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A sad day

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  • Opublikowany 7 wrz 2022
  • Excess deaths, non covid
    Our world in data
    Covid in decline
    E.g. US, 14 day change
    Cases, down 21%
    Hospitalized, down 13%
    Deaths, down 13%
    Excess deaths
    Week ending 26 August 2022
    Registered COVID-19 deaths
    = 505
    Decrease from 622 last week
    Total number of deaths registered in the UK
    15.4% above the five-year average
    (1,646 excess deaths for the week)
    Covid deaths, 4.1% of all deaths
    Excess deaths for 2022
    Last 19 weeks, English data
    Excess deaths is in all age groups
    0 to 24 years
    25 to 49 years
    50 to 64 years
    Excess deaths from specific causes
    Ischaemic heart disease
    Heart failure
    Acute respiratory
    Chronic respiratory
    Urinary, Liver and cirrhosis, Parkinsons
    Proximal versus distal causes
    Distal causes
    Health care access issues
    Waiting lists for treatment
    Fear from attending during lockdowns
    Telephone triage
    Review of long-term treatments
    Delayed diagnosis
    Long covid
    Post covid syndromes
    (Covid sequelae)
    Lock down sequelae

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  • John McMe
    John McMe 14 dni temu +2

    Not only excess deaths John, but freedom of speech has died. You do a wonderful job correlating data and tip toeing around PLclip restrictions.

  • Forthestate
    Forthestate 14 dni temu +489

    There comes a point where the failure to investigate excess deaths becomes criminal negligence. I think we've reached it.

  • Sandy
    Sandy 14 dni temu +69

    In all my years, I have never seen or heard of so many people suddenly passing away, this has to come to light, not enough is being spoken about this.

  • mark Smith
    mark Smith 14 dni temu +40

    Thank you Dr John , well done for addressing the elephant in the room by deliberately underlining the you tube rules. You are negotiating a mine field and making your viewers aware that questions need answering. Coupled with your delivery and demeanor your message for the need for more broad rigourous investigation of excess deaths IS coming over. We need your bulletins very much at the moment, so please carry on thinking through your presentation of the facts with the care . You must stay on air and see this through.

  • Salty Logic gives 0 F’s about your feelings

    Here in Canada it’s very saddening to see our “health” officials continue to push a synthetic resolution when the data is very troubling, all the while ignoring the data on natural immunity

  • Lars Hedberg
    Lars Hedberg 14 dni temu +39

    So tragic that you are not allowed to say what you want. As there is really only one BIG parameter that has changed in this short time span that we ALL can see very clear. And it's just mind-blowing that the medical community keep this charade going. Even blame it on climate change, my god this WILL hit the fan at some time. Thanks for your work ❤️

  • Sean McConathy
    Sean McConathy 14 dni temu +938

    Being able to read between the lines for some time now, It’s become, really, quite sad to watch you have to dance around the real issue and gloss over it as if it was just another cause of mortality. We know you are being held back from discussing the real issue here in a similar way that doctors and researchers are unable to speak out without fear for their livelihood. This must stop. The people covering this up MUST be held accountable. We support you. Not them.

  • An Odd Slice Of Bread
    An Odd Slice Of Bread 14 dni temu +242

    One thing about Dr John Campbell is he is genuine. You can tell he cares. Been following him from March 2020. Then last year I was on and off because he came across as too pro-jab for me in a cancel culture of other doctors who were providing EVIDENCE of therapeutics, but now the data is coming in loud and clear, he has done the right thing and is trying to present the evidence as best he can without been cancelled on here of all places. Like so many have said in the comments he needs to get onto other platforms ASAP. I just think his time is short on here. Why? Because I can't see this data getting any better, infact I think we are going to see things get much worse and I don't think he is the sort of man who will just walk away from that. Yep, it's a "sad day", it's been one long sad day since these J's ever came into existence. Where are we right now? Standing on the tip of the iceberg. )-:

  • Jim Hudson
    Jim Hudson 14 dni temu +72

    Thank you for your great videos John. Sad times when medical experts cannot voice an opinion without punishment

  • Jenni Dall
    Jenni Dall 14 dni temu +38

    So glad John is prepared to cover this despite his having been enthusiastic initially about the "vaccines". No-one can get everything right in the first place; it is being open to new evidence as it arrives that really counts.

  • Midlife Masterpiece
    Midlife Masterpiece 14 dni temu +69

    Very strange, but just after watching this video, I bumped into an acquaintance who straight away told me he was in shock as he knew of 3 sudden deaths within his circle in the last 2 weeks. All men, all between 35 and 55. He said its caused him worry and he has arranged to get his will written incase he's next 😳

  • mandy ray
    mandy ray 14 dni temu +25

    It really is hard to believe in this day and age, and with all the access to information, that experts continue to feel ‘gagged’ and their freedom of speech needing to be restrained. Even though it’s for the benefit of the human race. It’s really scary to think that the influence of drug companies is at the basis of all this fear to speak openly and ask questions and demand answers.

  • Karolinka 321321321
    Karolinka 321321321 14 dni temu +847

    Dear Dr Campbell, Sometimes, its what you can't say that says it all. Thank you for all your work, time and dedication which is so greatly appreciated by all those who have come to listen and look forward to your daily reviews.

  • Donnie Dark X
    Donnie Dark X 14 dni temu +34

    Great vid John... I'd love to see you report on the huge increase in blood clots being identified by embalmers and their relationship with Covid. NTD did an excellent interview with an embalmer from the US yesterday exposing what no one wants to talk about. Highly concerning on many levels!

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin 14 dni temu +32

    Dear Dr John, your analysis is magnificent and you also are magnificent. I just don't know how you manage to keep going, but please, please do keep on going.

  • Francesca G
    Francesca G 14 dni temu +28

    Sadly, my healthy brother is part of your chart. He was healthy until his third P quack, died of cardiac arrest. My heart is forever broken!!

  • living in the past
    living in the past 14 dni temu +55

    this is crazy but my dad (very healthy man, physical therapist, in the gym every single day for his entire life) got the shot and now has ‘parkinson’s.’ i didn’t know there was any link. we have no incidence of this in the family, nothing at all to show in his own history that might cause this. he is going downhill so quickly-went from singing in the choir, painting, and participating fully in his community to being bed bound and seemingly soon for hospice. i am so angry. where can we turn for hope or help? thank you dr. campbell for all you do.

  • Tim Darwent
    Tim Darwent 14 dni temu +17

    Kudos to you John, you have done an incredible job of presenting and deciphering the data at hand; it would be as you said inhumane to not fully delve into all possible causes of these excess deaths.

  • jenn8208
    jenn8208 14 dni temu +192

    It's been interesting watching Dr. John awaken over these 2.5 years. I wish YT would let him sounds the alarm loud and clear... social media is complicit in these excess deaths.

  • Joe Quinn
    Joe Quinn 14 dni temu +7

    Hi John, perhaps you could compare these excess deaths against a 5 year average from 2014-2019, to get a more accurate idea of just how excess they are.