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Pericarditis after vaccine

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  • Opublikowany 9 lis 2021
  • Kyle's statement before US Senate expert panel on federal vaccine mandates and vaccine injuries
    Kyle starts at 53 minutes
    Our previous video with Kyle
    Dr Patterson video
    Kyle's PLclip channel

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  • Oriain
    Oriain  +4

    Glad to see this guy doing better. However let's not sugar coat it, this is vaccine injury.

  • 弱水三千

    Thank you for being so brave, Kyle. As of 3/19/2022, you have helped 1.6 million people by sharing your story. All the best to you.

  • Jessica Dowty

    Wow, I stumbled upon this video and feel like I'm hearing some of my story. I had pericarditis & pericardial effusion. I suffered from June to Sept when I ended up with a heart rate of 30 and getting a pacemaker. They can't explain it. I got my vaccine end of January. Thank you for spending the word and making feel like I'm not alone ❤️.

  • Lucy Locket

    "Never ever assume a condition is psychological until you have eliminated the biological, organic possibilities" - Wise words dr Campbell. Unfortunately many doctors do exactly that. It's a reflection of their own incompetence: I don't know what the hell is wrong with my patient so I'll just assume it's all in their head...

  • katnass
    katnass  +133

    Thank you! Anyone accusing you of doing harm should listen to this conversation again. I've learned more about COVID listening to these kinds of honest discussions than I have over the course of the entire pandemic

  • Janice H
    Janice H  +77

    My goodness, I finally have some validation on my suspicion that I have been negatively impacted by the vaccine. I also ended up in the hospital via ambulance (shortly after my second shot) with e-coli. I have not been well since my second shot and after listening to this, I'm certain I have Pericarditis. It super scary as I'm afraid I'm going to have a heart attack. The really frustrating thing is..most of my friends and family don't believe me. Getting into my Dr. has been very difficult as well. Thank you Kyle and Dr. Campbell for having the courage to make this data available.

  • Paul's Treehouse

    The fact that these companies made BILLIONS and on top of that given legal-immunity from compensating those they've injured, makes the entire thing so much more appalling. Makes me sick to my stomach. What a bright and brilliant man Kyle is to be speaking out and being a voice for all those that are suffering because of this.

  • Olecranon Rebellion

    So glad to see Kyle telling his story. I follow his MTB channel. My father, and I had reactions as well. Cannot believe we let our government mandate we get this jab. So many people lost everything.

  • Cynthia Rice

    My cousins grandson passed away at 26 yrs old following his jab. His name was Kyle too! He had no health issues and just wanted to keep working. He passed alone in his car, and his autopsy sited pulmonary Edema/heart failure….so very sad that this experiment is mandated around the world and this is NOT the end of things YET! Jury’s out for at least five to 10years! People don’t understand that we are the experiment!😢 Kyle, I pray you get through this and everything settles down with your health! 🥰🙏💜

  • Mary Demirian

    Hi kyle

  • Sandy Dimond

    Thank you for this amazing interview. I can completely relate to this young man's situation.

  • Bridget M Marasco

    Thank you Kyle for fighting every day on behalf of us. You're exposing much more than vaccine complications and empowering us to make informed decisions. You are strong in all the ways that matter.

  • aquatrax123

    This is why politicians should not make medical decisions.

  • Sherry Clark

    My healthy son received the J and J vaccine and within weeks was in the Emergency with severe abdominal pain. He was diagnosed with a severe case of inflammation of the bowels/colon, and pelvic bones. He is still suffering. He went from not ever having a sick visit in 20 yrs to dozens of tests and multiple specialists, none of who would listen to the timing of such a severe reaction and health decline. He is still in extreme pain and seeing multiple specialists, but still no relief.

  • James Estrada

    First off, let me say that I wish you the best of luck going forward Kyle! Thank you for being brave enough to bring your side effects to light publicly, and bless you for being in such good spirits despite this misfortune. Please let this story (as well as the many similar stories in the comments below) be a reminder to those who want to shame “anti-vaxxers”. These are the reasons I’ve resisted. I’m a human being, not the governments lab rat!

  • Harry Cheng

    I stumbled onto this video today, i really wish i watched this earlier but I am really glad I found this video. I can definitely relate to you on what you said at the 51 minute mark, I too was telling my family everyday that I may not be here tomorrow because of the condition I was in. The first month was just horrible, but the 2nd or 3rd months were very telling that improvement was on the rise and that made me confident enough that i would be able to get through this. I know i didn't have it as bad as you did, but I can relate to you very very closely, I am glad you made this video, you have definitely reached out to all the people that have gone through this, we are not alone.

  • KJ Clark

    Thanks John, and Kyle. Late to the table I know, but still, my heart aches for you Kyle and all you've been through. Pray you will see the day (months & years) when all or enough of this is behind you to enjoy life again.

  • Bob Davis
    Bob Davis  +10

    This ninety year old from New Zealand thanks you Kyle for your honest and open discussion which adds significantly to learn more of the full story of tbis pandemic.

  • LightOnAHill

    It made me so sad to see Kyle crying on another vid where he mentions thinking about taking his own life due to the backlash of angry people. People, let's lift up this man in prayer. He's a mountain biker, his heart should be totally strong and fit. Kyle, whatever God has for you, either full recovery or another direction, trust that you will be fulfilled and you will help many. You've been singled out and have accepted the challenge. God bless you.

  • Corinna L.

    Wow, this is eye opening and I believe every word you say, Kyle. Thank you so much! Wishing you a quick recovery, best wishes from Germany.