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Omicron science, good news

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  • Opublikowany 29 gru 2021
  • New science explains South Africa's low rates of omicron severe disease
    SARS-CoV-2 spike T cell responses induced upon vaccination or infection remain robust against Omicron
    Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine, University of Cape Town
    SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant has multiple Spike (S) protein mutations
    These contribute to escape from the neutralizing antibody responses,
    reducing vaccine protection from infection
    We assessed the ability of T cells to react with Omicron spike
    In participants who were vaccinated with Ad26.CoV2.S (J and J) (n = 20)
    or BNT162b2 (Pfizer) (n = 15
    or in unvaccinated convalescent COVID-19 patients (n = 15)
    SARS-CoV-2-specific T cells play a key role in modulating COVID-19 severity and provide protective immunity
    70-80% of the CD4 and CD8 T cell response to spike was maintained across study groups
    The magnitude of Omicron cross-reactive T cells was similar to that of the Beta and Delta variants
    These results demonstrate that,
    despite Omicron’s extensive mutations
    and reduced susceptibility to neutralizing antibodies,
    the majority of T cell response,
    induced by vaccination or natural infection, cross- recognises the variant.
    Well-preserved T cell immunity to Omicron,
    is likely to contribute to protection from severe COVID-19,
    supporting early clinical observations from South Africa.
    Further explanation
    The limited effect of Omicron’s mutations on the T cell response suggests that vaccination or prior infection may still provide substantial protection from severe disease.
    Indeed, South Africa has reported a lower risk of hospitalisation and severe disease compared to the previous Delta wave
    Cross-reactive T cell responses acquired through vaccination or infection may contribute to these apparent milder outcomes for Omicron.
    The resilience of the T cell response demonstrated here also bodes well in the event that more highly mutated variants emerge in the future.

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  • obxwave
    obxwave  +339

    If this gentleman doesn’t deserve a knighthood, I don’t know who does. Terrific service to the public, especially in the face of legacy media panic-mongering…

  • Aaron Zak
    Aaron Zak  +136

    Just want to say that I appreciate your scientific and fact based content. It really is refreshing to see someone report facts and not try to sensationalize the pandemic. Great videos Dr. John!

  • flyingmedic

    Dear John as a like thinking consultant physician myself it’s such a breath of fresh air hearing a chap speak without an agenda and just giving plain but highly relevant information.

  • djamiljo93
    djamiljo93  +103

    I find it amazing to see how much an informational channel like this has grown in such a short amount of time! It show that people aren't stupid and want to understand and know the facts. Keep up the good work Dr Campbell!

  • bcfc18751
    bcfc18751  +116

    I had cancer back in 2015 and my treatment lasted 4 years, radiotherapy, removal of kidney and then 2 years of chemotherapy that finished in Dec 2019. The cancer specialist explained to me about the T-cells and how they work in the body; every month I’ve tested negative since Jan 2021. Thank you Doctor for your truth and honesty!

  • kartik kantheti

    What is even more surprising in a pleasent way is the recovery rate of individuals to the Omicron variant. This has actually made health authorities reduce the isolation period drastically

  • scytherage
    scytherage  +664

    I think it would be a huge favor to the whole world to spread this video right now, because every other news outlet is not doing as good a job as this doctor working in his home, reading and actually understanding these complex medical reports for us! I don't know what we rational, non-partisan people would do without you, John. Thank you and please continue to post objective reports on what's happening, whether it's good or bad news, just tell it to us straight. And thank you!

  • Neil Jenkins

    Hi John. Another brilliant video, so I’ve decided to become one of your subscribers. You have a great knack for explaining the medical science to those of us who are not in the field, or near to it. I’m an astrophysicist by background, so understand the scientific method, but I lack the medical knowledge to make sense of all this, so your gradual contribution to an improvement in my meagre knowledge is much appreciated. I have a question which I hope you cover elsewhere or perhaps in a future video: What drives a more infectious variant of a virus to replace a previous less infectious variant, such as we’re hopefully seeing between Omicron and Delta? What’s become of Beta, and the original “Wild” variant? Are they still at large, just less frequent, or do they become completely wiped out? In other words, does a non-dominant variant of a virus really get eliminated? And if so, how does that work?

  • Maureen Allyn

    This video was the perfect way to begin the new year. You are so right--this scientific report is "brilliant." I haven't felt so optimistic in months. I have trusted your reporting throughout this pandemic, and you've never let me down.

  • Connie Chauke

    Thank you very much for your presentation. Very well done and clearly explained. It makes me proud to be a South African to have such brilliant Scientist in my country. One question Dr John, was it a good idea to mass vaccinate during pandemic especially in the Western countries? I am asking because in Africa as a continent it's only 6 - 7% of the entire population vaccinated if I'm correct but it seem like Africa is doing well in terms of covid cases compared to the Western countries. Please reply thank you.

  • Lucinda Butler

    Well Dr John, you are so right about the media, I have given up looking at the news. Thank you for your honesty it's so helpful to be presented with the facts. The way you describe the cells etc is so interesting and easy to understand. I hope you had a good new year. Lets hope 2022 will bring more positive news for our world.

  • K R
    K R  +26

    Omgosh- I love this presentation. I literally wished this man had been my bio teacher. I am resting and recouping from Covid, and so far it is mild. His presentation is giving me hope and encouragement. I also had no idea the J n J vax was as effective as it is. I have only had one dose but now I am encouraged to get the booster

  • Cat Mom
    Cat Mom  +632

    It is all death, gloom, and threats in the mainstream media. You, Dr Campbell, are a breath of fresh air with your combination of common sense and analysis of data.

  • Elizabeth Glen Bentley

    Congratulations John on your brilliant and honest reports every time. You are certainly a breath of fresh air in a turbulent time in history. I love what and how you go about your reporting. All the very best for a better, peaceful and joyous New Year for 2022.

  • Stephen Bedford

    I've just discovered your channel Dr. John and your explanations are both clear and easy to understand but contain enough technical information to give one a more in-depth understanding. Thank you for your brilliant informative daily updates, cheers from Australia.

  • brendan b

    Outstanding Dr. Bringing it down to a level we can all understand. You should be very proud of yourself for helping everyone understand that there is light at the end of this tunnel. Thank you.

  • Ethics Cannie

    A very encouraging explanation of the facts. And, as usual, very understandable. John: you have a wonderful communication skill in "translating" scientific information into everyday English. Without any sensationalisation too!

  • Pat Comyns

    Thank you Dr John, your help with explaining what is going on with the virus has been invaluable to those of us who watch you each day. You are the best and deserve a medal.

  • GTI - Geoff The Intern

    Thanks John, as normal the scientific facts expalined in a level headed and easy to understand format. - You should be in charge of the 6pm News on TV!!

  • Ainsley Stones

    Thanks very much John. If only the major news agencies did as thorough and balanced a job as you do when presenting this information. :)