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Pandemic failures

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  • Opublikowany 15 wrz 2022
  • The Lancet Commission on lessons for the future from the
    COVID-19 pandemic
    14th September 2022
    WHO response
    WHO acted too cautiously and too slowly
    Several important matters
    To warn about human transmissibility of the virus
    To declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern
    To support international travel protocols designed to slow the spread of the virus
    (This delay contributed to the spread of the virus and limited the possibilities for risk mitigation.)
    To endorse the public use of face masks as protective gear
    To recognise the airborne transmission of the virus.
    (These delayed and vague recommendations from WHO continued until late April, 2021.)
    Just 1 example, after receiving an open letter
    From 238 scientists in July, 2020,
    asking the organisation to address airborne transmission
    WHO did not change until April 30, 2021.
    Multiple failures of international cooperation
    Too many governments have failed to adhere to basic norms of institutional rationality and transparency,
    and the world's major powers have failed to collaborate to control the pandemic.
    Specific points
    Lack of timely notification of the initial outbreak of COVID-19
    Costly delays in acknowledging the crucial airborne exposure pathway of SARS-CoV-2,
    and in implementing appropriate measures at national and global levels to slow the spread of the virus.
    Lack of coordination among countries regarding suppression strategies
    Failure of governments to examine evidence and adopt best practices for controlling the pandemic,
    and managing economic and social spillovers
    Shortfall of global funding for low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs)
    Failure to ensure adequate global supplies and equitable distribution of key commodities,
    protective gear, diagnostics, medicines, medical devices, and vaccines
    Lack of timely, accurate, systematic data
    Infections, deaths, viral variants, health system responses, and indirect health consequences
    Again the report raised lab leak possibility
    Poor enforcement of appropriate levels of biosafety regulations in the lead-up to the pandemic,
    raising the possibility of a laboratory-related outbreak
    Failure to combat systematic disinformation
    Lack of global and national safety nets to protect populations experiencing vulnerability.
    As of May 31, 2022
    There were 6·9 million reported deaths and 17·2 million estimated deaths from COVID-19
    Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
    This staggering death toll is both a profound tragedy and a massive global failure at multiple levels.
    Sustainable development process
    Set back by several years,
    Deep underfinancing, Sustainable Development Goals and,
    aims of the Paris Climate Agreement.
    Previous publications
    Lancet 2021
    Lancet Jan 2022

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  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 11 dni temu +1172

    I've told many of my friends and family that I'm really grateful for the pandemic. It's laid bare the ineptitude, corruption, propaganda and authoritarian leanings of government, politics and corruption in medicine, collusion with such things by big tech and the general stupidity, laziness and authoritarian inclination in a large portion of the public. Most of these things were unknown to me (or at least the scale of the problem) prior to this. I know the score now. And for that I'm very grateful. I now know I can rely on none of these institutions and I'm better off for it. It's sad, disappointing and a little scary. But it's better than thinking you know the score and being dreadfully wrong.

    • Grateful to be at the finish line!
      Grateful to be at the finish line! 2 dni temu

      @Vic Wei would u share please? Do u judt take vitamins? Thank u

    • Jenny Wren
      Jenny Wren 6 dni temu

      @K. Dickie Yes, The Matrix.. 74 year old here, wide awake. When the first announcement was broadcast I was not at all surprised, almost as though I had been expecting it, WW3 in my lifetime.

    • Jenny Wren
      Jenny Wren 6 dni temu

      @J OTowner Same for we two. Just one relative phones infrequently. Two local families, unrelated, offered assistance. During worst times, one left a Jerry can of petrol and a bag of flour in our front garden. Sainsburys refused me a click and collect because they said I hadn't been recommended by the Government. Never mind, no need to share our toilet rolls.

    • Jenny Wren
      Jenny Wren 6 dni temu

      @David Johnson Same here.

    • Safe&Effective!
      Safe&Effective! 7 dni temu +1

      @Echo Always listen to your gut instinct, no matter what.

  • Col Johnson
    Col Johnson 10 dni temu +76

    Banning early treatment was a crime against humanity. Lockdown was another crime against humanity.

    • Falcon
      Falcon 6 dni temu +2

      the list of crimes is much longer and far more severe.

    • Flak turm
      Flak turm 8 dni temu

      All these people 'following orders'.
      📢💢 Paging the Nuremberg code...

    • Kalle Pihlajasaari
      Kalle Pihlajasaari 9 dni temu +4

      It still continues and that makes me really upset because there are people out there who KNOW and have nothing to gain by not speaking out still choose to remain silent. Some are now retired officials and editors and academics but not a word.
      It makes me sad because this could have been stopped if those who knew had stood up.

  • Nathalie B
    Nathalie B 10 dni temu +193

    One thing I've learnt about this pandemic is that I've discovered the true personality of the people around me and around the world. Like elderly people used to say, it's in a time of crisis that we discover people's true personality. Those who didn't hesitate to bully, humiliate, reject those who questioned the efficacy of those experimental injections.
    I've been humiliated, bullied and rejected by my entire family just because I asked questions.

    • Kevin Cordoviz
      Kevin Cordoviz Dzień temu +1

      You all seriously believe vaccines are worse than the actual living virus? Really interested if you could cite peer-reviewed literature that proves your claims. If you can't and all you give me are snide comments like "do your research" or shady links, gtfo haha.

    • Safe&Effective!
      Safe&Effective! 4 dni temu

      @Pm M Indeed, it is interesting and simply can not be explained away by Vaxxer logic.
      I'm regularly in touch with homeless workers in Seattle, Portland, Oakland, SF, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Denver, Miami, Chicago... also Brazil, England, and Canada as well.
      They are not jab'd up, don't mask, don't social distance (typically)... and they are thicker than ever.
      Ask any city dweller or police officer (as they work with homeless all of the time) and they will attest to the same thing.
      If this thing was all that, there is no possible way that they wouldn't have been largely decimated a long time ago.

    • Safe&Effective!
      Safe&Effective! 4 dni temu

      @Pm M Is that what you saw in the "news"?
      Must be true then!

    • Pm M
      Pm M 4 dni temu

      @Safe&Effective! That is interesting. In the UK, the homeless were a priority group for vaccination. Once they were available, vaccines prevented suffering and continue to do so.

    • Pm M
      Pm M 4 dni temu

      @Safe&Effective! It is hard to resist the temptation of anecdotes, but in the real world, where data is collected without anectdote, covid attacks the cardiovascular system in ways which maim and even kill. It does not surprise that the evidence for that is suppressed by antivaxxers who never hesitate to amplify the tiny amount of risk from vaccines, but the reality is that the vaccines are doing a great job of protecting people from a novel virus. One set of anecdotes about thrombotic reaction to covid comes from funeral directors before vaccines were rolled out. There are so many sad accounts of blood clots in the bodies of people who died of covid who had no option of vaccination. Antivaxxers do not like those stories, strangely.

  • Tripzville
    Tripzville 10 dni temu +145

    When I started watching you over a year ago John, my wife said why was I watching you, as I did not agree with what was being presented. But I said ,you had a good heart and were obviously very experienced in the field, and when you find out you were being lied to ,you would call it out as you found it. And here we are. Thank you John for your bravery and honesty.

    • Pedro Depacas
      Pedro Depacas 4 dni temu

      @Serge Gagnon there were clear indications from the beginning that this was not about science. First, an untested jab, then the bribery, then the threats. Then the action, losing your freedom to go places and to keep your job if you don’t do it. I don’t need to rely on science with all this concrete proof.

    • Serge Gagnon
      Serge Gagnon 4 dni temu

      @Pedro Depacas Or someone with scientific approach... They dont switch mindset like that. They dig before they do and make sure its valid before they put it forward. :) Just sayin!.

    • Juicetheeunuch
      Juicetheeunuch 5 dni temu

      I'm not a pro-vxxr as John is. But I could see he was a good man, honest and very knowledgeable. I'm rather listen to a good and honest man who opposes me that an evil or ignorant man who shares my views.

    • John Matthews
      John Matthews 5 dni temu

      But he just said emphatically "I AM NO A CLYMATE SCEPTIC", well the Dr changed his mind on the Couf scamdemic, hopefully he will eventually see the Clymate Crysis is just another scam by the elites!

    • ken wise
      ken wise 8 dni temu +2

      I started watching him because he made the information easy to understand although some of it gave me a bad feeling from the start but I felt like you that he was tricked. Now I feel he is PISSED off about it as he should be. And now they try to shut him down. Nothing like harming the public for political reasons.

  • Steve Lowe
    Steve Lowe 10 dni temu +20

    I'm stunned that countries such as the one I live in, with their own robust healthcare systems, are prepared to hand over policy decisions to the demonstrably ineffective and inept WHO. I suppose I'm on a watch list now for expressing an opinion. Is that the doorbell.....

  • iyzie jane
    iyzie jane 11 dni temu +2746

    I lost my career as a physics professor because I stood up for the truth against this mountain of fraud and incompetence. When people rob a bank and leave several victims injured and dead, we don't leave them with "lessons for the future", but rather put them in prison. That needs to happen to the perpetrators of the pandemic mandates before we can begin to rebuild our society.

    • Alvin Fuller
      Alvin Fuller 3 dni temu +1

      They fought a world ware during the last Pandemic, I couldn't even get a haircut, but my dog could.

    • John Peters
      John Peters 4 dni temu

      More the fool you.

    • Frank L'Italien
      Frank L'Italien 6 dni temu

      until those who are responsible for this mess get turned into christmas ornaments I'd much rather build a parallel society like late USSR than to partake in whatever this one claims to build towards
      i expect anyone with a shred of humanity left in them to share this sentiment

    • Catherine Hall
      Catherine Hall 6 dni temu

      Well done.Thank you,for standing in The Truth! X

    • Earth, ISS, Lunar Anomalies and Beyond
      Earth, ISS, Lunar Anomalies and Beyond 7 dni temu

      @Bill Walton Try getting them to do it! You will be alone and disappointed.

  • marie parker
    marie parker 10 dni temu +13

    Professor Sunetra Gupta of Oxford University, and the Barrington Group of doctors and scientists argued that the cost-benefit analysis of lockdowns was not a good one, from a health, as well as an economic point of view. The social media giants forbade discussion of this, and the probable origin of the virus.

  • andy lewis
    andy lewis 10 dni temu +12

    “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more they hate those that speak it.” Bit of Orwell for you, lovely lady. Even as a humble plasterer, I have lost many clients for speaking the truth.

  • Shirley G
    Shirley G 10 dni temu +7

    In my opinion the most damage done was to the health care system. So many Canadians lost their doctor and are now on a wait list with little hope of finding a replacement.

  • credenza1
    credenza1 10 dni temu +5

    In Australia, a new professional association of doctors has been formed, as a reaction to the abject failure of the medical profession to uphold its ethical standards over the past few years. The founders are medical professionals who have exercised critical thinking about the pandemic. I have no doubt that many more will join, having found themselves - perhaps unwittingly - caught up as pawns of supra-national bureaucracies rather than being independent professionals.

  • Gortech
    Gortech 11 dni temu +1698

    This pandemic has taught me 2 things. 1. There is no such thing as an expert, just someone that thinks he knows more than the average joe and 2, possibly around 70% of the world's population are particularly stupid regardless of their standard of education.

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 6 dni temu

      Not so much stupid in the sense of intelligence, but its FEAR, fear of not conforming and the consequences imagined or real.

    • Melly Jay
      Melly Jay 7 dni temu

      ​@Stone Codfish I never yell at someone for wearing a mask but the sight of it is something I can not bear. It symbolizes an incomprehensible deceit and intentional massive harm brought upon humanity. Masks appear to me as a symbol of pure evil. I have to look away. That's my experience.

    • Will Thomson
      Will Thomson 8 dni temu

      Ok all you people with opinions about experts.
      What do you do when your pipes all Burst?
      You call a plumber.
      What do you do when your head gasket blows?
      You go to the mechanic.
      What do you do when you have a blood clot blocking your heart?
      You go to a surgeon.
      Do you do this because these people only think they know better than the average Joe?
      No you don't, because you are all being twats who love a good moan until reality bites you in the face.

    • R R
      R R 8 dni temu

      Lol exactly

    • Vintage Life
      Vintage Life 9 dni temu

      Correct. Its a terrible thing to realize we are at the mercy of the stupid masses.

  • Alphabet Cat
    Alphabet Cat 10 dni temu +30

    For me, the biggest failure is that we didn't take the prior experience from past flu based viral outbreaks and apply to this one. It's not like we haven't had any in recent years : SARS, bird flu and most famously swine flu(which is very relevant to this situation). All of these originated from the Far East as well. Did we lockdown over them? No. Did we wear facemasks? No. Did we social distance? No. So - why do those kinds of procedures then for this situation? Then we come on to the infamous V rollout program, I do find it bizarre given the short of length of time that was supposedly developed in, that seemingly a lot of medical professionals weren't wary about the long term after effects of them; especially given what happened in 2010 with the botched swine flu one(and remember that had to be withdrawn in the end). Then we get on to suppression and dismissal of other treatments like Iver(which was known to be effective against SARS).

    • Boxed Water
      Boxed Water 6 dni temu

      The difference is in the EVENT 201 by Gill Bates.

    • Alphabet Cat
      Alphabet Cat 8 dni temu

      @Lisa Marie Shankles Indeed. Similar thing happened with the 2010 swine flu one, when people were getting lupus, narcolepsy and dying from it.

    • Lisa Marie Shankles
      Lisa Marie Shankles 8 dni temu +3

      Also, when it was discovered that about 50 people died from the swine flu vaccination 1976, the FDA stopped the program. That sure isn't what happened this time around!

    • Bernard
      Bernard 9 dni temu +1

      For me, the biggest failure was for the general public not to take the prior experience from the Third Reich into account.

    • Victoria Freudenthal
      Victoria Freudenthal 9 dni temu

      Well said

  • Chris Berry
    Chris Berry 10 dni temu +17

    Thank you once again John. I can recall quite early on talking with friends - just ordinary people, with no hidden agenda, and we were all saying ‘why aren’t flights from China restricted?k It wasn’t born from a place of accusation, but simply common sense. Where does the lack of transparency among international governments stem from? Our trust is at an all time low.

  • Florence Enigma
    Florence Enigma 10 dni temu +6

    You can't begin to imagine how much I appreciate all the deciphering and explaining to mere mortals, like myself, that you do. I look forward to all you videos. Thank you so very much!

  • Rosa Borba Battley
    Rosa Borba Battley 10 dni temu +40

    I have lost my husband to brain tumour, within 4 months his gone..This was here in London. My mother in Brazil, started to having speech problems, since she had the 2nd dose of her covid vaccine, and on the 24th August she has been diagnosed with a Motor Neurone Disease.. My husband's cousin has just been diagnosed with a brain tumour too, here in the UK. My point is: I started to believe that all these diseases may be linked to the vaccine. I have been listening to a lot of pod casts on the vaccination and it's side effects..I regret to having taken my vaccine myself..I lost my husband he was totally health! And God knows what else will happen to me..My mother is severe ill now, and everything started to happen, after she took her vaccine! I wonder if our vaccine is playing a role as per the main reason for theses diseases! I believe they are!

    • camy j.
      camy j. Dzień temu

      @B mint corect!!

    • Secret Soul Survivor
      Secret Soul Survivor 6 dni temu +3

      I'm so very sorry for your loss and the difficulties other family members have suffered🙏

    • B mint
      B mint 6 dni temu +1

      Please call it what it really is.. an experiment!

    • YoungFabio
      YoungFabio 9 dni temu

      Do daily fast and use chaga lions mane ticture and glutathione liposom and d3 supps and zink. And trust in your body and you will defeat this vaccine, dont ever take a booster

    • Victoria Freudenthal
      Victoria Freudenthal 9 dni temu +2

      -prayers !!!! That's just so sad.

  • Ruthmarie Hicks
    Ruthmarie Hicks 11 dni temu +445

    This is particularly hard for me today. A friend of mine who had M.G. that had been in remission for years took her second jab 18 months ago. Within 3 days, she couldn't feel her feet. The numbness extended up one leg to her knee. It was followed by severe muscle weakness. Her legs were buckling. It was a massive flare. Ach Receptor blocking Ab was at 38%. Once turned on, they couldn't turn it off. The weakness extended to all parts of her body. She died this week. This was so unnecessary. When she had such a severe reaction to the first jab her PCP should have used his HEAD. Given her history, maybe take a wait-and-see attitude for the second jab. But he really PUSHED the 2nd jab. Then even after all that happened, he started pushing BOOSTERS for her. The mindless group-think in the medical community is responsible for so much damage.

    • juliobro1
      juliobro1 7 dni temu

      @Ruthmarie Hicks be on the watch, things are happening.
      See videos by Trialsite News.

    • Safe&Effective!
      Safe&Effective! 7 dni temu

      @Ruthmarie Hicks Does any of this sound familiar?
      Signs You’re Probably In A Cult:
      1. If the group suppresses skepticism, you are probably in a cult.
      Cults view critical thinking as an infectious disease and every effort is made to suppress it.
      Criticism is forbidden. People who contradict the group are viewed as persecutors and are often given labels like “anti - - - - - - ”.
      2. The leader is the ultimate authority.
      If you’re not allowed to criticize your leader, even if the criticism is true, you’re probably in a cult.
      To members, it doesn’t matter what the evidence or logic may suggest, the leader is always right. Criticism of the leader is forbidden.
      3. The group delegitimizes former members.
      4. The group is paranoid about the outside world. 

      Cults thrive on conspiracy theories, catastrophic thinking ("cases, cases, cases!"), and persecution complexes.
      5. The leader is above the law.
      Loyal cult members will perform any amount of “mental gymnastics” to justify or ignore the leader’s behavior.
      6. The group is elitist.
      If your group is "the solution" for all the world’s problems, you’re probably in a cult.
      7.Cults justify their efforts as “saving” people. Those who reject the cult’s message are unelect, evil, or stupid.

    • Safe&Effective!
      Safe&Effective! 7 dni temu +2

      @Ruthmarie Hicks "Group think", you are not even kidding!

    • Ruthmarie Hicks
      Ruthmarie Hicks 7 dni temu

      @Safe&Effective! Thank you for that.

    • Ruthmarie Hicks
      Ruthmarie Hicks 7 dni temu +1

      @juliobro1 It was reported. But given that 18 months passed, they will probably ignore the posting.

  • cw man
    cw man 10 dni temu +5

    Sometimes I awake with a start and realise I had been dreaming that the pandemic might have been intentional. That is too incredible to be true. Then I remember, and it is on public record, that a certain billionaire who helps fund the WHO chaired a meeting. The meeting took place a month before the covid outbreak. It included all sorts of groups amongst which were the main stream media and the tech giants. The purpose of the meeting ? To discuss the way a covid pandemic would be handled and how information would be disseminated and controlled... strange coincidence I reckon. Just a month before it actually happened, very strange.....

  • Striker Orwell
    Striker Orwell 10 dni temu +9

    Thank you for taking this as far as you are allowed! I have several family members with "adverse effects". The definition of what is a "pandemic" changed in 2009 to NOT take the number of deaths in account. There were to few casualties to call it a Pandemic so it all changed!

  • Rosemary Ryan
    Rosemary Ryan 10 dni temu +8

    I've listened to you since 2020 and recommended you to many as you provide information and explain it well. I know you don't want to be cancelled, which is an insidious method of control,but I wish you'd be stronger on criticising the health authorities who are criminally negligent and served human health so poorly. Zero trust in the medical establishment and less likely than ever to agree to anything they promote/mandate after seeing how money buys compliance

  • C P
    C P 10 dni temu +4

    In addition to the complications you mentioned, John, there are also the complications from the adverse effects of the vaccine that we are only barely hearing about. The lack of transparency from the national health services is appalling and I can’t help but think there are sinister motives (greed, power) behind it all.

  • Ann Marie
    Ann Marie 11 dni temu +638

    A sobering lesson for all humanity in not handing over authority for your health to authority without question. I think we will find the same goes for finances, education and other areas of life. Individuals need to stand in their own power and begin to engage their intuition and instinct more.

    • Jenny Wren
      Jenny Wren 6 dni temu

      @John Pruett Barclays have closed my local Branch, their app doesn't work on this tablet, and my access to online use is limited because I do not understand the reader which was supplied without my request. I paid a bill by cheque last week, but the recipient will be charged to pay it into his bank. My building society refused to change my paper £20 notes but thankfully my chimney sweep will take them. The phone rang on Sunday night, purporting to be Barclays, and left a message for me to phone urgently, but not having access to the app I couldn't use their number checker. So I tried their help desk but it was only open Monday to Friday. Online chat coming soon! This is just the beginning of online banking which would appear to be run by its users, no service. I would find it easier trading with pebbles.

    • Babs Kaz
      Babs Kaz 9 dni temu

      I've had two varieties. And I survived by boosting my immune system. Not ruining it.

    • Shaun Patrick O'Jameson
      Shaun Patrick O'Jameson 9 dni temu

      @Babs Kaz natural immunity is not what you've been told it is. You have to catch the disease to have natural immunity, so it's not a strategy against a pandemic unless your goal is to maximise fatalities.
      Think about who told you to make this your goal, and why they told you. And why you chose compliance.

    • Babs Kaz
      Babs Kaz 9 dni temu

      I took zero clot shots. Lived my life as always. They hate us useless eaters. It's the great awakening vs. the great reset. I choose non compliance. And natural immunity.

    • Shaun Patrick O'Jameson
      Shaun Patrick O'Jameson 9 dni temu

      @Babs Kaz in not complying, you promote the reset. They told you this on their own website. Think: what was their "window of opportunity" and what were you told to do that would keep it open for longer? They made you think you were a dissident, but they were asking you to comply with them. You did comply, but you'll always think you did not.

  • Rocky Mountain Wordygirl

    Dr. John, I’ve been listening to you for well over a year and have appreciated your fairness and honesty when it came to subjects related to COVID-19. I have to say I’m just a little bit disappointed that it took an article from the Lancet, a medical publication that itself had been shown to be corrupted, to finally convince you to speak out about how poorly we have all been served by WHO and our other institutions.

  • Karen Weaver
    Karen Weaver 10 dni temu +4

    Thanks Dr Campbell, your channel is an excellent reference guide on the years of this pandemic. I feel like we had to survive the shortcomings of those in charge.

  • Linda Pruitt
    Linda Pruitt 10 dni temu +5

    Dr. Campbell for all the reasons you sited above...I want to THANK YOU for daily efforts for the past 3 years to provide the latest known research as we all trudged along. You sir, saved many lives just by providing daily best policy as we all grouped along. I would have had little access to best practice day to day here in wackadoodle USA. I applied your advice as we went along and owe you my thanks. 😇

  • sandyblue
    sandyblue 10 dni temu +2

    Thank you again for being my reliable, honest and informed source for all things pandemic. I know I can come to you for the truth and you have no personal agenda. You also revise your thinking as more information comes to light, unlike some of the ego driven 'experts' dictating to us. I am very grateful, thank you.

  • Sharon Medeiros
    Sharon Medeiros 11 dni temu +530

    I think they forgot to put CORRUPTION on that list. The people in charge were NOT going to let a chance to make hundreds of millions of dollars pass them by, even if it meant people would die because of it. We aren't worth enough to them to save. So I'm really glad there are people like you left in the world, John. It helps me realise that there is still hope.

    • Ben Mm
      Ben Mm 9 dni temu

      Look up the the 2019 talk at the milken institute with Fauci & Rick bright. They needed an 'entity of excitement' to provide a receptive environment in which to roll out this new technology without having to go through the usual regulatory restraints.

    • Emma De Vries
      Emma De Vries 9 dni temu

      The whole 180 on big pharma during the pandemic is truly incredible.. somehow people were brainwashed into thinking they had a change of heart. The kind old grandpas of medical rainbows. the decades and decades of screwing people for profit ceased to be scrutinised… it’s quite unbelievable that the sheer gargantuan whiplash of such cognitive dissonance didn’t spark more questioning in the public

    • Melinda Rhodes
      Melinda Rhodes 9 dni temu

      It think some months ago it was $69B with a B

    • Kimberly Perrotis
      Kimberly Perrotis 10 dni temu

      Big Pharma executives let their Moms and Grandmas die in favor of becoming richer, much, much richer. At least 80 of them became billionaires!

    • Marie Espinoza
      Marie Espinoza 10 dni temu

      That’s why it HAS to hurt them in the pocketbook! Because that’s the only way they will think twice about doing this! Big pharma made millions by letting things go out of control! They MUST pay!!!

  • Ali Brown
    Ali Brown 10 dni temu +4

    Thank you for your honesty and using your intelligence for the good of humanity. ❤ we need more people like you

  • C Susan
    C Susan 10 dni temu +3

    We have all been “had” a lot of us have realized that sooner than others….. glad your realizing as well …. I know you have to walk on eggshells on social media but thanks for continuing to step up to the plate and do so.

    MARK GRISSOM 10 dni temu +3

    27 years in the United States Marine Corps, and I think this is indicative of all federal departments of the western world. A situation where you have career advancement being pitted against the basic intended purpose of any such department. In my case, advancement meant bending to the processes and policies of headquarters Marine Corps over the technical and tactical readiness of my Marines. I would bet the causation in the cases the good Dr describes are very similar.

  • Radwyn Althor
    Radwyn Althor 10 dni temu +3

    My father died the same day he was sent home from hospital to clear the wards for covid patients. The pandemic killed him not covid

  • Shadowcat 31
    Shadowcat 31 10 dni temu +7

    For the WHO, China was holding their leash and China did not want to shut down and lose all that business. I am also of the opinion that if it got out it became a world wide problem and world wide resources would be used to fix the problem. If it is everyone's problem everyone will spend money to find a cure. Also, the sooner it gets out and spreads the harder it is to track it back to the source and the easier it is to blame someone else.

  • Dane Miller
    Dane Miller 10 dni temu +5

    I think Dr Campbell has woken up far more people than any other youtube channel. Keep up the good work.

  • Alan Sullivan
    Alan Sullivan 10 dni temu +5

    This is great, and better late than never, but many understood the most important health impacting policy issues from as early as March 2020 onwards as things rolled out. Trump did stop China flights and might have been mentioned. Hope that you're relatively red pill John!

  • Jeff Baran
    Jeff Baran 10 dni temu +2

    I have watched your shows since covid started and I can't tell you how much I have appreciated each and every show. You have introduced a different kindness to me when I speak to others. Many thanks. USA Jeff Baron

  • lanvy Wynn
    lanvy Wynn 11 dni temu +474

    My bestie is a scientist at the WHO in their Asia office; she was down with covid for 2 weeks but blamed her illness for not getting her 4th jab. She tells me “you can’t give me any report that would change my mind about the effectiveness of covid vaccines and how well we’ve done to help the public.”
    I’m convinced we’re experiencing a new Dark Age; our reliance on “experts” stripped our intuition for common sense judgment, diminished our confidence to be logical and critical while our wokeness makes us too afraid to even define what a woman is these days. When in history were we fearful to criticize the manufacturer of a malfunctioning product just because we happen not to have the same degree or in the same field?

    • gauloise
      gauloise 6 dni temu +1

      The trend to give access to university to absolutely everyone has been one of the worst decisions in history.

    • Safe&Effective!
      Safe&Effective! 7 dni temu +1

      Mass Formation
      Check out some clips about that here on YT and you'll have a much better understanding of their mindset.

    • Safe&Effective!
      Safe&Effective! 7 dni temu

      @FROG FAN You are not even kidding!
      Signs You’re Probably In A Cult:
      1. If the group suppresses skepticism, you are probably in a cult.
      Cults view critical thinking as an infectious disease and every effort is made to suppress it.
      Criticism is forbidden. People who contradict the group are viewed as persecutors and are often given labels like “anti - - - - - - ”.
      2. The leader is the ultimate authority.
      If you’re not allowed to criticize your leader, even if the criticism is true, you’re probably in a cult.
      To members, it doesn’t matter what the evidence or logic may suggest, the leader is always right. Criticism of the leader is forbidden.
      3. The group delegitimizes former members.
      4. The group is paranoid about the outside world. 

      Cults thrive on conspiracy theories, catastrophic thinking ("cases, cases, cases!"), and persecution complexes.
      5. The leader is above the law.
      Loyal cult members will perform any amount of “mental gymnastics” to justify or ignore the leader’s behavior.
      6. The group is elitist.
      If your group is "the solution" for all the world’s problems, you’re probably in a cult.
      7.Cults justify their efforts as “saving” people. Those who reject the cult’s message are unelect, evil, or stupid.

    • Jeff Boyajian
      Jeff Boyajian 8 dni temu +1

      If your "scientist" friend is unable to change her mind when presented with new evidence, she's not an actual scientist. She's a dogmatist.

    • James Coffey
      James Coffey 8 dni temu

      these people aren't smart. to be smart is to be both intelligent and brave. if you are a coward and intelligent, you are in fact dumb.

  • carolineleiden
    carolineleiden 10 dni temu +5

    If WE could see there was a bloody dangerous virus on the loose, than you can safely assume that THEY knew too. The fact they kept all the aurports open, has lead me to conclude that the spread of the virus was SUPPOSED to happen. They waited too long on purpose, until it was too late.

    • Kalle Pihlajasaari
      Kalle Pihlajasaari 9 dni temu

      That and the fact that IF all borders were closed then the origins could have been traced easier.

  • Secret Soul Survivor

    Thank you John, I always appreciate your sincere reporting on things. I would genuinely like to know have they done any studies on the actual number of ppl that lost their jobs thru the pandemic and mandate measures? As I believe these numbers for each country and an overall worldwide figure would be shocking.

  • Greg Douglas
    Greg Douglas 10 dni temu +3

    Thank you John for providing the information that MSM seems to ignore.

  • Brian Crosby
    Brian Crosby 10 dni temu +3

    In my view too much misinformation, conspiracies, politics, greed & inaction are responsible. There was no need to be political yet people did it. The world sat on it's hands before they decided to act. So many died or suffer from long covid. It's why I am thankful I found Doctor Campbell at the start I got accurate data & methods to protect myself. We need more people like doctor Campbell for these situations.

  • James Newing
    James Newing 10 dni temu +1

    Thank you John for your expertise, logic and reasoning - another thing to add is the lack of information for people regarding the benefits and protection against the vid of Vit D, reducing metabolic illness through healthy eating and weight loss. These simple and cheap measures could have saved many people and made them more healthy in the future, saving money for health services and prolonging life for all. What a shame.

  • MDC DiGiPiCs
    MDC DiGiPiCs 10 dni temu +2

    Thanks for the honest reporting John. You along with a number of other people commenting on this subject at the same time, in the past two years, were discredited, smeared and cancelled. Even the Lancet contributed to some aspect of poor reporting.

  • Arrie van Niekerk
    Arrie van Niekerk 9 dni temu

    Dr John, I have been following your reports from very early on in the pandemic and it was so comforting to get sane and logical advice all along. Thank you so much!!
    Is there any report on the treatment protocols that also missed the mark for so long?

  • Angela Quesnel
    Angela Quesnel 10 dni temu +1

    Thank you for covering this report. I’m a bit disappointed you didn’t mention the impact on children specifically and loss of education which happen more admittedly in the US and Canada (among others), than the UK and Europe.

  • Evelyn Daisy
    Evelyn Daisy 11 dni temu +510

    And the many that died with their hospital “protocols”. Some day I hope to see those that did this are held accountable .

    • LifeisaMusical
      LifeisaMusical 10 dni temu +1

      @Kaitlin Wilson thats so sad, but I am glad she survived Has she talked to people to see that they were not allowed to be with their loved ones? You have my sympathy> Maybe there is still hope for you relationship once she sees all that has and is really going on.

    • Max West
      Max West 10 dni temu

      There's far too many of them and many are protected by govt.

    • Elaine and Steve Corke
      Elaine and Steve Corke 10 dni temu +2

      The blame is on everyone who knew the truth, period.

    • Elaine and Steve Corke
      Elaine and Steve Corke 10 dni temu +4

      Imagine being put on a machine you knew would kill you when you were too sick to protect yourself..... and that for money?..... this truly is hell. And all those who took part now have to face the consequences. So many souls murdered by those who would not resist satan and stand up for the truth, they took the money instead. They should all be ashamed.

    • Elaine and Steve Corke
      Elaine and Steve Corke 10 dni temu +1


  • Andrea Renee
    Andrea Renee 10 dni temu +2

    A TIMELY message. Thanks for all your hard work. You are a great service to us all.

  • Stephen Little
    Stephen Little 10 dni temu +2

    Thank you Doc John for keeping us informed.

  • Gillian Mcmullan
    Gillian Mcmullan 10 dni temu +1

    I can feel your pain at the slowly revealing truth you are finally recognising-there is worst to come when you discover the CO2 and nitrogen hoax which will kill millions more of starvation and cold.Thankyou for continuing this important work.All the best.

  • Roeland L.C. Heijting
    Roeland L.C. Heijting 10 dni temu +11

    As much as I admire your energy of keeping up this channel, even now when seemingly not much is happening, to give us better and more scientific information, I sometimes don't agree with your own opinion. This episode is one of them and it's regarding the use of facemasks. Even when used the right ones, it wouldn't have stopped the spreading. Maybe it would have slowed it down for some percentage, but not more than that. With the knowledge we now have (since the fifties last century by the way) the virus spreads through aerosols, as you mentioned yourself. Facemasks wouldn't have made much of a difference, especially because people would not have known how to use them. We should have focused on ventilation from the beginning. Using facemasks (the right way) in medical facilities would have been the only useful application.
    All the rest around facemasks has been only political, mind controlling and earning of dirty money. My humble opinion.
    Thanks for doing this great job. I'll keep following you, also when "it's over".

    • Roeland L.C. Heijting
      Roeland L.C. Heijting 9 dni temu

      @M Ball @M Ball Dear M Ball, if you have a problem with Dr. Campbell earning money on PLclip, don't watch! Simple as that. And if you are jealous about Mr Campbell making money on PLclip, make a channel and try to make a living yourself with this. Good luck.

    • M Ball
      M Ball 10 dni temu +1

      Admire him for making loads of money?

  • gumbypokey
    gumbypokey 11 dni temu +187

    I continue to feel traumatized by my government, community, and family...the drumbeat of fear was so overwhelming, all logic and reason were blinded...those of us who dared to 'do our own research' about the experimental treatment were deemed crazy, as we warned about everything slowly trickling out now...my career threatened and concerns ignored...truly criminal, without any recourse for those damaged by the response....- Proud Member of the Control Group

    • R R
      R R 8 dni temu

      LOVE THIS. I too am a proud member of the control group.

    • Pip Ins
      Pip Ins 9 dni temu

      Just as well you don’t live in China

    • Tadpole
      Tadpole 10 dni temu

      Where did you provide evidence? In this comment section? If so, it cannot be seen by me so maybe you are shadowbanned ?

    • don zujkiewicz
      don zujkiewicz 10 dni temu

      this video has said nothing about vaccination dush bag

    • Devon Seamoor
      Devon Seamoor 10 dni temu

      @gumbypokey. You sound like as if you were a sponge absorbing all fear, and blinded reason, as if you've got no idea about the choice to leave all of it outside you, and just act on who you are, and what you can do. Stop whining, stand for what you believe as true and act on it. Of course you were forewarned about the threat to your career, and other restrictions, due to the mandates, etc.
      You need to pay attention and prepare yourself, that's wat constructiveness is.
      When you're British, it explains your attitude. These islanders are complacent!!

  • blue knight
    blue knight 10 dni temu +5

    Agree with the points in this video completely, except for the mask wearing! How does a mask with gaps upto 5,000 times bigger than covid particles, limit any meaningful transmission?

    • blue knight
      blue knight 10 dni temu

      @peter lewis virtually nobody was wearing those masks. Stephen petty ppe expert for 40 years, says he wouldn't use those masks to protect anyone from asbestos particles! And asbestos particles are 50 times bigger than covid particles he said! He followed up by saying, so why would I put one on someone to protect them from covid!

    • peter lewis
      peter lewis 10 dni temu

      You must be talking about surgical masks supplied as PPE in the NHS they offer near zero protection, you need an FFP2 or FFP3 mask which offer 95% and 99.9% protection.

  • Chantelle green
    Chantelle green 10 dni temu +2

    It honestly feels deliberate and who knows if the pandemic is just a distraction. A big deliberate plan for whatever reason 🤷‍♀️

  • John Peters
    John Peters 4 dni temu +1

    It would great if John could provide an update on the effectiveness of Ivermectin vs the other Covid treatments currently available.

  • Peter Carney
    Peter Carney 6 dni temu

    You were on a final warning John, respect to you, it's been great listening to you the last few years, where can I find your new platform?

  • Geo
    Geo 11 dni temu +177

    This level of incompetence wasn't a mistake, it was planned. The past two years have been about Compliance not Science!

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 6 dni temu

      @I AM 10,000 Then he should pull his finger out and zap the puppet masters:= WEF, WHO, CIA, Mossad, Bilderburg etc...not on the DAY...now!

    • Geo
      Geo 6 dni temu

      @Drinking Milk
      Covid1984 jabs created nine new billionaires after shares in companies producing the shots soared. Topping the list of new billionaires are Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel and Ugur Sahin, the CEO of BioNTech. Both CEOs are now worth around $4 billion.
      Always follow the $$$

    • Drinking Milk
      Drinking Milk 6 dni temu

      And theft, and bigger yachts for big pharma CEOs and execs.

    • Kenneth Druhan
      Kenneth Druhan 6 dni temu

      @Geo not true

    • Kenneth Druhan
      Kenneth Druhan 6 dni temu

      @Louise Taylor it's not genocide

  • Max Hatman
    Max Hatman 10 dni temu +3

    Isn’t this just setting the scene for us next time to expect the WHO to lockdown sooner and harder, and stifle alternative views with greater rigour? Why didn’t the WHO follow its own 2019 guidelines which strongly advised against isolating contacts of infected persons and made no reference to lockdowns as a strategy. It’s available on the WHO website.

  • Sky Dancer Healing Retreat

    Yes! Thank you! I have been saying the same thing that the incompetence is astounding and no accountability. I tried contacting them directly to shut everything down and of course that didn't do anything after what I was seeing. Didn't make any sense that they didn't stop all air travel.

  • Cheree McGarry
    Cheree McGarry 10 dni temu +1

    hey john
    as usual thanks so so much for being a dependent ethical clever and courageous man and pillar of support during this unprecedented time
    it’s heartbreaking to watch yr despair and i hope you are taking care of yourself and also being supported - all this has taken such a toll on us all
    i wish you could talk to us openly as i would love to hear what you would say if you didn’t have to be so cautious
    i hope it’s a chance for humanity to re group and band together as we heal and rethink what has happened and why and what is really important in our lives
    blessings john!

  • FunkyKiwi7
    FunkyKiwi7 10 dni temu

    Thank you Dr John for your thorough review of this article. Your delivery of this information is refreshingly articulate cutting through the mess that is human mismanagement of medical information and governance.

  • Ed Ed
    Ed Ed 10 dni temu +2

    Great video Dr, but how interesting that you put forward the ideas about a slow acting WHO, how they needed to endorse mask wearing sooner and how access to vaccines should have been better, but most of the comments here seem to say there was overeach not delay, and that vaccines are dangerous and masks don't work. You have garnered quite a peculiar following it seems.

  • tracyJeanine Liichow
    tracyJeanine Liichow 10 dni temu +1

    Thank you so much for this video (Pandemic failures)! I totally agree with you (your comments) and the article! Keep up the good work!

  • M C
    M C 10 dni temu +1

    I have a few others to add: no available treatments, even discouraging ANY treatment other than the vax. As to the coordinated response, you get the impression that they want the WHO to be in charge next time. I DO NOT. I am tired of all these failures, all the misery, all the economic disaster and especially the unnecessary deaths.

  • Christopher Carney
    Christopher Carney 10 dni temu +6

    Respectfully Dr. Campbell, and I know even if you thought this you cannot say it, what you view as failures is a logical, reasonable conclusion from someone who actually cares about the hippocratic oath and humanity as a whole. But when viewed through the lens of those "in charge", whose objectives we can infer but never truly know, these were not failures. Once a person commits to understanding the entire spectrum of geo political events that have transpired since November 2019 it becomes quite clear that if these were failures, then the outcomes would have fallen randomly on either side of the good/bad outcomes; however, what we have instead is an almost 100% outcome that falls on the bad side (for us). There is an infinitesimal probability that this could have happened by chance.

    • Aaron Webb
      Aaron Webb 8 dni temu +1

      In actuality if we had hierarchies of control based on competence there would have been more positive outcomes than negative, on average.
      Which is to say that even incompetence could lead to a net neutral outcome, and the only reasonable explanation for a preponderance of negative outcomes for the "nominal" constituents of the governments of the West is that those governments were instead acting for their "actual" constituents; multinational corporations.
      The blending of corporations and state governments is a facet of Ur-fascism.

    • Kalle Pihlajasaari
      Kalle Pihlajasaari 9 dni temu

      Well said. The crazy that occurred was always just one more layer of pain for the citizens of the world. If Bezos and Gates were real people they would simply donate all their profits for these years to help the vaccine injured. That ain't going to happen unless their heirs grow a conscience one day.

  • B Outthere
    B Outthere 11 dni temu +344

    It's quite interesting reading comment sections over the last few years. There seems to be zero regret amongst those of us that had questions from the get go and decided to hold off on these "shots" till more information was allowed to be seen. Compare that to those that bravely(?) or naively stepped into the breach for the we and not for me seem to have ever increasing regrets. Arguing over this now is pointless because people have cast their dice and are now along for the ride where ever it goes.

    • Will Thomson
      Will Thomson 9 dni temu +1

      @Dan Croitoru I don't want recognition from him. I went to drill some information to his millions of stupid followers that also points out all the things Dr John missed. I come here because Dr John is undoubtedly the most well known and watched of all the "covid doctor influencers". Nearly all the other onfuencers, and most media outlets, have mentioned him. If I could say something on his channel, I can publicly challenge the entire world of experts in one go.

    • Dan Croitoru
      Dan Croitoru 9 dni temu

      @Will Thomson Dr John is a retired nurse, a grifter and a charlatan making money on YT. so you come back here waiting for recognition from someone? hahahahahah

    • Willie Gillie
      Willie Gillie 9 dni temu

      @EmperorSigismund I know quite a few people that were smart and never caught it either.

    • Will Thomson
      Will Thomson 9 dni temu

      @Dan Croitoru no I have an honors.
      Got a Masters too.
      What I 'Deserve' is these fuckin ivory tower experts like Dr John to actually answer correspondence....

    • Dan Croitoru
      Dan Croitoru 10 dni temu

      @Will Thomson so just because you didn't get the jab and you posted here you deserve honors?

  • Falz breda
    Falz breda 9 dni temu +23

    Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down!! nevertheless as the economy crisis keep rising, one needs to have different streams of income, a well detailed diversified investment portfolio in the financial markets is needed to survive, as well as secure a profitable investment future!

    • Sandra
      Sandra 9 dni temu

      Wtf, y'all know Mrs Mercy Larry too wow, she’s really a good trader, she’s my portfolio manager, her skills are top notch.didn’t take her for the famous type

    • Toby Alex
      Toby Alex 9 dni temu

      Here in Canada Expert Mrs Mercy Larry carries out the both orientation and mentorship potentials

    • Love Jeff
      Love Jeff 9 dni temu

      @Anthonio rojas You don't need to be shocked because I'm also a huge beneficiary of expert Mrs Mercy Larry

    • Anthonio rojas
      Anthonio rojas 9 dni temu

      Who is this professional everyone is talking about I always see her post on top comments on every PLclip video I watched

    • Adam Lucas
      Adam Lucas 9 dni temu

      I also trade with Mrs Mercy Larry analysis and guidance, she's perfect with Crypto trading that I've got up to 57K monthly returns

  • Andy Snashall
    Andy Snashall 10 dni temu +2

    Seriously let down. Had our lives ruined for something that never was the Black Death! Love your articles by the way!

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 6 dni temu +1


  • B. Bailey
    B. Bailey 10 dni temu

    I love your talks and hope you have another platform because you are a treasure and the profiteers are likely very threatened by you for doing your homework and telling the many truths about the failures around this pandemic! I will follow you whether on youtube or some other platform. We need you! My early thoughts were simply to monitor the big airport hubs and test the incoming folks before they transferred to other airlines; plus quarantine anyone with symptoms. Nope. they did NOTHING. This is a scandal and crimes against humanity.

  • alastair J hunter
    alastair J hunter 11 dni temu +496

    I have suffered serious side effects from the vaccine. I’m 65, I’ve had the first two jabs. I started to show neurological side effects in my sleep. Twitching of legs, biting tongue. I wasn’t aware of it but my partner was.
    Six months ago I suffered a serious epileptic fit in my sleep. Fortunately my partner with some help got me out of bed. I’ve never had any problem of this sort before.
    I was admitted to hospital for two days. I’ve been subscribed Levetiracetam 2 x 500mg a day for one year😡
    Had it not been for my partner I’m sure I’d have died in my sleep.
    No more experimental drugs for me.

    • Matrix Decoded
      Matrix Decoded 10 dni temu

      @sandyblue You are as gullible as they come. Do some research instead of lazing in the sun taking the easy option. Polio was rare before the 1950's. It took off in the 1950's. Vaccination for polio began in the 1950's.
      My wife's mother had her 5 children from around 1956 to 1968. Her GP in Scotland told her not to vaccinate them because she had asthma and the vaccines made asthma worse. As a consequence none of her family is vaccinated and are rarely seen by a doctor. Rarely here means one or two visits per decade.
      It is also a well established fact that polio spreads through fecal matter of the vaccinated. Polio vaccine shedding through fecal matter is well known. So once you start a polio vaccine programme a polio outbreak is almost certain.
      So how do you stop polio spread? Regular hand washing after going to the bathroom, something that rarely happened 100 years ago but that was drummed into children from around 1960, and something most children did largely because it was now convenient as most homes had internal plumbing by then.
      So you can think what you want but your claim 'Later my sister would be given the inhalers which undoubtedly saved her life' is nothing more than an attempt to claim that correlation is causation.
      You mention TB quite a bit, but to what point? No one administers TB vaccines. They are not on any childhood vaccine schedule. Perhaps because they are ineffective. Go read up about it. Effectiveness ranges from 0% - 80% in adults. Quite the range.
      So I think you are lazy and just latch onto the first explanation you are offered and have never attempted any serious research on the topic. You outsource your health care to a GP.

    • sandyblue
      sandyblue 10 dni temu

      @Willie Gillie I don't have a crystal ball so I cant answer that. I'm just stating facts as they relate to me and my sisters. There are two sides to any discussion and that is mine. Nobody knows the actual truth - yet

    • Willie Gillie
      Willie Gillie 10 dni temu +1

      @sandyblue well good for you sandyblue. So how does it feel to be a human experiment. I’m glad your doing good now. What do you think the future holds for you now?

    • Atlas Fox
      Atlas Fox 10 dni temu

      @sandyblue you just left no context, and how is anyone supposed to know what you are talking about if you don’t relay what you’re even responding to?

    • sandyblue
      sandyblue 10 dni temu

      @Atlas Fox I hope I wasnt condescending. Regarding my post, I stated facts that I knew to be true.

  • Ben Mm
    Ben Mm 9 dni temu +1

    There were established pandemic plans in place. The UK had them, as did the WHO. It's a basic maxim of all emergency planning that in the event of a emergency you stick to the plan. To not do so requires some serious explaining, otherwise those who pushed to discard those plans are culpable.

  • Hey Now
    Hey Now 10 dni temu +4

    Oh dear, John sàid " he's not a climate skeptic" at the end of this video.
    If he applied his investigation skills to the great climate hoax, he might be just as surprised as he was when he started reading the real facts of COVID and the jab.
    Having a healthy skepticism is the only thing that should be mandatory.

  • K C
    K C 8 dni temu +2

    I remember back in early start in February that this was going to be air borne and spread like a wild fire. And all my co-workers and employer laughed at me and said I was a over dramatic drama queen. So in when everything Shut down and said isolate for over two months. Looks like I was having the last laugh :) and as I predicted this will last longer than three years. Because everyone made so much political move over a mask and vaccine. Where has the Common Sense and good old fashion care towards your community have gone to????

  • Colin Idris Williams Ryder

    My favourite moment was when, during a radio interview a WHO representative was discussing infection rates for various countries. They was asked about Taiwan, which had a much lower R number than many other countries. The WHO representative replied " I've already talked about China.
    Move along, nothing to see.

  • N
    N 11 dni temu +306

    Failures at every level. Still can't wrap my head around what happened and they forced us to endure.

    • Tom
      Tom 10 dni temu

      @ifly fsx In your dreams, anti-vaxer.

    • ifly fsx
      ifly fsx 10 dni temu

      @Tom You have it backwards, troll. I proved you wrong,. Wasn't that difficult, either.

    • Tom
      Tom 10 dni temu

      @ifly fsx So when I prove every point you make wrong, you call me a troll. Interesting.
      This for me tells me that you are not someone that misunderstood facts, it tells me that you are an anti-vaxer intentionally spreading misinformation.

    • ifly fsx
      ifly fsx 10 dni temu

      @Tom Keep trolling. We all know what happened, what worked, what didn't.

    • Tom
      Tom 10 dni temu

      @ifly fsx Only 54 countries in Africa, so that still leaves another 87 that did better that are not in Africa.
      How would it spread between households if household mixing is banned.
      Yet still very few people adhered to the rules.
      They worked or starved.

  • Heather Lavender
    Heather Lavender 10 dni temu

    Thanks for sharing this information I really appreciate all you're channel and thoughts and studies you take the time out of you're busy life to let us know about even before others share with us. Thanks and many blessings!

  • yan Fargeot
    yan Fargeot 10 dni temu +2

    I am so very grateful for all your wise and thoughtful advice throughout this pandemic - I have trusted you and my trust was rewarded in so many ways - thankyou Dr John Campbell .

    • Andy FOXON
      Andy FOXON 10 dni temu

      How was your trust rewarded?

  • Robert Humphreys
    Robert Humphreys 10 dni temu +1

    I guess we could compare which group suffered more: the elderly with "comorbidities" or the children, who were in little danger from the pandemic but suffered through lack of food (poor countries) and missed schooling (globally) plus the shock of lockdowns which will affect them for life. The message they will remember? The adults have not a clue what they are doing. So much for respect for elders and institutions.
    It is curious that the global institutions and organizations that are so intent on telling us all how to live and what to believe seem not to understand that their credibility is eliminated when they perform incompetently and employ what we now call "cancellation" to silence those who are audacious enough to point out that the emperor has no clothes. Will they learn form this awful experience? No, probably not. It's the nature of the beast. I expect them to double down next time. Why? Because bureaucracies never learn from their failures; they just get better at silencing the dissenters.

  • k
    k  10 dni temu +1

    My son tested positive for Covid today. I've been sick all week and drove a school bus and wore a mask. Next week the shortage of bus drivers may impact schools and Routes due to driver shortages. The office won't open windows and replace the air in the office.

  • dern 64
    dern 64 11 dni temu +163

    Doc, you did more good than you know. I was i.p.c. nurse at a small facility in late 2019 when I started following you. We basically were just a required position for audit sake. You were instrumental in teaching me what was needed to help our staff and patients. We got a major head start over everyone in our area as far as stocking up and teaching proper ppe,cleaning, negative airflow importance, etc. You saved lives that you will never know. You, and a few other sources, helped me fight adm for what was needed. Thank you

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan 6 dni temu


    • Gary Burrows
      Gary Burrows 8 dni temu +1

      Remember that John recommended the jab! Safe and effective. Yeah.

    • Flak turm
      Flak turm 8 dni temu

      Weird how this post has 4 replies, yet only 2 showing.
      Theres a lot of posts like that recently, but I'm sure its for our own good.
      I'm so thankful we have another partisan big-tech entity deciding what should/shouldn't be seen.

    • WHALEoilBEEF Hooked
      WHALEoilBEEF Hooked 10 dni temu

      ....speaking up about the Virogogy fraud was taboo, and thanks to this mass awakening, we learn how the Pharma funded pseudo science slowly crept in over a century ago. Belief in "their" doctrine principles is a pure mind controlled murder for money crime racket.

    • ConradJupiter77
      ConradJupiter77 10 dni temu

      fasting for 4 days kills viruses

  • Mr Penguin
    Mr Penguin 10 dni temu

    I love seeing that the WHO, the entity that has absolutely failed in every possible way, has no accountability, has a unwanted tab on this very video, wanting to inform us all about what progress they are making…

  • Goldfingers Gaming Channel

    We know we have all been let down by the authorities, and i remember commenting during the pandemic we must learn from it write down your lessons learnt now. The report just highlights a few I'm afraid, and i also predicted Governments would try to sweep it under the carpet and not learn from it for the next one, also turned out to be true.
    I'm seriously afraid for the whole world if we have this level of incompetence running countries, unless the whole thing was deliberate, you know reducing the world population would solve a lot of problems just think about it for a while. My mind is open to all possibilities.
    There will be a next pandemic a lesson from History, the next one could wipe out most of the world population, and yet we have not learn't anything apart from how incompetent Authorities and Institutions are we do not even know the origin of the virus.
    You know the whole pandemic could have been stopped, those early quick interventions can prevent spread and if it is not contained it is at least slowed, as someone who worked on Animal Outbreaks for many years that is essential, and yet it was allowed to spread around the world in a few hours because of flights from China were not stopped.
    If you have a earthquake detection system you have very sensitive electronic equipment that can pick up those early tremors from thousands of miles away, we need a early detection system of Doctors across the world one's that cannot be killed by Governments to silence them, the system should not be setup by the WHO, using computer software system all new unknown disease should be recorded within hours and shared across the world in each hospital, teams should be setup to test samples immediately they are available and if a new disease is detected it is reported straight away to all necessary authorities.
    1. Detection
    2. Sample and Report
    3. Contain the spread (Shut down flights especially)
    4. Restrict movement of humans and animals in the area and a 50km zone around it
    5. Biosecurity Measures
    6. Send in Teams in the Zone to knock on doors and make people aware, deliver any medicine's, face masks etc.
    7. Trace the spread
    7. Research cure
    8. Eradicate the disease in all countries.
    You may say what about the cost it's taxpayer's money, and the answer would be a small price to pay vs how much the world payed to deal with Covid.

  • Keith Sergent
    Keith Sergent 8 dni temu

    As a supporter and beneficiary of Dr John’s content, I have up to this point been impressed by his presentation of facts as they become available. Even if he appears to have had a change of heart regarding the vaccine usage and future effectiveness. However his statement regarding disappointment of lack of progress in the Paris climate agenda indicates that perhaps he doesn’t consider the facts in all areas of science ( most politicized mumbo jumbo of data of all time)

  • paulette lamontagne
    paulette lamontagne 10 dni temu +2

    I've never seen this man and he makes a lot of sense but I can't help but notice that he is acknowledging that there's different names for these Omicron Delta whatever and everybody with knowledge I've listened to has specified that not only do the test not work for finding out if you're sick but there is no test that isolates any variance so I got to wonder about him

    • Kalle Pihlajasaari
      Kalle Pihlajasaari 9 dni temu

      For about two years Denmark used to gene sequence every case that they had (where possible). It is quite possible and in these massive volumes not prohibitively expensive when compared to a day of hospital treatment. They realised early on that the virus is mutating and fast. They could see it avoid the vaccines but said little. They listened to reports of problems with aspiration and made that standard protocol after comparing with the data from Norway. They banned the vaccine in June/July for Children and have recommended against use for under 50 year old this past week.
      It is not possible to fight the massive propaganda system totally but as far as following what available science there was then Denmark has done reasonably well. They did vaccinate a lot of their citizens before they had enough data to stop sadly.
      Two other countries have banned the vaccines for children as well as the health regulators and vaccine manufacturers were unwilling to detail what was actually in the vaccines and show competent risk/benefit analysis. The latest boosters were taken into use in the USA based on a study in 8 mice.

  • RVJ Callanan
    RVJ Callanan 10 dni temu +5

    Thank you for your efforts, Dr Campbell, not to mention your work in Africa.
    A few important pointers about this video:
    1. I am not a Covid-denier but Lancet itself bore responsibility for publishing misleading studies to support the media-assisted Covid PsyOps which drove the lockdown rage and was responsible for so many panic-induced deaths not least in nursing homes where the main mortality spikes were recorded. Lancet's most egregious crime was the publication of a criminal study involving lethal doses of hydroxychloroquine to patients on the brink of death which gave the WHO and public health authorities the pretext to ban doctors from using this low-risk drug which had shown some efficacy in the 2003-4 SARS-1 outbreak. By the time Lancet withdrew the study and apologised, it was too little too late and the Hydroxy bans persisted in most countries. I can't say for sure but I suspect Lancet had a similar role in the suppression of Ivermectin. Lancet was not alone. Elsevier and others were equally culpable, not least in quashing bullet-proof studies that gave the lie to official narratives and could have saved lives. From what I can gather, the BMJ came out better than most. It's no excuse to follow the crowd and fall back on publisher immunity in such fraught circumstances.
    2. Whatever about the early phase of the pandemic when it seemed that the WHO were doing everything to encourage the spread, the recommendation by the Lancet Commission for more rigorous top-down control flies in the face of the nub of this travesty given how the WHO and public health authorities were compromised by Bill Gates, Big Pharma and other, more political, pressures. So many good doctors and scientists were cut out of the debate which inevitably cost lives. Yes, international guidance and cooperation is a must in any kind of global emergency, but top-down rule-by-decree with no questions asked is a recipe for totalitarianism-by-stealth and a ginormous single-point-of-failure. For one thing, global bodies no matter how virtuous they appear on paper require far more oversight that mere rubber-stamping by governments who seem to owe them more allegiance than to their own people. Meaningful oversight by a totally independent body which directly represents the people of the world, accepts expert opinion from all quarters and is not compromised by political, financial or ideological pressures.
    3. Bringing climate into this report was a deft move reflecting the main obsession of Jeffrey Sachs, the chair of the commission. Your use of 'climate skeptic' was unfortunate as most of us care about our planet but do not want this issue hijacked by what amounts to a Covid-like cult which tolerates no dissent. Open scientific debate is essential!!! You said so yourself!
    4. You may not be aware that a few weeks back, in advance of the report's publication, Jeffrey Sachs appeared on podcasts saying that while he couldn't be 100% sure, he was virtually certain that SARS-CoV-2 was lab-produced blaming US military biotech interests. The fact that one can only divine this from the report by reading between the lines is telling. Recently Sachs has also been irking his friends in the Biden administration by calling for negotiations in Ukraine and Taiwan. Laudable as his interventions were, these US Neocon/Deep State machinations did not come out of a vacuum and they are effectively sabotaging Sach's dreams for what amounts to a globalist technocracy in alliance with the most sinister agenda-setter on the planet, a certain Prof Klaus Schwab of the WEF.
    5. The report's recommendation to control disinformation more tightly was astonishing given the level of disinformation emanating from Big Pharma, the WHO and public health authorities. Not to mention vital information by dissenting doctors and scientists that was proved to be true but was censored because it challenged the official Covid narrative. The most glaring example was the ground-breaking Stanford Study by Prof John Ioannidis in April 2020 which was pilloried and censored but 'quietly' uploaded by WHO to their web site almost a year later. You mentioned your own frustration at the length of time it took for the WHO to own up to aerosol transmission. Even the huge role of natural immunity has only been grudgingly acknowledged.
    6. Your unchanging view of masks does not reflect the most up-to-date science. While their use in particular scenarios is plausible, a plethora of rigorous studies have proven that mass-masking had little or no effect at all. The extensive Danish study is perhaps the most famous. IMHO, the mandating of masks along with the mass asymptomatic testing with ridiculously high-Ct PCR tests were the two main pillars of the Covid PsyOps to keep the fear alive. This went far beyond what might be described as the 'noble lie' when dealing with a potentially grave problem about which little was known and we can only conclude that Covid was used to serve other agendas. Being afraid of getting labelled with the 'conspiracy-theory' spell-word should not get in the way of seeking the truth. The other side of the coin is that masks also have serious health risks in children and vulnerable people. Given the tiny dimensions of aerosol particles, if a mask is to be really effective, it will create exceptional difficulties in breathing even for healthy people. Try putting a plastic bag around your head and work back from there.
    I hope you won't take these pointers the wrong way. Nor do I claim to have a monopoly on the truth.

    • Kalle Pihlajasaari
      Kalle Pihlajasaari 9 dni temu

      @G R Yes, that is a puzzle. One obvious minor contributor is that they are often longer than people can read without clicking the SEE MORE link. However I do suspect that this platform can easily leave them undisplayed until further down the thread for many people.
      This was a great post by @RVJ Callanan and does make a lot of what John posts counter productive. No matter how he follows the facts he is hampered by the platform in what facts he can post. The censorship has made the truth elusive even if John were to believe the truth.
      I am glad that his comment thread these days is almost exclusively full of people who have realised and this may be the reason he keeps posting videos. The comment section sees much less censorship.

    • G R
      G R 10 dni temu +1

      Why do the best comments always have the least upvotes? I'm constantly bewildered by this.

    • carole denise
      carole denise 10 dni temu +1

      Thank you!!

  • jarnMod - KFP Sticky Note Service

    Dear doc Campbell, hope you see this.
    I just got my Moderna shot just now, 4th as booster. Recently you mentioned a document about 44% of hospitalized people are fully vaccinated and some with boosters. I got this shot, and out of curiosity, I checked lot number on Moderna site. Moderna site says the vaccine has expired. So I ask the hospital staffs about it. The staffs invited me to see the data on their system which directly linked to government run vaccine distribution center. It shows that my vaccine has not expired, as it'd expire next month. This means Moderna and distribution center has 2 different expiration date and neither has accountibility. This might be the issue that makes 44% of hospitalized people are fully vaccinated. Expired vaccine + outdated vaccine may lead to that.
    I don't really worry that much since I don't think it'd be as effective in BA5 time, but I can't quite say no to a free shot so I take this one. Hey, 56% of hospitalized people aren't vac, so free 12% chance not to smell disinfectant for days? Deal.

  • Falco
    Falco 9 dni temu

    I read all of these comments and I feel happy for the people that understood something from the past two years. I can't hide that I'm still impressed by the amount of people that needed to be hit personally to see how our society works. I can share my experience: I have a normal life and kept it this way all long this volontary madness, nothing changed to me. I discussed the real matters with people, few, that I perceived as normal and smiled to all the other ones(aka the norm), like you smile to a children that just did and said something really stupid; you don't get mad at them, leave them be life will take care of them one way or another. I thought for brief moments why it really changed nothing to me and the explanations comes out of self discipline, culture the real one, being honest to self and face the facts for what they are living emotions aside.

  • Michael Brooks
    Michael Brooks 8 dni temu

    Great info! I really appreciate your efforts!

  • Brandon Lemon
    Brandon Lemon 11 dni temu +189

    I've noticed at my work people seem to be feeling really bad lately. Always sounding stuffed up and taking days off, etc. Not used to seeing so many people sick in the summer.

    • Npc I'm knot
      Npc I'm knot 10 dni temu +1

      @Stephen Shaw allergies is spring not summer

    • peter crane
      peter crane 10 dni temu

      @kirsty ward they all need the Z Stack Protocol..order online

    • peter crane
      peter crane 10 dni temu +1

      Tell them to order the Z Stack Protocol..order online

    • Luuk de Boer
      Luuk de Boer 10 dni temu +2

      Same in the Netherlands. Just a few examples out of the many. Our neighbors catched covid mid summer while on vacation to France(warm weather) They eat healthy and exercise. Same story for a young family in our street catching covid mid summer. Never seen that many cases out of flu season.

    • elizarhad1
      elizarhad1 10 dni temu

      @Jason Roach Yep!

  • mharm734
    mharm734 10 dni temu +5

    Its hard watching what's been happening to my vaccinated relatives and friends. My cousin who is a nurse had the covid Vax and all the boosters and had her dad and grandma get too. Now grandma is dead from heart failure, her dad died this week of pancreatic cancer and she said she has breast cancer. It was like watching someone press a button and instead of being safe their whole world dies. You can't tell with cancer what did it for sure but the timing scares me. I'm seeing others in my circle having things like heart inflammation muscle weakness fatigue brain fog etc. post vaccination as ongoing afflictions which aren't as bad but look horrible to live with.

  • TinaDCS
    TinaDCS 9 dni temu +1

    I am convinced there are many people, particularly those who advised our leaders (I honestly don't blame the leaders themselves as THEY didn't claim to be scientists, or as one particular person said “I am the science!”) should be tried for crimes against humanity.

  • Racker
    Racker 9 dni temu

    I had arguments with the local health officer during the pandemic in 2006. I suggested that no one had ever ordered stopping traffic to and from China to stop or slow the spread. He laughed and said, no one will ever do that; governments would not allow that. When it happened with COVID, the new health officer said, "good idea." I appreciate this kind of dialog. Without revealing discussion, we are bound to repeat all the mistakes made with COVID. Thanks for what you do.

  • Darcy Kamin
    Darcy Kamin 10 dni temu +2

    “Almost as if they knew…”
    Almost as if they planned it exactly this way. WEFfer’s delight.

  • az10sbum1
    az10sbum1 10 dni temu +37

    I don't want to minimize the impact of people who lost love ones to covid. I was a terrible thing. But personally, I don't know anybody who died or was seriously I'll from it. I do know several people who literally lost everything and went bankrupt because the lockdowns destroyed their business. These are not minor impacts to them, their families, or society in general.

  • Mary Bonner
    Mary Bonner 10 dni temu

    Thank you so much DrCampbell totally agree with everything you have said👍

  • Michael Woods
    Michael Woods 10 dni temu +5

    I was in Taiwan and it acted promptly and had none of the failures Lancet cites. But later on it made deep failures especially about the role of preventative medications ; the extended use of lockdowns, vaccines (especially youth and young children; and unknown long term side effects), quarantines, masks and school closures, all combined with massive misinformation about severity of Omicron and the media reports of children deaths and death rates excluding the reasons for deaths, plus the horrific abuse of power and censorship. And this is all without mentioning the elephant in the room- big pharma corruption and the royalties paid to top government officials. Even this Lancet report is remiss in not covering these huge failures and corruption.

  • YoungFabio
    YoungFabio 9 dni temu +1

    I got 2 jabs, no side effects but I was paranoid ashell and it made me stress out. Since that moment I've been using anti oxidants, Vitamim D all supps to keep up and its gettin better each day. Listen to me people, Don't ever get the jab and don't ever get no boosters. Keep excersissing and boost your immume to the next level and beat it.

  • Annie Rocks
    Annie Rocks 10 dni temu

    I would like to see a video that talks about the large study done on Ivermectin that proved that it never worked to prevent deaths from covid. This is important since you promoted it.

  • Arthur Kuwar
    Arthur Kuwar 11 dni temu +217

    I was never let down by the government because I never expected them to handle anything right in the first place

    • Montanagal
      Montanagal 10 dni temu +1

      the government cares about taxes, not my health

    • Nat
      Nat 11 dni temu

      It’s true

    • Pentti Hilkuri
      Pentti Hilkuri 11 dni temu +3

      A pessimist is never disappointed.

    • Lee R
      Lee R 11 dni temu

      I didn’t trust them from the outset with the PCR test manipulation and the 28 day rule BS to certify a convid death. So how could I trust them with a vaccine?

    • Frank Ferrucci
      Frank Ferrucci 11 dni temu +6

      I agree government is for government not the people who put them there

  • Josh Balane
    Josh Balane 10 dni temu +5

    Many, MANY lives were needlessly lost because of the gross mismanagement of this thing all across the world. And that's without even getting into the fact that we STILL don't know where this darn thing came from.
    There must be accountability.

    • MWhite
      MWhite 10 dni temu

      how do you know there was ever a "thing" out there?

    • JJ P
      JJ P 10 dni temu

      There was no mismanagement; it was all planned by THEM

  • Leon
    Leon 9 dni temu

    How do I get a hold of your analysis of the effect of masks on children's development?

  • Citizen G'Kar
    Citizen G'Kar 10 dni temu +1

    The two biggest pandemic failures:
    1) a flat refusal, by the powers, that most already know of, to research & promote alternative Covid treatments, that other {less developed, supposedly} countries adopted, with a good level of success.
    2) destroying people's lives & livelihoods, by forcing-or sacking-those that used their common sense, about their own state of health.
    I'm extremely interested in accountability!