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Immunity, history and understanding

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  • Opublikowany 14 sie 2022
  • With Professor Robert Clancy, pioneering immunologist, physician pathologist, researcher and writer. This video gives a progressive understanding of medical immunology using its historical development to facilitate deep understanding.

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  • emtube
    emtube  +70

    Scales are dropping from my eyes! It is impossible to overstate my gratitude for Dr. Campbell enabling and skilfully hosting this intervue, and Prof. Clancy for sharing his priceless experience and knowledge, transmitted through exceptionally clear and enjoyable explanation. This is absolutely one of the very best interview-presentations I have ever heard, not only via the Internet, but at any time in my academic or personal experience. Many, many thanks for this!!

  • oldsteamguy

    Outstanding. I would have no idea on where else I could go to get such high quality health information presented in a relatively understandable way. Thank you Dr. Campbell and Dr. Clancy.

  • sheila clancy

    What a gift to know that coherent and generous human beings still exist. Thanks

  • Lynne Forbes

    Thank you John for being such an excellent interviewer and giving time to the interviewee to talk without interrupting him constantly as so many interviewers tend to do .

  • Mark Dunn
    Mark Dunn  +90

    It is an absolute privilege to spend time watching and learning so much from you both. Robert has such a vast knowledge which he puts across in an interesting and encapsulating way. I can't wait for the next episode. If I had a teacher at school who could make this subject this interesting as you both have I would have tried to pursue a career in immunology. Unfortunately I am in my 50's now so have missed the boat. Hopefully others who are younger than myself watch these series will be as inspired as I am and get into this field. Please keep up the great work on these videos it is much appreciated .

  • Ignacio Remis

    This is what you get when you get two great human beings together and share their knowledge to help all of us understand to a greater degree

  • Lezli Byrum

    I have just earned my graduate degree in medical history and immunology. Thank you both. Outstanding. This will go into my extensive library of your favorites.

  • Mark Wakefield

    That was mind blowing. I saw how long the interview was going to be and wondered if I would have the stamina for it, but Prof. Clancy and Dr John easily kept my attention. Very exciting to hear about immunology and I look forward to the next interview! 🙂

  • Kimberly Smith Carlson

    Its truly an art form to make complex ideas easy for others to understand. These 2 gentlemen are gifted artists...

  • InjectSomeCommonSense

    My friends 17 yo daughter with no known conditions got jabbed got covid died. She literally collapsed. Heart stopped. They were able to restart it and clean her heart out but basically she had a cytokine storm and despite many interventions she died. So incredibly sad. Meanwhile everyone taking care of her for covid got covid (some have auto immune issues) they were all fine. Not jabbed. They should want to study this family. But no.

  • Goldenbelly

    What a gift! Everyone should learn this at school so that we accord deep respect to our bodies, to nature and to our scholars, scientists, professors, communicators! Thank you John. Bless you both!

  • Rob
    Rob  +32

    As soon as I noticed this posting, I knew I would thoroughly enjoy its content, and you sirs, absolutely did not disappoint! Thank you both so much for bringing such clarity to an otherwise mysterious entity...this thing called immunity. I whole heartedly applaud you. So nicely done. Cheers gents!

  • beth6787
    beth6787  +16

    Thank you so much to both John Campbell & Robert Clancy for this fantastic series of chats. Long may you both prosper and live to see the fruition of so much exciting extant research.

  • Kari Anne Crysler

    I can’t wait for another “dose” of you two😊 The best way to get educated on the basic’s of immunity, response & the things that cause them. Thanks❤

  • carole denise

    Fascinating!! Thank you Dr. Campbell and Prof. Clancy for this podcast....it's been an education!

  • * Tennesseered

    This is gold, a wonderful historical perspective that simplifies immunology for a layman.

  • Max Hatman

    Absolutely brilliant episode, many thanks to both parties involved, I must re-listen and make notes, superb. Credible information.

  • Roberta Augustini

    I love your podcasts when your guest's are so knowledgeable yet easily understood because you both explain every aspect so we, with very little education with these subjects can gain much or at minimum, follow along ❤️

  • Jo Lyons

    Wow, what an interview. Thank you so much for having the brilliant Dr Clancy on again. Very informative. I’ve saved the video to watch again and taken notes. He makes the subject so interesting and I look forward to many more interviews with him.

  • BestLifeEver

    What a wonderful time to be alive when I can listen to such wonderful minds sharing their knowledge. Thankyou both of you. Really appreciate it.