporting techniques. I find this topic quite disturbing...as anyone who watches it, should!!!

  • Ross Boucher

    Well done John for speaking your mind and telling the truth even though it may be controversial. The world is in a truly terrible state and is suffering from a immorality pandemic.

  • M A
    M A  +60

    Keep it up, sir. You are doing great favors to humankind by revealing facts in such chaotic times.

  • Stixx&Coco

    Thank you for the research you put into this for the people 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 please protect yourself my brother 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

  • Solar Minimum

    "...make of that, what you will." Dr John Campbell.

  • Zak Paine
    Zak Paine  +86

    After watching you since the advent of the CV 19 “pandemic“ it’s wonderful to have watched you gradually wake up to the truth of everything you’ve been talking about

  • Angela Boyle

    Thank you so much for that. It's really not looking good with the overall state of affairs in the world all driven by people hate. Love your talks.

  • YouTube NoMore

    This is absolutely insane. I feel like I'm in the middle of every dystopian novel I've ever read. It's too easy to simply blame them without asking, "How did we become so blind to their actions? "


    I worked at USAMRIID at Fort Detrick , Maryland for 34 years and retired in 2010. I was part of numerous projects studying Monkeypox while employed there. It is similar to Smallpox and is a very, very devastating disease that is fatal in NHP's.