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Kyle's vaccine complication

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  • Opublikowany 20 paź 2021
  • Pericarditis after vaccination, possible inadvertent intravenous administration.
    Useful links as discussed in this video,
    Rally in DC next month
    Messages from Kyle
    Also a lot of people have been asking about my supplements and Ivermectin. Here are some good studies on the benefits.
    Ivermectin - pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32871...
    Star Anise / Flavonoids - www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/arti...

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  • Marcillio Ficino

    “The vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe.

  • Nicole Wendel

    Kyle is a buddy of my son through the mountain bike community. My son tells me that youtube erased Kyle's testimony and thus gave my son and others mistrust in what we are allowed to see. When youtube removes this sort of thing it causes more apprehension against vaccination Thanks to John and Kyle for clear transparency and sharing this info.

  • Wild Enemy
    Wild Enemy  +456

    The doc telling him that he was having a panic attack was gaslighting. That is terrible, making people feel crazy when there really is something wrong with him.

  • zeberzeleniev

    These side effects may be rare, but not as rare as we are led to believe. My story is similar to Kyle's, with the doctors at the hospital being very dismissive when I mentioned the vaccine and the possibility of having myocarditis. They refused to do an ecocardiogram and put me in a 3 to 4-month NHS waiting list for a 24h ECG, which is useless to detect myocarditis. I had to go ABROAD in order to carry out the necessary exams. The NHS wants nothing to do with it. How many more cases of myocarditis did not make it to the official statistics because of their indifference is anyone's guess.

  • Emma DiPonio

    “I’m angry, but I am trying to be civil so we can have a conversation about the problem”. You just gave a voice to literally hundreds of thousands of people. 💥

  • Hope Fischer

    This explains so much for me!!! I had my 2nd vaccine on June 15th. By July 5th I was experiencing joint pain in my lower body and on July 31 2021 I was admitted to the hospital with Bradycardia and Sick sinus syndrome (Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation). I ended up getting a pacemaker at 41 years old. I am currently healing from a cardiac ablation to stop the AFib. I've been on medical leave from work since July. It's frustrating not being able to exercise and live like you once did and it makes it especially hard when you can't find any helpful information because it gets taken down or stopped. I've even had people verbally attack me because I said that I believe the pfizer vaccine caused it.

  • Ronald Raygun

    Kyle’s story is exactly why informed consent is essential and those violating it should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity especially the doctor who referred him to a psychiatrist what a quack

  • Betsy Partridge

    I have 2 healthy friends in their 30's and 1 in their 40's and they both developed heart issues. PLEASE be watchful if you have any symptoms because they were sent home from the ER too. Watching this just gave me the chills.

  • nasreen bodo

    You presented this in the most genuine and gentle way possible instead of infusing your anger in the explanation. Very difficult to do. Stay strong! Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Betty Dixon

    Thank you for giving Kyle a platform. This explains so much for me. Thank you Dr. Campbell and thank you Kyle for speaking up.

  • HomeEF 2021

    His whole life “ a young man “. All ruined by a vaccine , bless his heart. Hope you overcome and heal completely soon. Prayers for you. 🙏

  • A-A-Ron
    A-A-Ron  +21

    I share a similar story as Kyle here in Canada, I am finally going into see a cardiologist in 2 weeks. I pray there is nothing, but within the first 24-72 hrs after my first dose, I had 5 episodes of this "stabbing" heart pain. I am 33, resting heart rate of 52-56, was in competitive bodybuilding shape prior. The constant feeling of "anxiety" is sounding more and more common. I described it to my physician as a "quivering" in my heart, which is constant everyday for me. Unfortunately, my life has drastically changed over the past 9 months.

  • Thinkin Outsidethebox

    My son who is 26 has had so many health issues since being vaccinated. He had No underlying conditions and was very healthy. Now he's getting tested n at the doctors weekly. I'm NOT happy about how our govt has allowed, promoted, and pushed these vaccines. And we don't even know about the long term adverse effects.

  • Iris Yuan
    Iris Yuan  +144

    Totally similar case here, I am 29 years old, healthy and fit, I got my second Pfizer in October and from the second day I felt heart pain, I thought it might be temporary so I just stopped doing sports and after a couple of days it was gone, and I was totally fine (at least I felt so). However about 2-3 weeks the heart pain went back, firstly it happened during my jogging after only 2-3 kilometers at a slow pace, my heartbeat was suddenly so quick (like more than 180 or even 200/min) and totally went out of control, and from then the heart pain became more constant & severe, I went to the clinic (here in Germany we always go first to the general doctor and then they will transfer me to the different specialists).... so to keep it short, now it's about 2 months since then, I went to 3 different general doctors, 2 cardiologists for 2 rounds of EKG, blood test, stress EKG and Ergometry, called the ambulance and ended up in the emergency once because on that day I felt heart pain + pain/sore on my left arm and shoulder, but after all these, the doctors, so far they can not tell me what is my problem, they actually didn't find myocarditis on my heart and also my EKG shows always normal. Then a doctor suggested that it could be a nerve problem because my nerve over-reacted and give unnecessary stimulation to the muscle around the heart, I had a couple of injections, I felt better for the last 2 weeks, but several days ago it came back again...So this is for me so far, I still don't know what is my problem and also still on the way to fight against it (or just try to survive it), the only thing I know, is this happened to me, a 29-year-old, healthy and fit person 2 days after the vaccination.

  • Michelle Brayman

    This is almost exactly what happened to me! I had my second shot on January 30, 2021. It was so frustrating when the ER doctors and my family doctor first reaction was it was anxiety. I went from running a couple miles to not even being able to walk up my stairs literally over night. I am slowly getting better but not fully back to normal yet and its been 11 months. I finally have some good doctors who have been supportive but I am very disheartened by the many doctors who blew me off. It took them until November to finally diagnose me with POTS after going for autonomic testing.

  • Diane Charest

    I'm so sorry Kyle, that they did this to you. You are one of many that this happened to.

  • Stephen Carver

    Im so sorry this happened to this guy but its great he is talking about it. We need people like him telling the truth.

  • Robert Russell

    This is what a good Human being looks like. Thank you Dr John Campbell

  • Uba D Tmar

    " I believe where there is risk, there needs to be choice" Well said Kyle. This is how sane, civilised people think. 👍👍👍

  • Steve E.
    Steve E.  +25

    Thank you for sharing your story, Kyle. That’s very brave of you. It’s important that everyone speaks up about any complications they’ve experienced with these dangerous vaccines.