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POTUS, Pandemic is over

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  • Opublikowany 20 wrz 2022
  • The pandemic is over (POTUS)
    Emergency use authorizations
    August 31, 2022
    Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration amended the emergency use authorizations (EUAs) of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine,
    and the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine,
    to authorize bivalent formulations,
    for use as a single booster dose
    Original strain + BA.4 and BA.5 lineages
    For each bivalent COVID-19 vaccine, the FDA based its decision on the totality of available evidence,
    including extensive safety and effectiveness data for each of the monovalent mRNA COVID-19 vaccines,
    safety and immunogenicity data obtained from a clinical study of a bivalent COVID-19 vaccine that contained mRNA from omicron variant BA.1 lineage
    that is similar to each of the vaccines being authorized,
    Biden administration
    Has already placed an order for 170 million doses
    Data collected by the companies
    Human data, only available BA.1 booster
    BA.1 trails did not look for protection against severe disease, (People trials are very expensive)
    For the BA.4/BA.5 boosters, the companies have submitted animal data.
    (not released publicly)
    Pfizer presented preliminary findings in eight mice given BA.4/BA.5 vaccines as their third dose, (for EMA)
    Showed an increased antibody response to all Omicron variants tested: BA.1, BA.2, BA.2.12.1, BA.4, and BA.5.
    Clinical trials for the BA.4/BA.5 vaccines will begin this month
    August 19, 2022
    Today, the FDA authorized the emergency use of Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine,
    in individuals 12 through 17 years of age.
    This authorization follows a rigorous analysis and evaluation of the safety and effectiveness data conducted by the FDA.
    July 13, 2022
    Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for the Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine,
    in individuals 18 years of age and older.
    June 17, 2022
    Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized emergency use of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine and the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine,
    in children down to 6 months of age.
    December 22, 2021
    Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for Pfizer’s Paxlovid

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  • M Nash
    M Nash 6 dni temu +1567

    Outstanding Dr John. You say so much by saying so little. The rollercoasters is going and the people who are operating it have no interest in stopping or even slowing it down. Terrifying times we live in.

    • LaDonna Bella Villalobos
      LaDonna Bella Villalobos 12 godzin temu

      @VettyWoo don’t be very scared, because I got Covid January 1, 2018 I was in amazing health, I am now on on oxygen 24 hours a day seven days a week I can’t hardly walk my eyesight‘s going, you just need to be really careful because I can’t even figure out how I got sick it was so cold I wasn’t even going outside but I did have some groceries delivered and then a few days after that or about a week and a half I collapse my daughter found me on the floor in my apartment with purple black lips she thought I was dead I was in the ICU for two months the regular hospital for a month then on to physical therapy then on to physical therapy sorry about that I have to use a magnifying glass in the speaker but I seen your comment and I wouldn’t get the vaccine I did get Covid before they were even talking about it and I have a Lotta things wrong with me, that strange thing is I haven’t got any vaccine and I’m suffering from long Covid but I’ve never tested positive for Covid since 2018 and I did not get a vaccine I just stay to myself in my apartment I bought an expensive air purifier I’m on disability now I’m having a really hard time of it I know I’m gonna make it through this, or if not the Lord can take me home. I do not trust the vaccine look on some more PLclip videos now they have proof on all the stuff that vaccines are causing people it’s actually making people crazy and then causing a lot of depression and anxiety, my oldest daughter that lives in New York City had to get the Covid shot and the boosters and all that I can’t even tell who she is anymore, she’s just not herself any longer and she was very healthy till she got them vaccines that she can’t travel or couldn’t travel without her now she’s had Covid I don’t know how many times and her husband to seems like they get it in a real week for a couple weeks then they’re OK for about a month then they get it again and they’re worse and it keeps going on and on and on I need to quit commenting though because this magnifying glass on my phone is not good for my eyes that I’m losing my eyesight anyway from them giving the insulin shots in the hospital cost me to have diabetes my A1c was 14+, that means it wouldn’t even register so it caused my eyes to get bad my teeth to get loose my teeth are all getting bad taste terrible, I gained 200 pounds in the hospital from insulin shots and I am not diabetic or wasn’t then but now I am but I’m not if that makes any sense they just keep throwing different medicines at me blood thinners high cholesterol medicine if you ask me my cholesterol is too low my LDL is 55 and my HDL is 49 you tell me why they want to put me on cholesterol lowering medicine, and statin drugs does make sense to me I remember one thing in the hospital they tell me I had a very strong heart but I’ve always been a health net and I was already on cod liver oil every day of my life and I’m 68 years old now, I was on vitamin D 3 vitamin K 2 -7
      Complex B complex B12 B6 zinc I can’t remember what else am I know carbs except for broccoli and cauliflower you can get better you just Gotta stay away from anything that makes your blood sugar go up OK I don’t want to get out of here I’m sorry I got to Drop the Mic and leave the building

    • GravityRoller
      GravityRoller Dzień temu

      @Ajxx 99(Paul) Alien of the Grey species.

    • Melinda Rhodes
      Melinda Rhodes 2 dni temu

      @JOHN SMITH What is your point? I think most everyone here knows his credentials.

    • Melinda Rhodes
      Melinda Rhodes 2 dni temu

      @Helmut Schmacker Well that information was censored through no fault of Dr. John. He actually took a yt slap in the wrist. Now he presents from FDA reports.

    • Leaping Joseph
      Leaping Joseph 2 dni temu

      @VettyWoo , not sure if I am reading you correctly, but is your fear, struggles & uneasyness caused by the pandemic. May I ask what your intuition told you?

  • Lajos Zsom
    Lajos Zsom 5 dni temu +111

    Finally, I can see someone thinking clearly. As a nephrologist, physician scientist and thinker, I rarely see that any more. From renal medicine to simple logic, inconsistency seems to be the new rule.

    • Streetcar
      Streetcar 3 dni temu +1

      What's clear about this video?

    • Dwayne Christie
      Dwayne Christie 3 dni temu +1

      It’s all about business.

    • Darcy Kamin
      Darcy Kamin 3 dni temu +1

      For those who’ve been paying attention, there is nothing “new” about what’s going on. It’s just more bold than ever before.

    • Linda Morgan
      Linda Morgan 4 dni temu

      Dr are you triple jabbed and did you advise your clients and their children to get this lousy dangerous jab ? If so NO respect

  • Mateja Mikusic
    Mateja Mikusic 5 dni temu +111

    I love every bit of this analysis and speech, thank you mr Campbell. Its scary to be surrounded by corrupt, criminals who want to be called great leaders and scientists.

  • TD
    TD 5 dni temu +50

    You had me laughing, angry and then at the end, you made me cry. I wish there was a world where people like Dr. Campbell led it.

    • Streetcar
      Streetcar 3 dni temu


    • Andrew Lilley
      Andrew Lilley 4 dni temu

      Are you for real? The man is responsible for maintaining the government narrative since this whole covid con began, he is nothing but a fear-monger!
      He has contradicted himself throughout regarding the wearing of masks etc, but worst of all he ruthlessly maintained the necessity of taking the substances, and now he's just backtracking to cover his backside, you have not been paying attention sir, like the majority of people that support him, thanks.

    • A K
      A K 5 dni temu


  • alive n kickin'
    alive n kickin' 5 dni temu +77

    I'm glad that Dr. John is finally saying something all of us was feeling the moment they start talking about mandates.

    • david a
      david a Dzień temu

      @Melinda Rhodes oh for petes sakes. Please go read some books on basic psychology. Dude is a complete charlatan peddling supplements for money and preys on your fears. He has no answers and your life will be better once you stop consuming his content. Call your friends children/grandchildren and snap out of it, they probably miss you.

    • Melinda Rhodes
      Melinda Rhodes 2 dni temu

      @david a I think AJ uses sensationalism in his podcasts and behaviors- based on truth. His behavior makes ppl think he is a fruitcake but I believe a lot of the time he is above the target.

    • david a
      david a 2 dni temu +1

      @OnTheRoad um yeah, alex jones is crazy. Lol

    • OnTheRoad
      OnTheRoad 4 dni temu +3

      so much for alex jones being crazy

  • Mathew T
    Mathew T 5 dni temu +345

    You don’t realise how important these videos are Dr Campbell.
    People are not getting this information from the mainstream media outlets.
    Thank you so much

    • MR P
      MR P 2 dni temu

      @cw man 😂😂😂zzzzzzzzz

    • Jacqueline Rebolledo
      Jacqueline Rebolledo 4 dni temu

      Th MSM is fake news

    • MR P
      MR P 4 dni temu

      @Tom Kenyon www.instituteforgovernment.org.uk/sites/default/files/publications/MINDSPACE.pdf
      You would do well to understand exactly how and that the psychological attack was real. They know how to manipulate and mould us. They have been experts at behavioural psychology for decades. They have perfected it.
      Read the Pdf. And spread it around. Very important to understand how we are like lab rats to them.

    • MR P
      MR P 4 dni temu

      @cw man thought so dude, another unintelligent shite talker.

    • MR P
      MR P 4 dni temu

      @Mathew T oh really? Keep up bro. Its what he has done for the last 2 years. He plays safe. He regurgitates. Whatever man. Fk me are you smoking ? You sound paranoid! What agenda do I have ? 😂😂 Give me some examples!

  • M St. Clair
    M St. Clair 5 dni temu +32

    I remember sharing my grave concerns for these “products” way back in the autumn of 2020 just before the roll out. I proceeded to share my grave concerns as the roll out progressed and I was often attacked right here in the comments section. Cold comfort to know I and many others who shared my concerns, were proven correct. Deep reading in the molecular biology and immunology weeds early on told me NEVER to take one- I only wish more people would have listened. SADS is out of control.

    • Fran Sinclair
      Fran Sinclair 3 dni temu

      Not sure if sads is out of control as haven’t heard of any cases in Australia but only people on this channel saying it

    • M St. Clair
      M St. Clair 4 dni temu +2

      @John Brig Keep lining up for them then… but be forewarned. Dose dependent effects may accumulate, so take care, John Brig.

    • John Brig
      John Brig 4 dni temu +1


    • Ivone de Figueiredo
      Ivone de Figueiredo 4 dni temu

      You seem to forget we have had an actual pandemic. I do not regret taking my vaccines and booster.
      It seems hindsight isn’t always 20/20 what with cognitive dissonance and such.

  • Feyre Chihro
    Feyre Chihro 4 dni temu +20

    Thank you for subtly pointing out the pretty obvious inadequacies we arent really allowed to speak about. People, we need to stop giving away our power, health does not lie in a bottle or a pill but in our very thoughts. Only we know our bodies and we are capable of healing ourselves!

    • WhatsApp±①⑧④⑤⑥⑥⑧⓪⑥④①
      WhatsApp±①⑧④⑤⑥⑥⑧⓪⑥④① 3 dni temu

      @christopher robinson Thanks for that mature adult like remark!
      Always good catching up with you, Leave me a
      mag I've got something essential to share⬆️💬.

  • Shira Cohen Yoga
    Shira Cohen Yoga 5 dni temu +19

    Thank you John! I appreciate your thoughtfulness, sincerity and reflectiveness about the complexity of this subject and our need to have a serious pause and to be truly honest about what the h... we've been doing to our fellow people these last to years.

  • Jason Broom
    Jason Broom 5 dni temu +19

    Were you, a trained medical professional with many years of training and experience, to declare the pandemic over, you would be widely castigated and ridiculed. If someone who finished in the bottom third of his law class, then spent 50 plus years in public service (accomplishing little to nothing) says it...well, then I guess it must be so! These videos are an absolute service to humanity. You're a far better man than I, staying on point as you do!

    • Magnulus76
      Magnulus76 13 godzin temu

      Campbell is a nurse not a medical doctor.

    • Regina Ford
      Regina Ford 5 dni temu +4

      Well stated!!!

  • Andrea K
    Andrea K 5 dni temu +75

    “My memory is terrible, what was the emergency use authorization for?” 😂 Love your understated, humorous way of getting your point across! 😂

    • Simon Low
      Simon Low 5 dni temu +7

      So that the vaccines can be dispensed without adequate testing data and manufacturers are completely indemnified and they can get very rich?

    • Regina Ford
      Regina Ford 5 dni temu

      Agreed! The goal is to push the EUA thru November 2023! Watch out, keep your head and do not get distracted with continuous fear mongering

    • Hallo ola
      Hallo ola 5 dni temu

      He´s another criminal who´s pushed the clot-shots, breaking the Nuremberg Codex...

  • Ella 3927
    Ella 3927 5 dni temu +29

    Clever, amazing Dr Campbell to deliver news through facts. Absolutely love this 👏 👏 👏

  • yank
    yank 5 dni temu +159

    Thank you. I used to dislike your videos one year ago when you were defending and strongly recommending jabs, but watching you through the years as the situation evolves, your views also evolved. And for me this is what a honest scientific should do, adapt recommendations for the good of the people, and only for that, no conflict of interest involved

    • Magnulus76
      Magnulus76 13 godzin temu

      @Linda Anne Heemskerk Dr. Campbell is not a doctor of medicine. He's a nurse, which is a different specialty. He cannot diagnose or treat disease, he only specializes in administration of drugs and caring for patients.

    • yank
      yank 4 dni temu

      @Ramsay Meldrum .

    • Lola Z
      Lola Z 4 dni temu

      @Ramsay Meldrum How is data disinformation? Are you so biased that you can't see anything else? Clearly, you only believe what is spoon fed to you.

    • Linda Anne Heemskerk
      Linda Anne Heemskerk 4 dni temu

      @Jon Garvey eh...I didn't say anything about Putin or big oil? 🤔
      Big Pharma is more likely.

    • Linda Anne Heemskerk
      Linda Anne Heemskerk 4 dni temu

      @Ramsay Meldrum how would you know whether John Campbell has had all the boosters? Do you have access to his medical records? If you followed this channel, you would know that since the onset of Omicron, dr Campbell has stated that he is not taking any boosters and prefers longer lasting and robust natural immunity to taking a jab with protection waning in two months.
      So either you or dr Campbell are lying and since you are claiming to have information you cannot possibly have, I am guessing it is you. Oh well, if I had all the boosters myself, I probably would have a hard time, too believing they were not that safe and effective after all.

  • KW Awards
    KW Awards 5 dni temu +34

    Thank you SO MUCH for having guiding us through these years with your videos! They have helped me tremendously to keep myself level headed in this and I am most certainly not the only one :)

    • Andrew Warren
      Andrew Warren 5 dni temu

      Me too. We need the data to make informed choices.

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 5 dni temu +6

    Just to say a big thank you John for bringing us meaningful accurate data. I saw you change over this 2.5 years into what I believed. But it's always good to be grounded on undeniable facts/data

  • Sean Allocca
    Sean Allocca 6 dni temu +754

    For those who don't understand British humor I feel sorry for you. This is CLASSIC.

    • lappo253
      lappo253 5 dni temu

      @Kathleen Ward true, genocide is never a funny business.

    • Grazynka Todisco
      Grazynka Todisco 5 dni temu

      It says 65 replies. Only 8 is here.

    • Grazynka Todisco
      Grazynka Todisco 5 dni temu

      Control censorship is ON. F U Y T

    • Richard Fisher
      Richard Fisher 5 dni temu

      @Kathleen Ward he already said, not in any time soon

    • Wendy Jennings
      Wendy Jennings 5 dni temu

      Why is YT not allowing replies BUT allowing PORN links to remain? Brillant censorship YT! 🤔

  • nancy miller
    nancy miller 5 dni temu +5

    As always, very concise, just the facts, no embellished or sensationalized editorials. I appreciate having this channel for real information! Thank you so much Dr Campbell!!

  • Christine Ince
    Christine Ince 4 dni temu +6

    Thank you for keeping us up to date. So sorry to hear you have been threatened with clampdown. One way and another we are receiving your message - LOUD AND CLEAR. Please don't stop what you are doing.

    • David Bryant
      David Bryant 2 dni temu

      Hello how're you doing hope you're doing great with your family.?

  • Kristita_
    Kristita_ 5 dni temu +25

    This has been a wild two years. I gratefully accepted the first two vaccines based on the science _at the time_. I was teaching in a crowded, in-person classroom and I have asthma, which was a complicating condition. I had the booster with some reservations, but was still in that room with 25 students every day, so to me the benefits outweighed the detriments - based on what we knew _at the time_. I had no discernible problems related to the vaccines, and as of now, have still not had Covid. However, based on what I have seen of the “science” supporting the new Omicron variant vaccine, I am electing not to get it. Your analyses, which I trust unequivocally, are part of that decision. Thank you for bringing the science to us laymen; keep up the good fight, Dr. Campbell!

    • Ramsay Meldrum
      Ramsay Meldrum 5 dni temu +1

      You're 'electing' to increase your risk of post viral complications, long covid, and infecting others. Truly inspirational teacher...

    • nothing
      nothing 5 dni temu +4

      You’re gonna have fun when you actually get it and it wrecks your immunocompromised system or even kills you. I’m only 25 and almost died

  • Shannon Nonnahs
    Shannon Nonnahs 5 dni temu +17

    Thank you Dr. for keeping us all informed throughout all the pandemic chaos.

  • D S
    D S 6 dni temu +190

    As Russel Brand said, he shouldn't have said the pandemic is over but that the pandemic served its purpose.

    • nosuchthing8
      nosuchthing8 5 dni temu

      @TheZodiacz being so afraid of getting covid could.
      I haven't had a physical check up since before the pandemic because I don't want to catch covid.
      And then there are unreported covid deaths. There were many unreported covid deaths during the 1918 flu.
      The point being: you don't call a light in the sky a flying saucer unless you can prove it.
      Same goes with these extra deaths

    • Karmie Fen
      Karmie Fen 5 dni temu


    • TheZodiacz
      TheZodiacz 5 dni temu

      @D i heard medical doctors talking about the difference between credentialed and qualified just yesterday. You can have been awarded a doctorate and have the credentials, but lack the insight and knowledge, or the will, to address an issue you are supposed to be able to tackle.

    • TheZodiacz
      TheZodiacz 5 dni temu +1

      @nosuchthing8 comedians didn't cause a 13% rise in non-covid excess deaths, did they???

    • cjay2
      cjay2 5 dni temu

      The WEF haven't even begun yet. This 'cvid' scam was just a practice for them.

  • J Doe
    J Doe 5 dni temu +23

    YES DR JOHN!!!!💯🙏❤ Thank you!!!! 🙏 May we all learn from History!!!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO SHARE THIS VIDEO FAR AND WIDE!!!!! 🙏

  • kittycat mommy
    kittycat mommy 5 dni temu +3

    Dr. John.... I have not commented lately so I just wanted to stop and to thank you for your Daily Commitment and for putting things into perspective and for being our voice of reason. THANK YOU for always being here. ☺

  • Mattheius Twittyham
    Mattheius Twittyham 4 dni temu +3

    Keep up the good work Dr.Campbell. I know you’re walking on eggshells as you post this on YT and need to follow their guidelines on what they consider “mis”, “dis”, or “mal” information.
    You have a magnificent way of dissecting data and allowing people to make their own decisions. There are people who believe you are biased, however after listening to the “experts” in the mainstream it is easy to have that opinion.
    Again there are many topics you bring up that no mainstream scientists on any public platform have examined from side effects to efficacy of the new vax.
    Thank you again, I wish you a warm afternoon.

  • Dave Podetti
    Dave Podetti 5 dni temu +8

    Thank you doctor.
    In Australia, we are finally seeing many speak out against the gag order placed upon them.
    You are speaking the real truth, and it is great to see you understand what we, humanity are facing🙏🙏🙏

  • That_Kouki_26
    That_Kouki_26 6 dni temu +856

    Hi John, I'd just like to say a big thank you to you. I discovered my parents were booked for their 5th Covid jab ( I thought they'd stopped at 2) and desperately trying to change their mind I was trying to work out what video I could send that they would watch without disregarding it as conspiracy, I sent my mum your BA.5 vid regarding the mice. They've now cancelled their fifth dose. I'm grateful to you for putting together a video that they would understand and actually take on board!

    • M KKrupp
      M KKrupp 9 godzin temu

      @Pottenger's Human Do you have a website ? Or one you could recommend?

    • Travis Doe
      Travis Doe 2 dni temu

      @k s people's situational awareness is interesting. This has been going on for a couple years now, you can also not post a link to anything outside of PLclip. Also in case you weren't aware, corporations track just about everything you do. From your credit card companies keeping track of what you buy, to your telecommunication company keeping track of every website you've ever visited and text and telephone call you've ever made. They are also allowed to legally share that information with third parties.

    • Laura's Research
      Laura's Research 3 dni temu

      😍 Dr John is awesome, and your story confirms this in a big way! So good to hear he was able to speak for your folks in a way they could understand!!

    • john scherwin
      john scherwin 4 dni temu +1

      I live in the State of Washington. On the front page of the paper yesterday, an article saying the booster would be mandatory for state employees and they would get $1000 for taking it. 45,000 employees. Wow.

    • Wayne McLeod
      Wayne McLeod 4 dni temu +1

      @Richard L Y I can view your reply, but many are not visible.

  • S. S.
    S. S. 5 dni temu +3

    John Thank You so much for everything you are doing…. We know and can sense how challenging it is sometimes with the whole yT guidelines and not being able to actually speak truth. But you handle if wonderfully even though there’s much more that needs to be said, you infer as much in your pauses and glances into camera 😊. Again thank you and pls don’t give up hope, the world needs level headed analysis like you give now more than ever! Btw of side note, I like your new word ‘potass’, it seems very fitting 😂

  • Frenchy Blackhawk187

    Doc been watching you for more than a year now, thank you Sir for bringing a little light to the dark age here in the US. I actually laughed so hard I had to take a timeout…..😂

  • Valerie Hancock
    Valerie Hancock 3 dni temu +3

    I’m an RN working in LTC in Canada. My family and I all had covid in the early days of the outbreak. When the vaccines were rolled out, I did not feel comfortable taking it because of the lack of testing and because I already had covid. I lost my job for 6 weeks, but then our healthcare system in my province allowed (we were needed) the unvaxxed staff to come back. Now that it’s Fall, I’m guessing there will be lots of pressure to get the new covid vaccine but I will be refusing. I know the pressure will be on me again soon….

    • David Bryant
      David Bryant 2 dni temu

      Hello how're you doing hope you're doing great with your family.?

  • David Janiec
    David Janiec 5 dni temu +14

    Bravo for this video, Dr. John! Your points were clearly made by the data and facts. Of course, here in the US we have had the administration's staff and main stream media walking back the POTUS's statement for the next two news cycles. It certainly makes one pause.........on several fronts....

  • Stew
    Stew 6 dni temu +27

    THANK YOU for delivering facts and data to us. A lot of us don’t have the same skills or time as you. Also great job in keeping safe and abiding the PLclip guidelines

    • David Barlow
      David Barlow 5 dni temu

      Pity he didn't share the facts and data over the past two years,but instead pushed the propaganda narrative and got you all jabbed.

  • Lori Brewer
    Lori Brewer 5 dni temu +1

    Best Doctor ever. Excellent teaching style. Thankful to have found you pre-pandemic.

  • Irma Oksanen
    Irma Oksanen 5 dni temu +4

    Monty Python comes to mind as I follow this covid-vaccine soap opera. Great job Dr. Campbell.

  • mrmass71
    mrmass71 5 dni temu +4

    Well done Dr John, that was a great video, rather profound, and very well delivered.

  • barbvdvelde
    barbvdvelde Dzień temu

    Very much appreciate your words regarding current events John; commenting in such depth on these situations 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🙏🏼 you’re truly brilliant

  • Pixie Paris
    Pixie Paris 6 dni temu +387

    Dr John
    I’m sad that you no longer have freedom of speech. Keep going and if you are taken off PLclip I will personally lead the campaign here in Australia to get you back. You are so truthful and back everything up with data. You should be free to say your opinion. Please keep going as you were.

    • Perrie Vander Mause
      Perrie Vander Mause Dzień temu

      @ghostchaser13 it is a streaming app. It is free just put it on your phone. No censorship on it.

    • ghostchaser13
      ghostchaser13 Dzień temu

      @Perrie Vander Mause what is rumble?

    • ghostchaser13
      ghostchaser13 Dzień temu

      @Perrie Vander Mause What is rumble?

    • Wayne McLeod
      Wayne McLeod 4 dni temu +1

      @Kieran Ó Keeffe Other platforms like Rumble or Odyssee that are not censored have only a fraction the reach YT does. Hope you get to see this reply. So many get deleted now right off the cuff.

    • LestatTravesty
      LestatTravesty 4 dni temu

      @gjaegreag - this is what i know. that our so called experts have failed us way way waaaaay too much and some major dam things. like the experts at the FDA opproving smoking tobaco. while covering their as's with the "this product may cause cancer".
      While aproving packaged foods in high concentration of salts and sugars. knowing dam right that both of them preservitives INFACT do cause serious health and heart issues.
      While you go to your doctor with your dad. and the only solution to your futher health issues is THROWING HIM MORE FUKKING MEDS AND SEEING HIM OUT THE DOCTORS ROOM...IN 5 MINUTES.
      i really have a got dam problem with what they. these so called EXPERTS tell us about virus's when we infact learn the got dam basics of them by 8th grade...while 2020 comes along and they tell you NATURALLY GAINED IMMUNITY DOES NOT EXIST.
      and here is what i personally know about a bug in our bodies.
      mom got us kids flu vaxt for years. until i was 12ish. i had contracted the flu 3 times in them 12 years..
      come 17. 5 years later, with no flu vaccines....ZERO FLU...
      march of that year 1998. mom wanted to get the flu shot since IT WAS ON SALE....LMAO.. FOR ONLY $20. I was the last one in the house then, being the youngest and all. and so she asked me to come with her to get the flu shot with her while its on sale. i said "ok mom" while not actually wanting to. my all natural living mind set just had a dispute with man made meds to treat our bodies, versus adapting to the world we were born into. so but mom didn't know that about me and so i went with her. got the flu shot...
      fast forward to Auguest of 1998....
      i got the fukking flu by far the worst ever....BY FAR THE WORSE. complete missory for about 10 days. a week straight lasted the hardest of it. pound got dam head ach. pulsating my every minute awake. dog barking cough from hell that drove a SEVERE sore throat on me. that turned into strept throat btw.
      and so here i sat. so called protected from the flu. and rotten ass sick 5 months later. after wittnessing it myself...not having the flu for 5 years with zero flu shots.
      let me wrap this up now..
      at the end of the first striaght week of missory that last time i had the flu. i told myself and angry about it..."I WILL NEVER GET SICK AGAIN" thats exactly what i said to myself as i felt i was dying.
      fast forward once more. now in 2020. this cov2 shi breaks out.
      I have not been sick, not ONCE in 24 years now. which after just 15, you realize...I CAN NOT GET SICK. no more questions about it.
      so now try a tell me after that history there....TO TAKE A FUKKING VACCINE....and then....
      AND THEN...
      PUBLICALLY SHAME ME FOR NOT TAKING IT.....AS IF I GOT THE SHIT AND GAVE IT TO YOU AND KILLED YOU. "granny killers" remember that shit??? well i sure the fuk do.
      so when a doctor trys tell me somthing about a virus. the human body and its immume system.... WELL ASK JOHN HOW MANY TIMES HE WAS SICK IN THE PAST 24 YEARS. because you know that i have not been sick ZERO TIMES.
      but his expert advice. is TAKE THE JAB. you all loving hearing just take a quick shot to solve your health problems. god forbid you actually LIVED NATURALLY HEALTHY AND ALLOW YOUR WORLD TO ADAPT YOU TO IT. thats just a little too hard for you to comprehend. and thats why you do need your man made bs medications FOR EVERYTHING. yenz adapted...to nothing. built immunity to nothing
      heres my real point though. sides the rant..
      you simply BELIEVE IN BIG PHARMA. i simply believe in big pharma profits.
      pfizer done made 40 billion in its first 6 months of its cov2 vaxine release. if that doest make you think a little more. then maybe this doctor telling you about how uneffective the pfizer vaccine has been, will make you think a little more. especially when he's telling you that given the science now, its stupid to take a booster...WHILE FAULCI, BIDEN. CNN. WHO. and of course...PFIZER tells you that you should take a boster.
      lastly. rewind back a decade or so ago...when faulci TOLD US THEN that the best immunity is naturally gained immunity to a virus.
      so pardon me, if this un educated fukn granny killer...might just have a little got dam problem with being spoken of, as less valued to the health industry lol
      next up. the person that shames me for foul language. how much you wanna bet?? as if foul language had anything todo with health lol

  • Ellen Cox
    Ellen Cox 5 dni temu +3

    Dr. Campbell thank you for always giving us your Scientific data that keeps us relevant in these times! God Bless💕

  • J Peterson
    J Peterson 5 dni temu

    God bless you John. I don't know how you can keep it together when discussing this absurdity, but I'm grateful you do...

  • GráSaolDóchas
    GráSaolDóchas 5 dni temu

    Well done Dr John. Informative with great teaching as always in your natural effortless style. Just the referenced facts.

  • Neon Rei
    Neon Rei 2 dni temu

    Thanks, Doc. As always, your delivery shakes the foundation.

  • glen young
    glen young 6 dni temu +42

    You are such a calm person John. I would be jumping up and down delivering information like this. Keep up the outstanding work you do.

    • Looking for Truth
      Looking for Truth 4 dni temu

      @cjay2 he's compliant. Until now

    • cjay2
      cjay2 5 dni temu +4

      He's not 'jumping up and down' because he knows now that the whole thing is a scam.

  • Polka Dots
    Polka Dots 5 dni temu +4

    Time to pause and reflect!! Thank you, once again, Dr Campbell for sharing your thoughts and wisdom 🙏

  • Smart  Savvy and Loved
    Smart Savvy and Loved 5 dni temu +3

    Thank you so much for all of your help and assistance Dr. Campbell.

  • Hamid Lorette
    Hamid Lorette Godzinę temu

    Thank you for your expert insights! So it seems, the jury is out, is the pandemic over or not? I would say after watching you and many others that it has now turned into an endemic rather than a pandemic. Keep me posted though :)

  • Louise Mackay
    Louise Mackay 5 dni temu

    Thank you for all you’ve put into and careful presentation of this video. So much gratitude to you 🙏

  • iconaclast
    iconaclast 3 dni temu

    You Sir are an absolute diamond. My mother bless her was in the NHS from Its inception in 1947. I like to think there would be someone like you training nurses at that time.
    That having been said,my mothers collection of alternatives to Medicine,never struck me as going against the grain,but then hindsight has a habit of a different time different attitude ,which was much more tolerated from what I see today.
    Thankyou,thankyou,for not least taking me back to what health care treatment is really about.I had the previledge of being her carer in her twilight days,I now believe it pays you back many fold.

  • Karen Brooks
    Karen Brooks 5 dni temu

    Dr John I've watched you following real science for a very long time. Yes, why are we still considered to be in an emergency situation? Why have the same laws been changed throughout the world? It's very interesting isn't it. You and your family are in my prayers 🙏

  • Anja Galpin
    Anja Galpin 4 dni temu +1

    You are my hero. Thank you Dr Campbell. You give me clarity in all of this madness.
    Critical care nurse in London.

  • Luke Gregorczyk
    Luke Gregorczyk 5 dni temu +3

    The reality is stranger then fiction - Monty Python all over! Thank you Dr John for your perseverance and good humour!

  • Paul Freet
    Paul Freet 6 dni temu +72

    Fantastic talk today John. You are the daily rock to stand on to watch the nonsense unfold. Thank you. Todays talk was especially profound. Indeed, what are we doing?

  • Jennifer Koval
    Jennifer Koval 5 dni temu

    Always insightful and meaningful presentation. Thank you for your analysis.

  • Coupon 4 Crypto
    Coupon 4 Crypto 5 dni temu

    Dr. Campbell you are a valuable resource during this scientific misinformation era... It is unfortunate that the vaccines were pushed so hard without hard evidence while side effects and harm have been downplayed. You are a voice of reason in a world where too many are profiting and suffering from bad science. Hopefully we can all pause and reflect on moving forward for the health of humanity.

  • Rob Bates
    Rob Bates 5 dni temu +1

    How can you still muster incredulity after the last few years? lol
    As always, I appreciate your videos immeasurably.

  • Stef S
    Stef S Dzień temu

    I think that was an excellent analogy at the end. If the emergency is over then we have time to make more careful healthcare decisions. I have post covid health issues and they're certainly taking their time with diagnosing what the problem is before they start treatment so makes sense to take a pause to think what health care measures are and are not needed at this time for people who aren't even sick.

  • Be Your Unique Potential ~ Sleep Meditation&Music

    Very worrying times Dr John. Thank you for always being there with a guiding reflective wisdom.

    • Andrew Lilley
      Andrew Lilley 5 dni temu

      @Anne Brit Raaen Well, I am calling him a fear merchant, that's because that is exactly what he has been throughout up until recently, I am not making empty accusations here, at all.
      While ever people like you leap forward with nonsense in an attempt to defend him, I will keep stating the reality of the massive part he had to play in peddling the lies that have and still do continue to compromise people's lives in all sorts of ways, the man has blood on his hands, the fact you can't see this is only an indication of your own self-delusion, thanks.

    • Anne Brit Raaen
      Anne Brit Raaen 5 dni temu

      ​@Andrew Lilley There's nothing of value in your comment. Calling dr. John a "fear-merchant", and then try to ridicule the commenter is not what I would call poignant.

    • Andrew Lilley
      Andrew Lilley 5 dni temu

      @Anne Brit Raaen Anne, you really need to look up the term Gaslighting, because that is not remotely what I am doing here.
      My comment is poignantly valid, far more so than the milksop virtue signaling that makes up the majority of comments here, and to which you have embarrassingly, for you, added to, thanks.

    • Anne Brit Raaen
      Anne Brit Raaen 5 dni temu

      @Andrew Lilley Your gas isn't lighting. It smells like sulfur. And it turns out you're a bot......

    • Andrew Lilley
      Andrew Lilley 5 dni temu +4

      You make him sound like some sort of saint, he's been a fear merchant throughout this whole con that is covid, and he's ramped up that fear at every opportunity, your comment only serves to prove that you haven't been paying attention, but if you have then you are one of his disciples and he has you under his Svengali-like spell, hahaha.

  • elaine walker
    elaine walker 5 dni temu +2

    Bless you Dr Campbell- I hope your lack of memory and dyslexia don’t hold you back from sharing your videos ❤

  • master agario
    master agario 4 dni temu +3

    Dr John.... You are now in a place where most of us were 2 years ago. You were then, to us, what your government is to you, now. Utter bemusement, deep disappointment and feeling of inescapable abuse from those that are supposed to be caring for us. I can see you are a good man after all said and done and it's a shame there aren't more like you although I feel there will be many more jumping on the band wagon trying to save their names and reputations.

  • Radim Nechuť
    Radim Nechuť 5 dni temu

    Yes, this seems to be alarming. And yes, this seems to be in accord with human nature, sadly. The analogy you have used at the end of the video might very well happen. Which is why I avoided certain medical procedures as long and as much as possible as I am in my early 20s and don't think my health required those procedures.

  • Steven Thorley
    Steven Thorley 5 dni temu +4

    I don't think it's over. The dynamics and stats of the pandemic have changed as restrictions have changed and normal life has resumed. It is arguable that the vaccine and natural infection have stabilised the death rate (in the sense, you're alive, regardless of your 'condition') but hospitalisation has remained high and we've added a new disease to our repertoire for the winter.

  • Northern Iceholes
    Northern Iceholes 6 dni temu +385

    I agree, its time to pause and reflect on the last 2.5 years and reevaluate everything instead of continuing to act like it's an emergency and ramming vaccines into people and continuing to restrict movement and peoples lives. Agree 100%

    • Northern Iceholes
      Northern Iceholes 3 dni temu

      @Pure Valyrian actually the Canadian government is not to be trusted, heck they did not, nor are they even releasing any medical findings like the UK. That makes one beleive it's not about the health of the citizens, but more about the power over them. This is why I look to Mr. Campbell to get real, factual stats on what is going on.

    • Northern Iceholes
      Northern Iceholes 3 dni temu

      @Pure Valyrian actually it is the mental health of people that has been neglected by all, drug addictions, suicide and mental health all took a backseat to this pandemic despite being a huge spinoff of it. Sad really

    • CrueLoaf
      CrueLoaf 3 dni temu

      @ilesoft82 all song? Why do you think we are now able to question it? Why is it not an emergency now? Because the combination of implementations worked. Vaccines and social distancing had a massive effect against the pandemic.

    • Sal Naturile
      Sal Naturile 4 dni temu +5

      Let's face it none of the last 2.5 years has been about protecting people's health , that much was abundantly clear from very early on. It's not easy admitting you might have been duped and that's the problem we now face, most would rather believe in a comfortable lie than confront an unpalatable truth.

    • Pure Valyrian
      Pure Valyrian 5 dni temu +1

      @Northern Iceholes It's not the government who you should be afraid of, it's the followers who couldn't care less.

  • David Lyncheski
    David Lyncheski 5 dni temu +1

    Thank you. I have been watching your videos since 2020. I appreciate the information and your reliance on data.

  • Terry Terrian
    Terry Terrian 5 dni temu +1

    Thank you for your clear and carefully articulated analysis .

  • DvShack
    DvShack 5 dni temu +1

    Well said Dr John, I hope you can keep your channel and post videos for as long as you choose.

  • TheTenof12
    TheTenof12 5 dni temu

    "INDEED, what the heck are we doing ? " Mind blowing how badly this Pandemic is being handled & oh look numbers in GB going up after super spreader State Funeral & maybe another variant on the way from USA ! THANK God for sane, sensible people like you.

  • wyldeme
    wyldeme 6 dni temu +317

    Absolutely shown up the complete inconsistencies throughout this sham. I love this and everything you do sir. I just wish other people would listen to this and the actual data you present. Politicians allowing a global guinea pig test and I can't make a squeaking noise.

    • wyldeme
      wyldeme 5 dni temu

      @David Barlow I probably have. I have however only dipped into the videos which show the data from the journals and not opinion based vids.

    • David Barlow
      David Barlow 5 dni temu

      You must have missed the inconsistency of him pushing the jabs and mask mandates for over two years,and now questioning them?

    • cjay2
      cjay2 5 dni temu +6

      Just don't comply.

    • Andrew Lilley
      Andrew Lilley 5 dni temu

      No, he actually supported every inconsistency throughout this sham! Where have you been? Because if you've been following Mr. Campbell, well, then you haven't been paying attention, no single individual has done more to prop up the myth that is covid than Mr. Campbell, and here you are hero worshipping.

  • Anastasia Chong
    Anastasia Chong 5 dni temu +8

    I found this hilarious because of some comments of Dr. John 😂 in all seriousness, I’m glad that more research papers are publishing data and you are going over them to speak truth and facts. Thank you, Dr. John. It is very sad to see how politicians have played us all and medical professionals need to stop enforcing the shots when they’re just listening to politicians without doing their own research. The truth always comes out and prevail.

    • CrueLoaf
      CrueLoaf 3 dni temu

      Easy to say that now. With hindsight and lots of research.

  • Ernestine Johnson
    Ernestine Johnson 5 dni temu +3

    Thanks to you Dr.Cambell. for showing people what's up!

  • RonRay
    RonRay 5 dni temu +2

    I regret that I can give only ONE "like" on this video... it deserves many more! THANK YOU DOCTOR JOHN!
    I pray that YT Gestapo will not suspend you for "hinting" at the TRUTH.

  • Aussie Gardener
    Aussie Gardener 5 dni temu +11

    I don't really believe it's over, particularly if the POPE and Biden say so. However I want to thanks you once again for your diligence and always being truthful > You have carried me through this, I am a 62 year old woman with Type 2 Diabetes and I have had open heart surgery. Through your honest data and all I have seen I decided to not get the vaccine and take Vit D, C, Zinc and Magnesium Much respect ... BTW I have managed to not get sick at all so far.

    • R E
      R E 4 dni temu

      I think you can relax now. It really is over. It was mostly over stated at the beginning anyway.
      Now... They're concentrating their agenda on climate and war and poverty.

  • Patti Day
    Patti Day 5 dni temu +47

    Thank you John for your frank, clear, and understandable assessment of the situation based on the information that's published by the various health organizations. It's greatly appreciated by your followers.

  • Ricksdiecastworld
    Ricksdiecastworld 5 dni temu +4

    Oooooooooohh! John’s going to get put in the “naughty corner” again if he’s not careful. How dare you be so insolent?! 😂
    Keep up the good work, mate!

  • Barbara S
    Barbara S 2 dni temu

    When I was in school, my research project was on fetal alcohol syndrome. I had a couple of large litters of mice (I believe it was more than 8 in each group) and I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mice mothers who ingested alcohol had much smarter and more agile baby mice. What I want to know is why are they not giving alcohol to all mothers now. Wasn't my research good enough? (LOL)

  • Imbolc
    Imbolc 5 dni temu

    Over & in Belgium it's highly recommended (pushed), to have the vitamineshoot, and now even in msm 'also' highly recommended to get a frigging flueshot! 🤢 Keep it up doc, u're one of the pure sources & souls around👏

  • Stuart Davison
    Stuart Davison 5 dni temu +1

    Funny and frightening at the same time. I have learned so much from all your videos. Thank you for your insights.

    VIKING H 6 dni temu +155

    I’m so happy you have woken up dr Campbell and can see what is actually going on, many of us who were called anti vaxers, conspiracy theorist etc could see the wood from the trees all along, sadly many are still asleep or just living in denial, after all people don’t like to admit when they have been conned

    • VIKING H
      VIKING H 5 dni temu +2

      @HD Game Wizard plenty of scientists and doctors were talking against the blood cloth jab from the onset but were silenced, like they still are,

    • Angie Graham
      Angie Graham 5 dni temu

      Many of us were following data and listening to many Scientists and doctors from the beginning. The lack of transparency,lies and censorship of many accredited people speaking out should have rang alarm bells back then. Many lives lost and many vaccine injured people later there should be criminal prosecutions for all those involved in pushing an agenda. Billions wasted and give away in a huge transfer of wealth that now they will make the poorest pay for.

    • Janine Murray
      Janine Murray 5 dni temu

      @Pottenger's Human notes

    • HD Game Wizard
      HD Game Wizard 5 dni temu +1

      He just followed the science, and it is noticeable how difficult it has been for him to try and remain neutral. You must understand, that what has been happening goes against his training. It shows true strength of character to be able to go through the data and accept the results even if they contradict your beliefs -- THAT is science. Telling the world something untested is "safe and effective" and "prevents death" while suppressing the injuries, is a cult genocide -- it is not science.

    • Pottenger's Human
      Pottenger's Human 5 dni temu +3

      You can't really trust healthcare today, period. It's not just this one issue. Thankfully, you can take your health into your own hands with fasting. Some of the many benefits of fasting and a lower carb whole food diet on the immune system, blood pressure, blood sugar and anti-aging, all backed up by clinical data:
      Fribrosis/scarring is reversed. Reflexes and short term memory are increased. The hunger hormone ghrelin lowers with extended fasting and rises from dieting.
      Thymus is regenerated, which suppresses aging and renews the immune system.
      Fasting stimulates phagocytosis, the ingestion of bacteria and viruses by the immune system.
      Blood pressure is quickly and dramatically lowered, which is very important for a good outcome with the current pandemic.
      Fasting increases nitric oxide, which has manifold postive effects like reducing arterial plaque.
      Weight loss from fasting only loses10% lean tissue and 90% fat compared to the typical 25% lean tissue and 75% fat lost when calorically restricting for long periods.
      Blood clotting is reduced and blood clots and arterial plaque are reabsorbed into the body.
      Vitamin D plasma levels are increased, and vitamin D in turn increases autophagy!
      Blood sugar and insulin are lowered, allowing white blood cells to move more freely throughout the body and do their job. Ideal blood sugar is around 80. Some viruses activate glycolosis (the release of sugar in the body) and clinically it has been shown that decreasing glucose metabolism in the body weakens the influenza virus.
      Fasting is beneficial for all infections but especially for viral infections:
      Is fasting just the same as caloric restriction? No! Dieting increases the hunger hormone ghrelin while fasting decreases it and has many other health benefits! plclip.com/video/sVl-nilhWLc/wideo.html
      What breaks a fast? plclip.com/video/7aRLsCpxy3o/wideo.html
      When you move out of MTOR your body shuts down the building blocks of the cell which are used to produce organelles and proteins. This means the mechanisms needed by viruses to replicate are by and large unavailable when you are in a deeply fasted state.
      Does fasting lower testosterone? No, it raises it and builds muscle!
      Fasts of several days will not affect short term female fertility and may increase long term fertility especially in women with PCOS.
      Fasts from 36-96 h actually INCREASE metabolic rate! plclip.com/video/BeC_gIR2Z14/wideo.html
      The hormone Leptin is an immunomodulator that keeps the body from attacking itself and obesity causes leptin resistance. Fasting very quickly reduces leptin resistance and leptin levels and one day of fasting can cut your leptin levels in half and gets your immune system working properly again!
      Does the body preferentially prefer glucose as a fuel? No, it never uses mainly glucose for fuel and using glucose for fuel is very biochemically damaging! plclip.com/video/Nf1jwMbvNxw/wideo.html
      Fasting stimulates the AMPK complex and activates autophagy. Autophagy (literally self eating) will cause cells to recycle foreign matter such as viruses and kill cancerous and senescent cells. AMPK does many helpful things in the body including activating the body's antioxidant defenses.
      Fasting can make you gain muscle faster: plclip.com/video/5RM8GRzsIIg/wideo.html
      Deep ketosis virtually eliminates chronic inflammation in the body. This can offset the life threatening symptoms of viral pneumonia which effectively kills you through inflammation. This also creates BHB ketones in your body, which also help your immune system and anti-oxidative system, especially in the brain. Ketones also provide an additional energy source during infection, which is critical when trying to fight off a bug. In fact you can have as much as three times the total energy available in your blood when you are in deep ketosis, or even more.
      It increases mitochondrial function and repairs mitichondrial DNA, leading to improved ATP production and oxygen efficiency and thereby making cells better able to fight off infection. Increased mitochondrial function also has the added benefit of increasing your metabolism and cancer prevention!
      Your body releases interferon which is also triggered by the body during viral attacks to shut down the replication ability of the surrounding cells and stop infections.
      After 72 hours or more fasted, your body actually recycles large numbers of immune bodies and creates new ones, rejuvenating your entire system.
      When you fast, this stimulates apoptosis in senescent or genetically damaged cells. This kills these cells off completely. Senescent cells are responsible for the effects of aging and are the root cause of the development of cancer. If it were possible to destroy them all it would completely stop aging and cancer. That is not possible but fasting can help limit these effects by killing off many of the affected cells and limiting the future effects of aging.
      Fasting also releases BDNF and NGF in the blood which stimulates new nerve and brain cell growth, helping a great deal with diseases like MS, peripheral neuropathy and Alzheimers.
      In fact, the biochemical regulator of BDNF production is beta-hydroxybutyrate, which is the same ketone the body produces to nourish the brain while fasting.
      Dieters losing weight through intermittent fasting show greater reduction in waist size and increase in insulin sensitivity for the same weight lost and alternate day fasters were shown to lose fat while gaining muscle at the same time over a six month period.
      Fasting reverses metabolic syndrome, which is tightly correlated to Chronic Fatiguque Syndrome, high blood pressurecancer and many other chronic diseases.
      Fasting has been shown to increase bone marrow volume by 10% and levels of carnosine in the body in as little as a few weeks.
      Fasting also increases telomere length, negating some of the effects of aging at a cellular level.
      Eating one meal a day can bring most of these benefits to a lesser degree, and adding a few entire days off from eating per week will have even more effect especially when starting to feel poorly.
      Exogenous ketones can aid with fasting, making it easier in healthy people and allowing some people with specific issues to fast in spite of them without worrying as much about hypoglycemia.
      Children, pregnant or nursing women should not fast for periods longer than 16 hours. People with pancreatic tumors or certain forms of hypoglycemia generally cannot fast at all. Type 1 diabetics can also fast but it is more complicated and should be approached with caution as it could lead to ketoacidosis. Those with Addison's disease may also be unable to fast without liberal use of exogenous ketones, depending on severity. If you experience extreme symptoms of some kind, especially dizziness then simply break the fast and seek advice.
      This list compiled over years of research by the user known as Pottenger's Human on youtube but feel free to copy and paste this anywhere you like, no accreditation needed!
      My channel which will always contain an updated list of fasting benefits on the community tab. I also have playlists on fasting and health and wellness and make a little commentary on health and fitness as well.

  • Leanne Brunelle
    Leanne Brunelle 5 dni temu

    What the heck is right. Thank you Dr Campbell. I know you are limited in what you are able to say, but you still are able to get your point across. Thank you for being you.

  • Terry
    Terry 5 dni temu

    Absolutely brilliant Dr John 👏👏
    Common sense wins!

  • Flak turm
    Flak turm 5 dni temu +8

    Johns face says it all.
    That painful realisation about how -bad- safe & effective™️ things really are.

  • John Miller
    John Miller 5 dni temu +1

    Set up the appointment for my bivalent BA4-5 booster. I’m keeping my eye on CDC vaxxed vs. unvaxxed deaths. In July 2022, unvaxxed people 50+ years were 12 times more likely to die from COVID than those double-or-more boosted 50+; I’m guessing those who know how the vaccine works have good reason to know the bivalent boosters are also safe and effective. But I’ll keep watching this channel to keep tabs on the less optimistic view of Dr. Campbell.

  • Footonearth Chris
    Footonearth Chris 6 dni temu +242

    Glad we've got such excellent people as the vaccine manufacturers looking after us with dedication and devotion to our well-being and safety. I wonder how many mice they started out with and what happened to the others???

    • Michael French
      Michael French 5 dni temu

      @Charisma Hornum-Fries should be a state funeral lol

    • Thank-full
      Thank-full 5 dni temu

      @Charisma Hornum-Fries 😂🤣😂!!!🙌🤣

    • Charisma Hornum-Fries
      Charisma Hornum-Fries 5 dni temu +1

      @Michael French But what with Minnie and the kids? We should make a go fund me to help out with the funeral arrangement. LOL

      NOMOREMARXISTS 5 dni temu

      Only 8 mice, but it’s ok………..we HAVE FAITH☠️

    • Anthony Mangino
      Anthony Mangino 5 dni temu

      Oh come on, you know you believe our fearless doddering Puppet head.

  • Blue DC127
    Blue DC127 5 dni temu

    Dr. John, you hit that nail with a 12-pound sledgehammer.
    Of course, no reasonably intelligent person would take anything the current POTUS has to say as either fact, or a cogent theory.

  • Holly Wright
    Holly Wright 5 dni temu

    Facts hurt the story. Thank you for being a source of asking the real reasons for bad medicine. Omicron won’t kill you but has a punch that I have experienced.

  • chrissie stevens
    chrissie stevens 5 dni temu

    I love how you present the facts! You remind me of a bumbling detective Columbo; the astute yet clumsy tv detective of the 70s… he stumbles and bumbles around the evidence and eventually solves the crime…or in this case not a crime, I’m not sure what one would call this global mixup of disease, treatment and subsequent impact.

  • Paul Copestake
    Paul Copestake 5 dni temu +4

    No wonder trust has gone in the medical institutions, the incompetence and reckless behaviors of big pharma is astounding, putting profits in front of public health is criminal..

  • Krafting Stories
    Krafting Stories 5 dni temu

    Thank you for your work Dr.Campbell. It opens eyes ...

  • John Brig
    John Brig 4 dni temu +1

    "On Monday, 781 Covid patients were admitted to hospital in England, up from 519 the week before, with the seven day total rising 17%, from 3,434 in the week ending 12 September to 4,015 in the week ending 19 September.
    As noted by the Health Service Journal, admissions in the south-west rose 39%, to 509, in the last seven days, and by 30% in the north-east and Yorkshire region."

  • Joan Newsome
    Joan Newsome 5 dni temu

    My son ntroducedme to your videos & I enjoy them very much & I’ve learned a lot from them. I wonder if infections will increase after the enormous crowds in London this week. Most were outside but packed closely together. I’ll be interested to see if cases go up. No one seemed to care. I saw very few masks being worn. Lease keep us informed. Thanks

  • Dragonfly Viz
    Dragonfly Viz 4 dni temu

    I love your dedication to sticking to the evidence and science!!

    • WhatsApp±①⑧④⑤⑥⑥⑧⓪⑥④①
      WhatsApp±①⑧④⑤⑥⑥⑧⓪⑥④① 3 dni temu

      @christopher robinson Thanks for that mature adult like remark!
      Always good catching up with you, Leave me a
      mag I've got something essential to share⬆️💬..

  • Michael Mears
    Michael Mears 5 dni temu +44

    "Fair enough" and "What was it authorised for? My memory is terrible..." Hahaha...very good, Doctor.

  • DiederickBosman
    DiederickBosman 4 dni temu

    Brilliant and nail on the head. Dr John, you remain a beacon of reasonability - and humour - in dark times. Thank you so much for all those months.

  • Shelley Ann
    Shelley Ann 5 dni temu

    Thank you for your painstaking research and analysis. I expect the official justification for continuing to push these drugs will be that we need to pre empty a future possible emergency ... Hmmm. I would rather see some money being spent on what's behind the huge excess mortality rates we're now seeing before trying to pump us with more drugs slipping through under "emergency" measures

    • Pamela Edwards
      Pamela Edwards 5 dni temu

      The large numbers of excess de*ths which will keep on coming, are of course caused by the im*unizations themselves. Plan executed on time, as expected by those in charge.

  • Lianam
    Lianam 3 dni temu

    Thank you , dear John , 😘 ❤️ admire your experience and persistence to bring a "mere facts light" ✨️ to this ' situation " Stay blessed 🙌.We all ❤️ you and wish the best from 🇳🇿

  • Astrid Vesterås Herland

    Thank you so much for your clear voice! You have been a beacon in this dark time!

  • B- L nard
    B- L nard 6 dni temu +299

    Your wisdom and careful use of words and inflection is appreciated!!

      YO YOU KNOW ME 6 dni temu


    • David Chedzoy
      David Chedzoy 6 dni temu

      He's a actor wake up !!!

  • Nancy Merrill
    Nancy Merrill 5 dni temu

    Pause and reflect indeed. It is well past the time to do that. Thank you for the thought and may more people wake up to what is really going on here.

  • Sarah
    Sarah 5 dni temu

    Thank Dr John, great, although troubling, information as always 😢

  • Linda Anne Heemskerk
    Linda Anne Heemskerk 4 dni temu +1

    Such a powerful analogy, revealing what dr Campbell truely thinks.
    Politicians were willing to use anything to preserve their power. Even what turned out to be a weapon of mass destruction. They justified their actions with an exaggerated or erroneously perceived threat, risking nothing short of a humanitarian disaster.
    The 'Mad scientists' who kept carrying on with the project even after the emergency situation had ended, are also to blame. They either must have had no idea what the heck they were doing, or were lacking any sense of ethics and responsability.
    That is quite some statement dr Campbell, we hear you loud and clear!

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      WhatsApp±①⑧④⑤⑥⑥⑧⓪⑥④① 3 dni temu

      @christopher robinson Thanks for that mature adult like remark!
      Always good catching up with you, Leave me a
      mag I've got something essential to share⬆️💬.

  • Sue
    Sue 5 dni temu +1

    Along with every possible humanitarian award which you so deserve Dr. Campbell, I’m putting an Oscar on that list!! ; ). Well done! (And thank you 🙏)

    • Mian N
      Mian N 5 dni temu

      Paidd much to spew that nonsense Sue?

  • Melinda Rhodes
    Melinda Rhodes 2 dni temu

    Great presentation. We hear you loud and clear. Thank you John.

  • Alaister Copland
    Alaister Copland 5 dni temu +5

    It's what you were not able to say and your pregnant pauses that spoke the loudest, well done John!