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Cardiovascular System 1, Heart, Structure and Function

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  • Opublikowany 25 cze 2015
  • Check out the Respiratory System series, www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfR7z...
    Which chamber of the heart pumps blood into the pulmonary artery?
    a. the left atrium
    b. the right atrium
    c. the left ventricle
    d. the right ventricle
    Which chamber of the heart pumps blood into the systemic circulation?
    a. the left atrium
    b. the right atrium
    c. the left ventricle
    d. the right ventricle
    Which chamber of the heart receives blood from the pulmonary circulation?
    a. the left atrium
    b. the right atrium
    c. the left ventricle
    d. the right ventricle
    Which layer of the heart is composed of tough fibrous tissue?
    a. the endocardium
    b. the myocardium
    c. the epicardium
    d. the pericardium
    The endocardium is composed of
    a. tough fibrous tissue
    b. cardiac muscle
    c. smooth, squamous endothelial cells
    d. ciliated, cuboidal epithelial cells
    Which layer of the heart is composed of cardiac muscle?
    a. the endocardium
    b. the myocardium
    c. the epicardium
    d. the pericardium

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  • Pee_pi Okoli

    Two hours of lecture is nothing compared to this 10mins of video...you made it look so easy...thank you Dr John campbell🙌🏾

  • Grace Talatala

    I have never been so thankful with today's technology that I have access to this kind of lecture. Watching you feels like I am in a highly sophisticated school. Learnings never made so easy. Thank you so much, Sir! Godbless!

  • Esesesstent
    Esesesstent Rok temu +55

    Wow; thank you for taking the time to educate all of us up-and-coming medical professionals, and in such a clear, concise, yet informative manner. As many people have already noted, I feel like hours worth of reading can't hold a candle to this lecture.

  • Martha Goertzen

    This video was easy to follow, and I truly appreciated the heart diagram. Saved me many hours of studying!

  • Nip0h
    Nip0h Rok temu +97

    You're simply a genius! You explained in 10 minutes what my professor couldn't do in 50!

  • Danny Topping

    Some people are born to teach well and this guy, for me, is one of those people. I watched a lot of videos explaining this and never had a better grasp of it until now.

  • Jessica Egharevba
    Jessica Egharevba 2 lat temu +1

    2 hours of lecture I learnt nothing compared to only 10mins spent on this video..... thank you Dr you are saving lives

  • Elytra Pug

    All my biology teacher does is ask us to look through textbooks every single lesson and do the bare minimum of teaching. I've learned more in this video than I have in two weeks worth of lessons regarding the heart. Thank you Dr.

  • sandra ruvimbo

    I am one person who is not into medical information but after watching this i felt love for this subject developing. I could see passion for his work in his eyes everytime he looked back at the camera as if addressing a class. So much respect to you Dr

  • ljude01
    ljude01 Rok temu +85

    These lectures is how I understood the structure of the heart and in turn scored an 86.2 on my Cardio A and P exam.

  • nana akua
    nana akua 7 godzin temu

    I'm currently on orientation on a CICU unit and was just about to quit when I stumbled upon this video. OMG!! Everything makes sense to me now due to this lecture. And I love the way you took your time in explaining everything, I've been playing this video over and over again. Thank You Dr. Campbell!!!

  • Claire
    Claire Dzień temu

    Thank you for your clear and concise teaching, John. Great content and easy to understand.

  • Whitney Roberts
    Whitney Roberts 2 lat temu +8

    Thank you Dr. Campbell!! My 2 hour lecture today left me feeling helpless and confused. This video has given me confidence again with my understanding of the cardiovascular system! Thank you, thank you!

  • Mike Murphy

    Not in the medical field but I am interested in learning about my Echocardiogram results and learning the basics of the heart anatomy, thank you Dr for the whiteboard diagram and your teaching style that simplifies the learning of the heart basics and names.

  • Sharmini Jayaraman

    Beautifully explained !

  • Lovinà rose

    I first saw this video in my friend's phone and it was awesome,I had to come and search on PLclip for this amazing video. This video help me alot during my cardiovascular CA,and I don't read textbooks on this topic,I just go directly to this video and follow you. Thank you doctor for this amazing video,you are indeed a savior of young students struggling with their studies.🙏🙏🙏

  • Наталья Гавриленко

    Dr. Campbell, thank you very much for your videos. I've used this one in my Medical English class with the students studying General Medicine. Their knowledge of English is not very good, but they really enjoyed watching and listening, and I asked them to take notes, and I asked them questions to check their understanding. My students like your way of presenting the material, the way you draw and explain, and summarize. They are so happy when they hear and understand the Latin terms, because they have a lot of hours of Latin (anatomical and clinical terminology, Latin in prescriptions, etc). Next week we are watching the video about the urinary system and the kidneys. Your videos are of much help and they really encourage my students' interest.

  • m s
    m s Rok temu +2

    Your lectures are interesting, informative and inspiring. I know so much more about the heart now than I did a couple of years ago. I can listen to your lectures over and over again with the same enthusiasm that you project, and that goes for all your cardiovascular lectures. Thank you.

  • Justin Pelkey
    Justin Pelkey 7 lat temu +12

    Dr. Campbell, I have just recently discovered your channel when I watched your lectures on the physiology of wound healing. I want to express how wonderful it was to learn that you have a massive and broad collection of content amassed over the past eight years (that I will be exploring whenever I have the chance) and furthermore relieved to see that you are still making videos even today! As an aspiring medical student, I want to extend my gratitude for your hard work that goes in to making these videos, as well as your wonderful style of in depth teaching. Undoubtedly, the knowledge and insight from your videos will prove invaluable for the difficult path to becoming a physician.

  • Elle Caballero

    Absolutely phenomenal !!! 👏👏👏