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New covid vaccine for UK

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  • Opublikowany 18 sie 2022
  • Bivalent new vaccine, Moderna press release
    Omicron-containing bivalent COVID booster candidate, mRNA-1273.214
    (original mRNA-1273 vaccine),
    Superior neutralizing antibody response
    in baseline seronegative participants.
    increased neutralizing geometric mean titers (GMT) against Omicron approximately 8-fold above baseline levels.
    mRNA-1273.214 50 μg booster dose, well-tolerated in the 437 study participants
    The safety and reactogenicity profile of the mRNA-1273.214 50 μg booster dose was similar to that of mRNA-1273 50 μg
    SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation in England
    Technical briefing 44
    BA.2 3.4%
    BA.4 17.2%
    BA.5 78.7%
    Other 0.7%
    US variants
    BA.5 88.8%
    BA.4 5.3%
    BA.4.6 5.1%
    BA.2.12.1 0.8%
    BA.2 0%
    BA.1s 0%
    Delta 0%
    Epidemiology of Myocarditis and Pericarditis Following mRNA Vaccination by Vaccine Product, Schedule, and Interdose Interval Among Adolescents and Adults in Ontario, Canada
    Population-based cohort study of 297 individuals in Ontario, Canada,
    with myocarditis or pericarditis following COVID-19 vaccination,
    found higher rates of myocarditis or pericarditis associated with receipt of mRNA-1273 compared with BNT162b2 as a second dose,
    particularly among male individuals aged 18 to 24 years.
    The results suggest that there may be product-specific differences in rates of myocarditis or pericarditis after receiving mRNA vaccines
    First bivalent COVID-19 booster vaccine approved by UK medicines regulator
    Moderna bivalent approved for adult booster doses by MHRA
    Spikevax bivalent Original/Omicron
    25 micrograms targets the original virus strain
    25 micrograms targets Omicron
    Omicron (BA.1) and the original 2020 strain
    (was also found to generate a good immune response against BA.4 and BA.5)
    Safety monitoring
    side effects observed were the same as those seen for the original Moderna booster dose,
    and were typically mild and self-resolving,
    and no serious safety concerns were identified.
    Global covid deaths
    Evidence cited by HMRA
    Based on official reported COVID-19 deaths,
    we estimated that vaccinations prevented 14·4 million deaths from COVID-19 in 185 countries,
    between Dec 8, 2020, and Dec 8, 2021.
    19·8 million when we used excess deaths as an estimate
    Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) updated statement on the COVID-19 vaccination programme for autumn 2022
    For autumn 2022
    JCVI advises
    the following groups should be offered a COVID-19 booster vaccine:
    residents in a care home for older adults and staff working in care homes for older adults
    frontline health and social care workers
    all adults aged 50 years and over
    persons aged 5 to 49 years in a clinical risk group
    persons aged 5 to 49 years who are household contacts of people with immunosuppression
    persons aged 16 to 49 years who are carers
    Time to collect PROSPECTIVE data
    Cardiovascular Effects of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents
    Thai adolescents, 13 to 18, both sexes
    Cardiovascular effects
    Found in 29.24% of patients,
    Most common cardiovascular effects
    Tachycardia, 7.64%
    Shortness of breath, 6.64%
    Palpitation, 4.32%
    Chest pain, 4.32%
    Hypertension, 3.99%
    Abnormal ECG finding, 54 patients (17.94%)
    Seven participants (2.33%)
    (all male)
    At least one elevated cardiac biomarker or positive lab assessments

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  • Raina
    Raina   +896

    My friend has two autoimmune diseases and just received her 3rd booster in addition to having covid + monoclonal antibodies in December 2021. They are now concerned that she has myocarditis right after receiving the most recent booster. Keep speaking on this stuff Dr. Campbell! We need everyone to hear the unbiased truth and risks involved

  • Tracey Anderson

    I have to admit, one of my main concerns in the UK is that a large number of people will have started with Astrazenica, then, when it was initially frowned upon to mix vaccines, told they had to take the Pfizer for the booster. Now they have Moderna for the "super-booster".

  • DrIronMom
    DrIronMom  +311

    One of my patients just lost her daughter, a 44 yo mother of 4, on medication for mild hypertension but otherwise healthy. She died of an apparent cardiac arrest - she’d been vaccinated weeks earlier and “never really recovered”. Her physician refused to report it as a possible adverse event.

  • Trudy Roe

    I have watched your videos through Covid, and I have found them so informative and helpful. You continue to help post pandemic. I am most grateful for this video as I have been struggling with the thought of a 5th vaccination. I agree that the initial 2 or even 3 vacs were necessary. But with the evolution to Omicron, as you say, the balance has moved away from vaccination. You have researched and provided evidence that supports my own misgivings. I, too, will probably forego this next booster. I feel I have had enough chemicals in my system. I’ll keep taking the vitamin D!!

  • Evolution Through Awareness

    Thanks Doc for all the effort you put into your research. As far as anymore vaccines, they can shove them.

  • Cathy Louise

    I don’t always agree with you, John, but I do think this is a great video. Thank you.

  • yvonne davies

    Thank you John, I am 78 years old, fit & healthy not on any medications, the last booster was a moderna and I was unwell for several days afterwards. I have decided I will have no further booster, especially not Moderna! I believe in taking responsibility for ones own health!

  • Financial Independence Retire Early - FIRE - NHS

    I love the way you say things like 'people who would've been naive to the virus' without explaining that beyond the context. Feels like being back at uni again! 😂👍 Aside from that, congratulations on your success and equally your brilliantly innovative (and perhaps somewhat tongue-in-cheek style), ability to skirt around the bleedingly obvious, keeping the channel going and yet still getting the message out there!

  • Augusto Barrios

    I live in an Asian, country, we have doctors who have treated covid patients with ivermectin and saved a lot of people who were seriously Ill compared to patients in hospitals, given remdesivir and other expensive drugs, that did not work. Moreover, intubation contributed to more deaths.

  • Rosie
    Rosie  +17

    Thank you Doctor for providing a safe place in your comments section for the vaccine skeptic and vaccine injured and their frie s and families to gather and exchange information. Long may these comment sections remain open!!!

  • Cindy Moore

    Thank you so much Dr. John for reporting on this!!!♥️👍 We really need to know so we can make informed decisions on vaccines. I personally decided against taking the vaccines because it was experimental. I had the Delta Variant in November 21 and it lasted a long time. It’s a very unusual illness! Very bad too. You are greatly appreciated Dr.!!!♥️🇺🇸👍

  • Marie Mulholland

    So glad I found a doctor who can give a clear, unbiased, understandable review of medical data so you can make personal decisions based on personal circumstances. Thank you.

  • Robert L. Arbogast

    The work you do to summarize this huge amount of data is immensely valuable to us all, doctor.

  • maureen schulte

    Thank you, doc. However, I'm getting very tired of all the "new and improved" vaxes. Enough already, pharma. Egads,!!

  • I. M. Notamoose

    A lady next door with some health issues that were under control was talked into getting the shot.... She has been in the hospital at least twice since then, the last two times for mini-strokes. Her health is now very fragile.

  • Dayamitra Saraswati

    I believe in people making the choices they are comfortable with - whether that be having the vaccines or not. I only wish people like me, who have issues that make it impossible to be vaccinated, could have that freedom to be able to choose.

  • Jim Steinway

    These guys won’t stop. I’m a scientist and I’ve lost all faith in our medical system. Absolutely and completely. Their oath says not to lie and that’s all they do

  • Matt K
    Matt K  +3

    Great to see that responses are becoming more targetted rather than universal in some places. Also saw that the CDC advice has been updated. WIsh that was the case in Canada! Ontario Universities are starting to announce their mandates for boosters and bringing back passports in the fall

  • Katy Groening

    I heard another strange incident last night about a cardiac issue. Okay, the person was elderly; I get it: elderly folks do tend to get cardiac issues. And a lot of us put on weight. But, seriously? I have never in my life have heard of soo many out-of-the-blue cardiac incidents, including among folks who were in great shape "just last week"

  • Bob Jackson

    It seems hard to come to any conclusion other than "that all UK Government staff are totally incompetent or corrupt when it comes to Covid 19". This also seems to apply to most other countries.