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  • Opublikowany 18 wrz 2022
  • CDC variant report
    Some increase in BA.4.6 and BA.2.75
    Progressive US increase, starting to slowly displace BA.5
    US of America (9,526)
    Canada (1,007)
    Denmark (500)
    France (400)
    Australia (288)
    Germany (248)
    Chile (242)
    Dominican Republic (173), Peru (149), Luxembourg (123), Belgium (102), Israel (101), Italy (94), Ireland (93), Sweden (92), Spain (85), Netherlands (84), Brazil (76), Argentina (68), Japan (67), New Zealand (60), Switzerland (54), Puerto Rico (53), South Africa (53), Ecuador (49), Mexico (35), Colombia (34), Trinidad and Tobago (30), Czech Republic (27), Costa Rica (23), Jamaica (21), Portugal (20), South Korea (19), Austria (17), Botswana (17), Indonesia (13), Sint Maarten (12), Senegal (11)
    Some US increase
    Growth rate is currently 61% per week relative to co-circulating lineages
    Current US nowcast
    BA.5 84.8% (UK, 87.2%)
    BA.4.6 10.3% (UK, 3.3)
    BA.4 1.8%
    BF.7 1.7%
    BA.2.75 1.3% (UK, 1.6%)
    BA.2 0% (UK, 0.5%)
    BA.1s 0%
    Delta 0%
    Others 0% (UK, 2.4%)
    XE 0%
    UK, technical briefing 45
    (September 2022)
    Contains early data and analysis on emerging variants
    Findings have a high level of uncertainty
    Data cut-off of 5 September 2022
    BA.5 is the predominant circulating variant in the United Kingdom
    Newly designated variant - V-22SEP-01 (BA.4.6)
    Omicron sub-lineage BA.4.6
    An apparent small growth advantage relative to BA.5.
    BA.4.6 represented 3.31% of UK samples
    Preliminary neutralisation data from BA.4.6
    Expect some immune escape from BA.4 or BA.5 antibodies
    There is NO increased risk of hospital admission after BA.4 or BA.5 infection compared to BA.2 infection.
    Expect some immune escape triple dosed recipients of the Pfizer BNT162b2 vaccine.
    V-22JUL-01 (BA.2.75)
    As of 6 September 2022
    BA.2.75 in the UK, 1.6%
    Does seem to have growth advantage over co-circulating lineages of,
    61% per week
    Two sub-lineages of BA.2.75 (BA.2.75.1 and BA.2.75.2) are currently being assessed
    BA.4/BA.5 Severity
    A case-control study
    Risk of being admitted to hospital as an inpatient
    Among people presenting to emergency care within 14 days of positive test.
    Comparison, risk of admission with BA.4 or BA.5 versus BA.2
    Between 16 March 2022 and 23 August 2022
    BA.4 n = 2,530
    BA.5 n = 12,026
    BA.2 n = 17,022
    Adjusted for age, sex, vaccination status, week of test, 2 days of extreme heat
    There was no difference in the risk of admission between people infected with BA.4 compared to BA.2
    There was no difference in the risk of admission between people infected with BA.5 compared to BA.2

Komentarze • 2 984

  • Shakey Karma
    Shakey Karma 16 godzin temu +373

    I'm a Respiratory Therapist in a community hospital in Ohio. At our worst during the original Omicron wave we had 64 covid inpatients. During this BA.5 variant we average about seven and maybe two require require more than a couple of liters of oxygen, most are on air. I tend to think we're about as good as we're going to get for a few years ... I would call that endemic status, unless things change. THANK GOD! I'm so over COVID! It's been 2 years of absolute hell. Thank you sir for a source of unbiased facts through this very hard time. Very much appreciated.

  • CNY Photo Video - Mike Roche
    CNY Photo Video - Mike Roche 19 godzin temu +757

    Thank you Dr. Campbell. Let’s hope that this trend towards a weaker virus continues and that politics can stay out of it and let doctors do their work.

  • annamaria christopoulos
    annamaria christopoulos 19 godzin temu +277

    You should win an award for your honesty, intelligence,and most humble heart...I could of Never made it through this pandemic without you..God Bless You Dr.Camblell.

  • Charles.k Charles.scott.Kelly
    Charles.k Charles.scott.Kelly 19 godzin temu +260

    Thank goodness for Dr Campbell over the past few years.

  • Adam Knight
    Adam Knight 19 godzin temu +302

    You've been the voice of balance, reasoning and reassurance throughout Dr John amongst alot of the absurdly alarmist hysteria from certain Government's and media organisations.

  • JH
    JH 19 godzin temu +283

    I am still so angry that PLclip would dare to threaten one of the most reliable and un-biased sources of information during the last three years.

    ZORNORPH THEMAGNIFICENT 19 godzin temu +171

    Watching your viewership increase is really positive, because you are one of the few who back up all of your posts with facts and proof of those facts. Real science....not political science. Thanx from Canada.

  • Mino Mokwa
    Mino Mokwa 19 godzin temu +121

    So much gratitude to you, Dr. Campbell, for encouraging, positive & factual reporting & informing us. Unfortunately there are very view sources like yours that report the facts ..whatever they are. In THIS case POSITIVE. God bless you.

  • stpcunning
    stpcunning 19 godzin temu +22

    Thank you Dr John Campbell for all your hard work during the pandemic. I hope you have been able to receive the funding you need to continue your good work. I think a balanced approach is so uncommon as people tend to have ulterior motives in the information that they share. It surely has made a difference in my personal ability to see the trends in the pandemic in a non biased manner which Is rare. Nobody is correct all the time and when you found data that conflicted with predominant beliefs, you shared that information. I hope you have continued success and receive the appropriate recognition for all your good work.

  • Adhi S
    Adhi S 16 godzin temu +9

    I've been watching you for 2 years now. Can you believe it! You've really been a ray of sanity in those times. I'm happy that you share this news with us. Sending your my gratitude and well wishes. And as always take care and stay safe everyone! :)

  • Alifeby Design
    Alifeby Design 19 godzin temu +99

    I really appreciate all your work Dr. John, but after everything is said and done what have we learned about human beings? I believe this has opened the door for even greater manipulation, we can see that fear has made the greater majority easy to control. The truly worrying thing, is that most of the population simply cannot believe anyone would ever deliberately cause them harm.

  • Joel Shuster
    Joel Shuster 19 godzin temu +18

    Much gratitude to you for encouraging factual reporting. Very much appreciated by many of us here in North America.

  • EtPhoneHome
    EtPhoneHome 19 godzin temu +116

    Thank you for your work. You keep me curious and hopeful and helped me dig out of my mental hole due to restrictions. ❤

  • Linda Blackwood
    Linda Blackwood 14 godzin temu +3

    Dr John Campbell I can't thank you enough for all the work you have shared during the last two years. I appreciate your openness. Thank you so much for including the sources of your information. Just amazing work. 💕

  • Traveller
    Traveller 16 godzin temu +25

    My heart cries for all those kids over 6 months of age being injected with this mrna poison!

  • Deb E
    Deb E 14 godzin temu +2

    It is reason for more hope, thank you John. Such a long time for many to remain in that state of heightened awareness, coping with those levels of stress for so long, with no end in sight, it is inclined to take its toll. Credit where it's due, they did try hard to take us all back to a time where we feared dragons and were ruled by superstition 😇

  • John Flynn
    John Flynn 19 godzin temu +48

    While I never had the least interest in taking the poke without long term studies to prove its worthiness as a treatment I always appreciate your perspective and can understand why you were an advocate based on the information presented at the early stages of the experiment. Now that we are at the bivalent treatment stage with zero homo sapiens testing in advance of release I remain entirely disinclined to take any treatment related to the issue.

  • Art Doc
    Art Doc 16 godzin temu +11

    Thank you so much, Dr. Campbell, for all the valuable information you provide. I hope the stress from censorship, etc is not taking a toll on you. Wishing you the best.

  • Fillpop33
    Fillpop33 19 godzin temu +72

    Thank you John! Thanks for being positive as well as telling us what is appearing in the data

  • nin6246
    nin6246 19 godzin temu +102

    I'm having trouble moving on from the subject of the excess deaths around the world. I've been seeing this happening for months and the mainstream media as well medical establishment couldn't be less interested. I think we all know the answer but I want the system to take responsibility and admit that our friends and family members had to die in the name of an awfully sick agenda.