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Record excess deaths in Europe

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  • Opublikowany 17 wrz 2022
  • European Union, Excess mortality hits +16%, highest 2022 value so far
    UK latest excess death data, updated 16th September
    WE 2nd September
    350 deaths involving COVID-19
    (505 deaths registered, previous week)
    Total number of deaths registered in the UK
    10,198, which was 7.4% above the five-year average
    706 excess deaths in the week
    (Deaths involving COVID-19 accounted for 3.4% of all deaths)
    Excess mortality hits +16%, highest 2022 value so far
    Update, 16th September
    Data for July
    Climbed to +16% in July 2022
    Highest so far in 2022
    June, +7%
    May. +7%
    July, additional deaths
    The increase of 16% = 53, 000 additional deaths in July
    (Compared with monthly averages, 2016-2019)
    Post covid infection
    Covid sequala
    Post lockdown effects, social, psychological, psychiatric
    Reluctance to access health care during covid
    Delayed diagnosis
    Heat waves
    July 2022
    Iceland, + 55.8%
    Spain +37%
    Cyprus +33%
    Greece +31%
    Portugal, +28.8%
    Switzerland, +25.9%
    Italy, + 24.9
    Austria, + 17.5%
    Slovenia, + 16.5%
    Ireland, + 16.3%
    Germany, +15.2
    Norway + 14.8%
    Netherlands, + 14.7%
    Croatia, + 14.6%
    France, + 14.1%
    Estonia + 12.3%
    Luxemburg + 11.%%
    Denmark +10.3%
    Latvia -0.5%
    UK, 0 to 24
    25 to 49
    50 to 64
    85 +
    Causes of non-covid excess deaths, UK
    Proximal causes
    Distal causes more difficult to identify
    Ischaemic heart disease
    Cerebrovascular disease
    Other circulatory disease
    Heart failure (marked increase)
    Acute respiratory
    Chronic respiratory

Komentarze • 15 261

  • DJ D
    DJ D 8 dni temu +1709

    Bingo. I brought someone with blood clots to hospital. Made it very clear she had the vaccine a few weeks earlier. They congratulated her and celebrated her bravery as they worn their vaccination buttons but refused to add that info to the chart. When we saw the doctor, he confirmed that the vaccine status was not on the chart. When asked if the vaccine caused the blood clots, he said there is no data to suggest that vaccination caused such issues. I asked him before he left if he was adding the vaccine status to the chart. He said no. So, I said, “so there’s no data being added to the chart about the only thing that happened to this young healthy woman with no family history of blood clots...how convenient.” The look of absolute shame on his face was revealing.

    • Miny Moe
      Miny Moe 6 godzin temu

      It is just not the vaccine. It is the Covid disease itself. I spoke to my niece's doctor. She said Covid was so new, they didnt know too much about it. She did say many of her patients had developed clots and had died of heart attacks withing one year of having Covid. Like clockwork, my niece had a heart attack and died almost a year after contracting Covid. She was never vaccinated, it had nothing to do with vaccine.

    • Suleyman
      Suleyman 8 godzin temu

      There's no data because they refuse to add the data... They trick themselves because they enjoy denying they are responsible for the data they don't want to add.

    • Angelo Castiglione
      Angelo Castiglione 19 godzin temu

      Well done! Make these criminals squirm! They will be held accountable!

    • Chris Michanicou
      Chris Michanicou Dzień temu

      They are lieing. I wonder when they leave this world and come face to face with Jesus Christ. What are they going to say to him . One place for them entral damnation waits them .

    • Magic 21
      Magic 21 Dzień temu

      Z plclip.com/video/JQyogVXHhFs/wideo.html

  • Hannah Pham
    Hannah Pham 5 dni temu +157

    I quit my job not long after being asked to work from home. My job was stressful and the only thing I really enjoyed about it was seeing my co-workers at the office. Even on days when I went into the office, 1) I had to wear a mask 2) hardly anyone was there 3) everyone seemed to think that vaccination was the solution, which I disagreed with vehemently! I didn’t go back because even the thought of it caused instant stress and anxiety. I’m self employed doing house cleaning now and much happier than I was before. Also, having an active job is helping me get fit. I had 15 years of sitting in a cubicle and I’ll never go back😁

    • Chip and Lie
      Chip and Lie 21 godzinę temu


    • Hannah Pham
      Hannah Pham 21 godzinę temu

      @Chip and Lie Dead people don’t usually make me laugh 🤣🤣🤣

    • Chip and Lie
      Chip and Lie 21 godzinę temu

      i'm dead😁

    • mindrapeart
      mindrapeart 2 dni temu +1

      You're one of the smart ones.

    • Laurine Peeters
      Laurine Peeters 3 dni temu

      We are going back to the dark ages now quicker and quicker

  • Katarina
    Katarina 4 dni temu +74

    In Croatia only in the last month 2 young professional soldiers special forces members died after recreational jogging on duty (both from heath issues) and 2 other soldiers that were jogging in the same group ended in hospital intensive care after training with serious heart issues. We are talking about persons that have passed all medical exams before they joined the special forces, are used to hard training,ecc. It seems that jogging after Covid jab is more dangerous than heroin.

    • Vaughan McCue
      Vaughan McCue 14 godzin temu

      I think all fat people agree that exorcising is a health risk.

    • Moira Goldsmith
      Moira Goldsmith 2 dni temu +3

      God love them. When will this madness stop!

  • * HiddenGem*Ali
    * HiddenGem*Ali 5 dni temu +107

    As an ex practice nurse , my knowledgable training and experience was always dependant on the legalities around full informed consent .
    My standards cost me my career and have no regrets refusing to partake.
    Our silence is our downfall and it takes courage to speak out . I’d do it again .
    I’m heartbroken for humanity and for those who have suffered and will continue to do so .
    Censorship has played a huge part including playing down the statistics , I know because I’ve watched it painfully in plain sight .

    • badass taco
      badass taco Dzień temu +4

      thank you for keeping your hippocratic oath. not many do anymore.

    • Alex lockhart
      Alex lockhart 2 dni temu +1

      God bless and keep you xx

    • Leberknödel
      Leberknödel 2 dni temu

      What were your experiences with the vaccines?

    • Tripzville
      Tripzville 4 dni temu +13

      You my unknown distant friend are a modern day hero, thank you for your service to humanity. Blessings from New Zealand, Unity in Diversity.

    • Tony Price
      Tony Price 5 dni temu

      The very worst ultra wealthy criminals on the planet control every aspect of almost every 'government' in the world, all the mainstream media and almost all the social media.

  • Curtbro
    Curtbro 3 dni temu +29

    My Father is a Pastor of a Church of over 3000 people so he's connected to a social circle that's many times bigger than what most people are, he says that he has heard dozens of stories of people getting very sick a few days after getting the V. All different ages, people having mini strokes, heart issues, clotting when they have had no health issues previously, My family was happy and pro getting the V when it come out but directly hearing all these stories has changed their opinion.
    I was living in a remote area at the time and it was difficult to get it, now I'm glad I didn't.

    • Luigi Macchi
      Luigi Macchi Dzień temu

      A pastor who wants the vaxx is a pastor of the church of satan. But I suppose you're talking about a protestant church, so, yes, is a church of satan for sure.

    • OceanSunSet
      OceanSunSet Dzień temu

      It's so sad that the human race needs to get to this point before believing what the minority were trying to tell and warn them about. Turns out those who were branded CT were right all along. We all ask ourselves how did Hitler brainwash so many people to follow him ... well the answer is right in front of our eyes and never stopped happening since WWII. Our social system has guided everybody into a false place of trust ... we have been conned and pulled into a trap.

  • DP LG
    DP LG 9 dni temu +1140

    Incredible that a channel as obviously serious and well researched as yours could be threatened with censorship. It just goes to show how controlled all media is becoming. Please keep up the great work John and back up your videos elsewhere if you can.

    • Magic 21
      Magic 21 Dzień temu

      Z plclip.com/video/JQyogVXHhFs/wideo.html

    • M R
      M R 2 dni temu

      Government shill?

    • VeggiePower303
      VeggiePower303 5 dni temu

      We must prosecute ALL these fucking doctors and nurses to the ends of the Earth, who pushed and gave the vacs.

    • Amina Amina
      Amina Amina 6 dni temu +1

      That fact that his channel has survived this long shows how slow to tell the truth he is.

    • Barne
      Barne 7 dni temu

      Blame Bill Gates and the rest of the Big Pharma Cartel who've completely corrupted the scientific comminity.

    THOMAS ROLLAND 5 dni temu +133

    As an RN/BSN in the US I have found your channel and information essential to my learning and current nursing position. I hate the way PLclip's idiots have censored your channel. My advice is to start your own website and transfer all of your videos and alert us to the change. Thanks for all you do!

    • tee vee
      tee vee 10 godzin temu

      Rumble is good too

    • CP Hollingdale
      CP Hollingdale 10 godzin temu

      If you took his advice, you probably murdered people with Remdesivir. John is an idiot. Always has been.

    • Todd Lavigne
      Todd Lavigne Dzień temu

      they are not idiots, they are evil little pricks

    • Building Manager
      Building Manager 2 dni temu

      The censorship is out of control these days. We would all follow you to another platform or website in order to get informed without impediment.

    • Kathy Norman
      Kathy Norman 2 dni temu

      What do you tell your patients when they ask you about the jab?

  • Brigitte Taquin
    Brigitte Taquin 5 dni temu +165

    Do not lose courage, Dr Campbell, we need reports like your very badly ! Thank for your precise and exhaustive studies, and your keen appreciation of those made elsewhere.

    • CP Hollingdale
      CP Hollingdale 10 godzin temu

      This guy is an enemy of humanity. He helped murder millions. Your an idiot for listening to him. Stop using communist technology. Get on Alt-Tech

    • drx1 xym
      drx1 xym Dzień temu +1

      Yes, Rumble is getting there and could be a great backup for your channel.
      YT is acting like a publisher, not a content platform.

    • Susan
      Susan 3 dni temu +5

      Hi Dr. John. Have you considered starting a Rumble channel?

  • myfineeye
    myfineeye 5 dni temu +96

    The irony is, if we as individuals trusted any of the sources supplied by PLclip in their wisdom, we wouldn't be seeking out additional quality information from the like of Dr John Campbell. Thank you for your continued hard work. We appreciate you.

    • zum zum
      zum zum 3 dni temu

      @Teresa Kerwin are you joking? the majority-y of them t*old you to stay at home until your lips turned blue.... remember?

    • Vaughan McCue
      Vaughan McCue 4 dni temu

      @Teresa Kerwin
      Thank you for your good wishes. I used my cranium and followed the advice of the venerable Dr John. Had my JABberwocky injections and am intent on continuing to lead a pure life so I am not at risk of catching anything venereal.

    • Teresa Kerwin
      Teresa Kerwin 4 dni temu +1

      @Vaughan McCue happy travels make sure you take a jacket for it don't want you catching anything venerable now and fetching the chwillies back here thanks Richard cranium

    • Vaughan McCue
      Vaughan McCue 4 dni temu

      @Teresa Kerwin
      I thought of going to the Tilbury docks, doing a spot of fishing and hitching a ride on a steamer to the Antarctica ice wall. All the flat earth people are doing it. There would be lots of them on this channel because they thrive on misunderstanding the precise information the Good Doctor John provides.

    • Teresa Kerwin
      Teresa Kerwin 4 dni temu +1

      What about your own doc or the NHS docs

  • mikaquinn30
    mikaquinn30 3 dni temu +8

    Thanks John, here in New Zealand so many people are very sick and dying of the diseases you mentioned that I know, I have never seen it like this before, I am also always sick with pneumonia, I have had it 5 times in the past year and have it at the moment, I am 41, I hope we get to the bottom of this.

  • MsGarnet77
    MsGarnet77 9 dni temu +2394

    I said it several months ago. If this doctor gets censored it is a clear indication that something is seriously wrong with free speech. He has always used data and facts. We deserve the truth. Those judging misinformation have been giving inaccurate info and making huge mistakes. We deserve to hear the medical opinions of a diverse group and not just one.

    • Derek Luce
      Derek Luce 4 godzin temu

      Well put, thank you

    • Magic 21
      Magic 21 Dzień temu

      Z plclip.com/video/JQyogVXHhFs/wideo.html

    • Anna Wolanska
      Anna Wolanska Dzień temu

      Bleeding from nipples, menstrual issues, autoimmune blood disorders, thyroid issues, sudden development of Parkinsons, demenia or mobility issues PEBilateral DVT and death...this is my observation from my work, only one case was reported ( as this was my patient).Noted as well some corelation to vaccine and infection causing autoimmune response like thyroid issue of heamatoligical issues.

    • Dejias
      Dejias Dzień temu

      @God Is In The Details I'm not sure where you live but in all my fifty-two years, I've NEVER ONCE encountered an academic Doctor who doesn't INSIST on being called Doctor. I had several who taught me at school.

    • Todd Lavigne
      Todd Lavigne Dzień temu

      There never really was free speech. Technically, in many countries it is illegal to even swear. The truth is often censored

  • Pete
    Pete 3 dni temu +9

    Dr Campbell seems to be increasingly aware that things just don't add up. It takes a lot of courage to admit this to yourself, especially for someone in Dr Campbell's position. I tip my hat to you Dr Campbell. The world we live in is affected by those who pull the levers of power in ways that are very hard to get our heads around. I've been through a similar process over the last few years and find it very difficult to come to terms with. We need brave, honest, intelligent, critical thinking people right now more than ever, and the role of big pharma is just one piece of the puzzle that needs to be put together.

  • Chris Kneifl
    Chris Kneifl 4 dni temu +12

    Getting the V was one of the worst mistakes I've made in my life. The medical establishment was quick to recommend it but has been reluctant to offer any support for my chronic symptoms post V (still experiencing neurological issues over a year out). Thankful that things aren't worse for me, but unfortunately I'm not at all surprised by these numbers.

    • Susan Mary Johnston
      Susan Mary Johnston 3 dni temu +1

      Sorry to hear that and hope your health gets back to how it was.

  • Jamie Pearce
    Jamie Pearce 3 dni temu +3

    I've watched you for awhile now. Used your AnP videos to get me through my degree. I've watched you throughout these current times of tyranny, too. You're one of the only reliable sources. You're also a truly kind hearted man. I really hope they don't take away this channel from you, from us.
    Really wish you well, Dr. John Campbell.

  • Luella Wagner
    Luella Wagner 3 dni temu +2

    I love your channel! I am not in the medical field, yet you explain things in a way that I can understand. Thank you so much!

  • kaznats1
    kaznats1 8 dni temu +920

    As a former nurse educator and also a molecular biologist who once worked for Big Pharma I have never seen anything you have discussed that ever crossed the line into fear mongering. Suppression of legitimate concerns and frank discussions does little to enlighten others, it only heightens the feelings that things are being censored so as not to reveal serious issues. I love your PLclip broadcasts and tell others about them. So in order to continue your informative series without fear of censorship, perhaps you should consider having your series also distributed on an alternate video forum such as Rumble. They seem more open to discussions on sensitive topics and of course you could maintain your PLclip broadcasts as well. Keep up the great teaching and thanks again for sharing your knowledge with the world.

    • Magic 21
      Magic 21 Dzień temu

      Z plclip.com/video/JQyogVXHhFs/wideo.html

    • Joe
      Joe Dzień temu

      The fact that big tech are even censoring Information should ring alarm bells for everyone! Some people noticed this happening way back in 2020. There were experts raising the alarm. PLclip are totally disgusting.

    • Mika El
      Mika El 2 dni temu +1

      @Paul Sure, Max is great. Heard anything from him lately?

    • Paul
      Paul 2 dni temu

      @Mika El yep...they don't want the truth spread about..do you like max IgAN?

    • Mika El
      Mika El 2 dni temu +1

      @Paul Same here, Paul, perhaps 70-80% of my comments on youtube can´t be seen by others. Dunno how these things works, but it is censorship for real. Probably AI bots picking up a lot and make comments invisible.

  • Lynne Woods
    Lynne Woods 5 dni temu +8

    Thank you for your consistently high quality videos these past few years. You have been a very reliable go-to source that's helped me keep sane. The information you presented in this particular video sent shivers down my spine. As others in the comments have suggested, please consider another platform in addition to PLclip in case you are silenced here. There is currently a move to Rumble (Glenn Grewald, Russell Brand, among others) by quite a few who unfortunately have had to walk a fine line with what they say to avoid censorship. I would follow you there. Again, thank you for everything you do to get us timely information. Your integrity and decency are much needed now.

  • B F
    B F 4 dni temu +6

    in my family 2 had /still have, very serious health issues after second booster. In my work I met an unusual amount of people too young to have heart issues at their age. Also more cases of serious side-effects for people with low immunity defence. For example people who has diabetes, asthma or cardiac diseases. My conclusion was that those should really have avoided all shots. At all costs. Their body was already busy dealing with health issues.
    It just added one more problem to their list.

  • Sandy Pluss
    Sandy Pluss 2 dni temu +1

    One does have to wonder about the elephant in the room....... especially when people aren't allowed to question it and get warnings about even saying things!
    Your work is marvellous and what a pure gem of a person you are to be helping those in Africa too.

  • Suze Allen
    Suze Allen 5 dni temu +15

    John you are so hugely appreciated. I was speechless watching your disclaimer at the end of this video. Thank you so much for your tireless work

    • Vernon Hedge
      Vernon Hedge 4 dni temu

      Yes, agreed. I hope all the important vloggers just move to Rumble and other platforms.

  • Love4hula
    Love4hula 9 dni temu +928

    I can't believe you are getting warnings! You are one of the most reliable and responsible sources of medical information on yt. Thank you for your hard work and integrity.

    • Magic 21
      Magic 21 Dzień temu

      Z plclip.com/video/JQyogVXHhFs/wideo.html

    • Occam's Razor
      Occam's Razor 3 dni temu

      @Cyberfunk Go back to MSM, TROLL!

    • Cyberfunk
      Cyberfunk 3 dni temu

      @Occam's Razor Did you miss the part where he doesn't understand the studies he is reading? It figures people like you listen to him also and think he is giving you the facts when he presents a computer simulation as a clinical trial.

    • Occam's Razor
      Occam's Razor 3 dni temu

      @Cyberfunk He's is reading DATA. Did you miss that part? Yes, Mr. Research Scientist, I'm a brain surgeon and an astronaut. Go listen to some more MSM.

    • Cyberfunk
      Cyberfunk 3 dni temu

      @Occam's Razor As in an actual research scientist that understand how to read studies, unlike a nurse that confuses a computer simulation to a clinical trial and people like you taking him seriously.

  • burtsagooner1
    burtsagooner1 3 dni temu +1

    Keep doing what you do doc, the fact that youtube land that on you is proof you are ruffling feathers, willingly or not. Your eloquently worded videos with traceable valuable information are very much appreciated, if you need to move channels or start your own, do it. Dont think twice that people wont follow you. Good luck sir

  • Kichster
    Kichster 4 dni temu +3

    You're the man DR!!!! So glad we have some actual doctors, like you, who care about people to manage all this fog they put us in!!

  • aroundslotown
    aroundslotown Dzień temu +2

    Thank you for your work Doctor. It is hard to believe that you must walk on egg shells as you are a blessing to me and many others, 2.45 million.

  • Elizabeth McGovern
    Elizabeth McGovern 5 dni temu +3

    Excellent update Dr John, keep up the good work. It's surely vital that the increase in excess deaths is investigated fully?

  • Canadian Gal
    Canadian Gal 9 dni temu +1287

    It is so disheartening that they have done this to you. You have been a reliable, reasonable, and an invaluable source of information since the very beginning of the pandemic. Thank you for being there for all of us Dr. Campbell.

    • Magic 21
      Magic 21 Dzień temu

      Z plclip.com/video/JQyogVXHhFs/wideo.html

    • Cat liath
      Cat liath 3 dni temu

      @Zazzy Z how sad a world we live in that you can’t speak truth out loud…

    • Owen Orders
      Owen Orders 3 dni temu

      @Lars Faye I have often shouted "Fire!" in crowded theatres. Unfortunately no one takes any notice anymore: they're too busy doing stuff on their phones nowadays.

    • Gail Daniels
      Gail Daniels 4 dni temu

      @Flak turm some comments may be deleted after being reported for spam, I have reported a couple myself.

    • VeggiePower303
      VeggiePower303 5 dni temu

      We must prosecute ALL these fucking doctors and nurses to the ends of the Earth, who pushed and gave the vacs.

  • Julia Lally
    Julia Lally 2 dni temu +1

    What a very difficult position you find yourself in. Thank you for reporting on the current trend in excess deaths. It was very painful to watch you have to go back track on your line of questioning. However - we keep watching and we keep asking. Millions of us. Thank you for your service to the world.

  • Audreyshmaudrey
    Audreyshmaudrey 4 dni temu +4

    I was diagnosed with covid in ER and had high fever...which made me seek er help. I was then admitted and hospitalized 5 days. They kept asking if I had covid vaccine (before they diagnosed me) and I said no because I was delirious. I remembered in about 24 hours after being transferred to appropriate facilty and quickly as possible let staff know I did have 1st only of vaccination series. In 30 minutes or less they changed the diagnosis to MRSA. IDK why...maybe because they don't want the numbers/ stats implying the vaccine doesn't work? Or maybe it's just a coincidence

  • Anna Donahue
    Anna Donahue Dzień temu +1

    You have my entire support in your efforts to remain a credible resource, Dr Campbell... I'll keep you in my prayers. TY so much.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 dni temu +5

    Whilst I agree there is a lot of PLclipr’s disseminating misinformation on the platform, as far I am concerned you, in my opinion and I am sure amongst the many thousands of your subscribers are not one of them. Definitely without wishing to flatter you. I am happy to say that you have been a beacon of stability during this dark period of the pandemic. I would genuinely say, if there was an award for community service, you would be a worthy recipient. I certainly hope PLclip views your posts, as I am sure many of your subscribers do, as a positive contribution to the community.

  • Robin Newman
    Robin Newman 8 dni temu +391

    As you are carefully reading YT guidelines on what can and can’t be said it’s so obvious that this is not about science or medicine but rather about putting people in line. Thank you for sharing.

    • W.Joseph Carpenter
      W.Joseph Carpenter 7 dni temu

      @McIreland O'Sharma you hit the nail right on the head

    • Shazam999
      Shazam999 8 dni temu

      @Shannon85 So the vaccines are worthless?

    • Shannon85
      Shannon85 8 dni temu

      @Shazam999 I think that when he stated that those of high risk need not be concerned about infection, that is not just misinformation, that is egregious misinformation. If someone on chemotherapy with a highly compromised immune system watched that vid and took his words to heart, the very worst could happen. He's lucky he still has a YT channel.

    • Shazam999
      Shazam999 8 dni temu

      @Shannon85 Misinformation is misinformation. Do you consider what Campbell is saying to be dangerous misinformation?

    • Shannon85
      Shannon85 8 dni temu

      @Shazam999 There are controversial subjects that are dangerous to the health of the population, and there are controversial subjects that are not.

  • Matthew Philip
    Matthew Philip 3 dni temu +3

    Great video. It's a real shame that our world is being managed in this way.

  • Mary Johnston
    Mary Johnston 3 dni temu +1

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and intelligent clarifying studies . Thank you for keeping us up to date.

  • Michael McBride
    Michael McBride 5 dni temu +2

    I appreciate your tireless work and clear analysis. It would be interesting to correlate with vaxed, boosted and natural recovered. It hilarious that PLclip dictates what you can truthfully exam the data.

  • fnordly
    fnordly 5 dni temu +7

    The shots do indeed cause chronic problems for many people and the effects are not rare. This is becoming quite obvious as time goes on. Like other banned topics that turned out later to be true, You Tube will have to recognize this issue as well.

  • Fox2232
    Fox2232 8 dni temu +305

    Hi, here is some thing to consider. C19 decimated weak members of population. As result, excess mortality should be negative (under long term average) in following years. Which means, real excess mortality is much higher than numbers show.

    • Dorothy Snyder
      Dorothy Snyder 6 dni temu

      Nah. Covid didn't decimate the population. It was the covid hospital protocols (rem des ivir) and the greedy paid for doctors/nurses that caused the tremendous deaths.

    • Jeff Kissick
      Jeff Kissick 7 dni temu

      Brilliant point! I had not considered that yet.

    • Joe Lane
      Joe Lane 7 dni temu +4

      @Barne These vulnerable people are still wearing muzzles outside, it is like they don't know any better! I had an older man ask me direction, I asked him why he is wearing a mask outside, he said he has a weaken immune system, then asks if I had a cigarette, he could bum off me. These people are totally clueless.

    • Barne
      Barne 7 dni temu +2

      Fox that is so true. The weak were easy game especially if you shot them up with multiple injections. I said from the beginning that we NEEDED theraputics ASAP to save all these vulnerable people...Obese, Elderly etc. But the opposite was done!!!

    • M5252email
      M5252email 7 dni temu

      @Jon L Ah, but did it? The hospitals in LA County, CA are still counting Covid deaths. In almost every count these are people with cormorbidities, dying with a positive test. California authorities worked very hard to make this the epic pandemic they needed for political reasons.

  • Michael B
    Michael B 2 dni temu

    Thanks Dr. Campbel for the analysis. I remember you much v. friendly some months ago, when I already had some doubts 😉. Great that you are open to new facts!!

  • marcel lundberg
    marcel lundberg 5 dni temu

    A eulogy for you today sir. I can’t trust that after the PLclip lean on you that you would be able to give the kind of information, unadulterated and honest about the numbers no matter which way they skew, is capable of being conveyed from this point forward. Therefore, we are sad for our loss. May the third world continue to benefit from your videos - until a larger agenda targets that region as well and finds your info in competition with theirs.

  • ficolas2
    ficolas2 5 dni temu +2

    I'm Spanish, and the Spanish data really alarmed me. 36% that's a lot.
    I went to look at the deaths caused by heat, and the 36% number drops to 6.4%

  • Grímur Steinn Karlsson
    Grímur Steinn Karlsson Dzień temu +2

    Very interesting stuff, have to ask, why did you skip over the whopping 55% excess death rate in Iceland? I promise you not a single excess death here can be attributed to heat wave

  • J Fangio
    J Fangio 9 dni temu +764

    John, thank you for all you have done. The second part was like watching a hostage video.

    • J Fangio
      J Fangio 21 godzinę temu

      @Magic 21 thank you

    • Magic 21
      Magic 21 Dzień temu +1

      Z plclip.com/video/JQyogVXHhFs/wideo.html

    • 一个说话大声的中国人
      一个说话大声的中国人 9 dni temu

      This is none issue, because human rights don't mean you have to live. Death is a very important right of human rights. So, this story proves than China has no human rights and Europe has human rights.

    • John Stimpson
      John Stimpson 9 dni temu +2

      If Dr Campbell were to go off of the open sen sored internet, i wouldn't necessarily have 'deciphered' the truth. Appreciate direction. Thanks for hanging in there.

    • Masks Are Lies
      Masks Are Lies 9 dni temu +1

      Move to another platform for education....

  • Liz Crockett
    Liz Crockett 4 dni temu +4

    In addition to the obvious reason we’re not able to discuss, I for one have not seen or been near a medical facility or hospital since this whole thing started at the end of 2019. Due to previous medical problems with my lymph system I felt it unwise to be jabbed. So have stayed away and laid low. At 68 I should have had a checkup but with the medical system in such an upheaval now I’ve just been taking vitamins and supplements and trying to stay healthy. So if any serious issues are brewing I wouldn’t know. My mother and sisters are kind of doing the same so assume a lot of people are also. So possibly problems that would have been caught earlier, cancer, heart or? Are not being caught?

    • Occam's Razor
      Occam's Razor 3 dni temu

      My 62 yo brother couldn't get diagnosed for stomach issues and two years later when he almost died from them was told he now has Stage 4 colon cancer. They have killed him, so deaths from "covid" include so much more than a cold. Suicide in L.A. County alone have gone up 800% since 2020.

  • Paul Murray
    Paul Murray 3 dni temu +2

    Brilliant content Doctor, I think it maybe due to Myocaditis… loads of young, Athletes, middle age dying and death Certificate advising Unknown Cause? Might be a good idea to do a deep dive into it…

  • utkf16
    utkf16 4 dni temu +1

    DR John can you cover the alarming data coming out regarding elephant's in the room? Psychiatrists are reporting 1000% increase in these elephants reporting symptoms of anxiety. Causation has been noted that although being very large and stood in the middle of a room they are getting completely ignored!

  • Geoff Pyne
    Geoff Pyne Dzień temu

    Eurostat says: "Based on the available information, some of the mortality increase in July 2022 compared to the same month of the past two years may be due to the heatwaves that have affected parts of Europe during the reference period,"
    I think it is unfortunate that you chose July as the basis for your analysis of excess deaths. I think that you may have a stronger point if these excess deaths continue through September, October and November (for example). As matters stand I am skeptical (but not certain) that your possible alternative explanation will stand the test of time. Regards!

  • sirjamesthegrey
    sirjamesthegrey 6 dni temu +494

    Dr. John, I am horrified to hear that PLclip is threatening to censor you! You are the single most reliable source of information about the pandemic and related issues I have come across, not to mention that you present your information with such good humor and compassion. Please keep up the great work! Gratitude and blessings to you.

    • CP Hollingdale
      CP Hollingdale 3 godzin temu

      @Derek Luce there are plenty of replacements. Rumble, Odysee, Bitchute and many others.

    • Derek Luce
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      If this is true, its clearly time for a PLclip replacement

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      My comments have been deleted already, only on this channel

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    • CP Hollingdale
      CP Hollingdale 2 dni temu

      If you think you can get real information about the Plandemic on PLclip... you have been brainwashed.

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    We need you Dr . Your channels cá t to down.
    Thank you for your amazing work. I’ve been following since 2020. God bless you!🙏🏼

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    Thank you Dr. C! 👍🏻By now I hope everyone sees that the tiny liquids distributed around the earth are definitely not the cause of 😉 myocarditis, early deaths of perfectly healthy athletes and other persons, as well as rare & aggressive cancers & many other issues. It's definitely not 😉this tiny liquid causing all the unexplained and sudden deaths, because we know they do 🪢work. 👍🏻🙏🏻God Bless you all! Please 🍩 get another.

  • Marija Helena
    Marija Helena 3 dni temu

    Thank you for all of your information. Please find another platform for us all. We need balanced information from professionals like you to keep us informed. Bless you and all the best. Marija


    Hats off to those who haven't allowed themselves, or their families, fall victim to the psychopaths behind the plandemic, and their needles !

  • jesse staton
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    Don’t worry Dr. Campbell, there is definitely something bigger going on behind the scenes in order for them to even attempt tampering with your channel. My mother and I watch your videos daily, and we know you are beyond accomplished. PLclip is definitely defending the wrong side of the picture.

    • Magic 21
      Magic 21 Dzień temu

      Z plclip.com/video/JQyogVXHhFs/wideo.html

    • Celtic Whisper
      Celtic Whisper 6 dni temu

      @jesse staton I knew that vaccines take between 5-12 years of development before being given to the public. Yet, John thought that 8 months was long enough for the C-19 vaccines!

    • cjay2
      cjay2 7 dni temu +1

      PLclip is OWNED by those who created the ENTIRE THING - of course they are 'defending' the wrong side. They helped create it.

    • Mike Walters
      Mike Walters 8 dni temu

      @Steve Osborne Thanks to the internet, in the last decade or so it has become something of an art to find accurate information. After finding a source of valid information, the next step is to believe the information regardless of personal sentiments. As for this channel, it is a case of "close but no cigar".

    • Maggie
      Maggie 8 dni temu

      @MWhite We don't even know what is right on covid matters yet. What-are we all suppose to trust your intuition when we all have our own about him too?

  • Bob B.
    Bob B. 5 dni temu +2

    Thank you for staying the course in the midst of horrific attacks on you.

  • C
    C 4 dni temu +3

    Hello John I just found out my cousin in his mid 40s now had his life greatly disrupted after taking the vaccine. It seems that at least once per day he simply switches off. And thus is unable to drive, swim etc, or go to work. Not sure what is the diagnosis.

  • Noel Doyle
    Noel Doyle 5 dni temu +7

    From Ireland: I had to rush to hospital in very serious pain, a life threatening medical emergency due to blood clots, two months after my second injection. I had never had any problem with blood clots before. I will not take any more of these injections.

    • Sim Salabim
      Sim Salabim Dzień temu

      I will report your comment to the thought police. You shall take a vaccine every 4 months and make pfizer shareholders happy. Why would you not want to make people happy?

  • Debra Witte
    Debra Witte 4 dni temu

    thanking you again for your continued dedication to educating us for better health in the world !

  • Simon Houghton
    Simon Houghton 8 dni temu +486

    Hi John, I’ve been watching your channel since the 1st few days of the covid pandemic and I have to say you’ve been incredibly professional to the highest possible standards. The fact that you are being warned, to me means, this so called vaccine conspiracy is no longer a conspiracy!

    • Bear
      Bear 6 dni temu

      A lot of the world was duped. Just because some doctors made honest mistakes doesn't make them malevolent. Maybe naive and maybe foolish. But now that he's seeing the data he's trying the honest about it. Not going to condemn everyone as evil for being lied too.

    • Magi
      Magi 6 dni temu


    • Doctor Detroit
      Doctor Detroit 6 dni temu

      Hopefully you leftists will now understand why FREE SPEECH is important.

    • Doctor Detroit
      Doctor Detroit 6 dni temu

      Did this doc get the jab? If so he is a fool.

    • Celtic Whisper
      Celtic Whisper 6 dni temu

      @Bear Why didn't he speak out 18 months ago about the possible dangers of the 'vaccine'? Many scientists did so.

  • tdsdave
    tdsdave 5 dni temu +3

    "reluctance to access health care during covid"
    My experience was the health care systems were the reluctant parties to provide health care. Our local clinics effectively shutdown , it was impossible to see a doctor.
    Both of a friends parents died within a week of each other after one suffering with COPD symptoms attended hospital was put on the covid ward( her symptoms similar to being infected but the actual cause was ambiguous given her medical history ), she subsequently contracted covid , past it to her spouse , and son( himself with lung problems ). Both herself and her husband died shortly after. Would I have been reluctant to attend hospital after that , yeah sure.
    Imo the health care system simply did not live up to the expectations of the role they undertake in society , much like a policeman who avoids capturing a violent criminal fearing risk to himself.
    It seems plainly obvious this withdrawal of the health care service would have this knock on effect, and I'm cynical enough to believe that the reason behind the failure to provide detailed causal explanations behind these excess deaths is political.

    • Briony Gunson
      Briony Gunson 14 godzin temu +1

      Thank you for this share - a friend has similar circumstances, both parents died within a week of each other. An immediate family member also died in care during the pandemic - the lack of medical support during the lockdowns for other needs was shockingly poor. Totally neglectful.

  • Mai
    Mai 5 dni temu +1

    Amazing video ! Extremely interesting and insightful. Thank you so much.

  • Larry Pearce
    Larry Pearce 5 dni temu +1

    how long has youtube been run by medically qualified staff..dr john has been the only one,that told us all exactly how it was,no bullshit,just honesty keep up the good work john..

  • dee lochrin
    dee lochrin 5 dni temu +1

    Id love to see a graph that shows excess deaths from around the world showing most vaccinated countries and least vaccinated countries with clarity. I believe it would make our stomachs turn

  • Michel Dacunha
    Michel Dacunha 9 dni temu +341

    Two points. 1. Why not correlate the list of excess death percentages with their respective percentages of vaccinations for each country.
    2. Why is Sweden not on the list? Sweden was the most open and unrestricted European country? It would be informative to know about their excess deaths, if any.
    Thank you for all you do, as usual.

    • Magic 21
      Magic 21 Dzień temu

      Z plclip.com/video/JQyogVXHhFs/wideo.html

    • eldontyrellcorp
      eldontyrellcorp 4 dni temu +1

      Of course there's a correlation between deaths and vaccination. I've seen many people young people dying around me, weird if you ask me.

    • Mika El
      Mika El 6 dni temu

      @Julie S. Absolutely false numbers. Only a fraction of them was actual covid.

    • Creative Care Limited
      Creative Care Limited 6 dni temu

      We would have had a lot more safety data on this but very oddly they decided to unblind the trial as they said it was unethical to not protect the placebo group!!!! Next thing you know they will be testing safety on small groups of mice. Oh they just have :/

    • D Carbs
      D Carbs 8 dni temu

      I think Belarus was the most open/unrestricted in Europe. In the early days at least, essentially treated it as if there was no disease, let alone any restrictions to try to mitigate it.

  • cyn n
    cyn n 3 dni temu +1

    I have to ask why you made no mention of the notable difference between the western EU and central/eastern EU countries in terms of excess deaths? Apart from Croatia and Slovenia they are single digit values. Looking at the map you could almost think you are looking at a map of the Warsaw Pact. What could cause such a noticeable difference?

  • Allen Hamilton
    Allen Hamilton 2 dni temu +1

    do remember hearing on the news that the Moderna vaccine did cause cardiovascular issues. Since I've had the Moderna vaccine, I have had nothing but problems with my cardiovascular system. Before the vaccine, I was perfectly fine the medication I am taking doesn't seem to be having any effect on making things better. Even though the doctor keeps changing and swapping and doing more tests.
    To be honest, I wish I never had the Moderna vaccines.

  • rob mantle
    rob mantle 5 dni temu

    I'd love to know how many of this is a direct result of the covid vaccines. The map graph that was shown would be the best one to compare into the highest vaccinated populaces and also what vaccine was most popular. I think this would be a real eye opener. I suspect its quite a significant reason.

  • Vernon Hedge
    Vernon Hedge 4 dni temu

    Great work, John, thank you!

  • kreme pye
    kreme pye 9 dni temu +302

    Me sitting here with my moderna induced heart condition at 33 years old, knowing exactly why

    • Claudia Scott
      Claudia Scott 17 godzin temu

      @Crystal Clear So sorry Cyrstal. I pray that all is well

    • Magic 21
      Magic 21 Dzień temu

      Z plclip.com/video/JQyogVXHhFs/wideo.html

    • badass taco
      badass taco Dzień temu

      @Frank Fisher only the fascists who wanted to force people i dont pity. everyone else trusted a lying government. theyre just gullible and i can sort of pity them.

    • --
      -- Dzień temu

      @kreme pye N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. You can find it online or at health food stores.

    • kreme pye
      kreme pye Dzień temu

      @-- whats NAC?

  • Sandy Smith
    Sandy Smith 3 dni temu +1

    I’ve just watched your interview in Uganda. Are they part of this worldwide trend of excessive deaths post COVID 19?
    From what I’ve checked, their death rate is lower than previous years.

  • Assorted Bibs Sunday Football

    Good video. You didn't score any own goals with this one. Keep up the good work! 😃

  • Meant2BVegans
    Meant2BVegans 4 dni temu

    I enjoyed your video! I’ll have to watch more in the future.
    You were very clear; hope they dont discipline you like Ive heard others complain about. We shouldnt be expected to live fake.

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    Jesper Petersen 4 dni temu

    Thank you for your good and honest work. More should do like you

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    Have to be honest John. It was painful to watch the second half of your video. I know you have to abide by YT guidelines to save your channel but its still terribly painful to see you having to do that. Love you to bits and keep on doing what you're doing John!

    • VeggiePower303
      VeggiePower303 5 dni temu

      We must prosecute ALL these fucking doctors and nurses to the ends of the Earth, who pushed and gave the vacs.

    • hej la4
      hej la4 5 dni temu

      The state of free speech illustrated perfectly: A highly qualified Doctor groveling to Big Tech.

    • Moni Penny
      Moni Penny 5 dni temu +1

      THAT is the beauty of "freedom and democracy", we all think we have it, we all value it, yet it is but an illusion.

    • Erik den Houter
      Erik den Houter 5 dni temu +1

      He is never pointing to the elephant in the room, but he shows the room in the elephant.

    • Dave's Hong Kong & China Channel
      Dave's Hong Kong & China Channel 5 dni temu

      @Ratclima Agree! Even if he was making money from his expertise, honest reporting and analysis I wouldn't begrudge him. Many less worthy people make money on this platform and it has become as valid a way to make a living as any other.

  • Mark Downie
    Mark Downie 5 dni temu +1

    I respect your science based work. You're looking at this objectively, while it's set off many in comments to attribute this ONLY to vaccines. As a researcher you can dispel this easily, or prove its validity. You may not have thought of this. Get data on national vax rates, and data on excess deaths for each nation. Compare those. Should it be caused by latent effects of vaccines (no proof of this yet, or of any effect after 6 months beyond antibodies not linked to such mortality), it'd be easily found. Then you can post to clarify it, fully prepared for push back from those using this as confirmation bias against vaccines. I await your work on that, I'd hope.

  • Theodora Faux
    Theodora Faux 5 dni temu

    I certainly support your health updates and hope PLclip doesn't interfere with them.
    Your mention at about 2:27 that Australia has the highest excess death rate after Ireland & the UK made me jump but the chart itself says Austria. Is the chart is correct, so this was just a misreading, or is Australia in fact at No 3? Our State & Federal governments are being less than transparent about the Covid situation recently.

  • Dave Cummins
    Dave Cummins 4 dni temu +3

    I’m surprised John as you know the shot is safe and effective, how do I know? My GP and practice nurse say so. How do they know? their health authorities say so. When I asked about long term data it seems in this circumstance it’s not actually needed. When I asked about the concerning safety signals in the national systems designed to identify such concerns they seem to think it was over reporting because as you know medics are avidly adding all sorts of data unnecessarily to these systems. People need to wake up and smell the coffee!

    • M W
      M W 2 dni temu +1

      Yes and what about testing on pregnant women before saying it was safe? Who were those volunteer pregnant women? None. The current ones were the testers but not told that truth.

    • John Whelan
      John Whelan 4 dni temu +1

      Sadly these people are sheep! I think the hardest thing is to accept that you have been lied to on a global scale. This lie is pure evil and shakes your belief system to its core. I had my awakening very early, in fact I called the lockdowns 3 wks before they happened. My family thought I was crazy. Now many are waking themselves. Some never will and that's fine. We cant force them to wake up. Since then many dots have been connected.

  • tess Kaufman
    tess Kaufman Dzień temu +1

    Currently got covid so through this pandemic pandemic your the sensible 👍 voice I've not commented in a long while but I always watch your truth thanks Doctor... from Miss Tess hope you tube don't take you down whatever you did its easy done love Tess

  • Thomas Hoffman
    Thomas Hoffman 7 dni temu +381

    You are a class act, John. I have great admiration for what you do. I never thought in The United States of America and essentially the Western World that doctors and scientists can not speak freely. No doctor or scientist can voice an opinion or even question anything about the vaccines. It is actually quite scary. Threats to lose their jobs, their homes, their cars, the ability to pay for the basics of life. When you lose your job, EVERYTHING collapses. Scientist and doctors essentially have a gun pointed at their heads every time they speak about the covid vaccines. Be very very careful about what you say next, or the government/social media will destroy your life. I can only hope people will wake up a vote for representatives that will stop this insanity and let doctors and scientist talk freely again.

    • PsQ
      PsQ 3 dni temu

      @Lianam agreed. Since we got kicked out of Eden. 😒 Maranatha.

    • PsQ
      PsQ 3 dni temu

      @Mr. Mcgoo it has always done that, obviously, but what is your actual point?

    • Melodius Thump
      Melodius Thump 4 dni temu

      @Joseph O'Callaghan yep to say we live in an insane asylum nowadays is a disservice to mental institutions. And it's all for votes, so the insanity is matched by evil as well.

    • VeggiePower303
      VeggiePower303 5 dni temu

      We must prosecute ALL these fucking doctors and nurses to the ends of the Earth, who pushed and gave the vacs.

    • Joseph O'Callaghan
      Joseph O'Callaghan 5 dni temu

      @Dominus Styx heck no - its all the same agenda - the central issue is freedom of speech; having to stay stumm on the facts

  • Hannah Silver
    Hannah Silver 3 dni temu +1

    I feel really bad for this man, because I have already walked this path. If you determine to be a source of non-biased, scientifically-rigid data-basically, if you tell the truth-you put a huge target on your chest. They find you… and they ruin you. In every way.
    I speak of what I know. Every day for me could be my last.

  • Dr. Paula Miceli
    Dr. Paula Miceli 5 dni temu

    A relevant hypothesis related to the excess deaths is the variable of "COVID infection" (lifetime). In the presentation, it is asserted that COVID is not causing the deaths, and by this statement, I suspect what is being referred to is acute COVID infection and related sequelae. It is possible that persons in the excess death group had past COVID infection, and that past infection created a biological vulnerability (not yet known or understood). This hypothesis can be examined by looking at excess deaths before 2019 (historical data) vs. present day.

  • Jeff Ludgate
    Jeff Ludgate 5 dni temu

    John is one of the most objective professionals on You Tube. He has given honest fact based information for a considerable time. It is very wrong of YT to threaten him in this way. It is only right to consider all reasons for excess deaths around the world and of course there are reasons for these deaths that he is now banned from speaking about. Just take the list YT has given that you may not mention and do your own research and discover what he cannot tell you.

  • Roy Webb
    Roy Webb 2 dni temu +1

    John all your data is good, but all the causes you state happened too in Bulgaria but Bulgaria's numbers are below the 5 year average when covid deaths are removed. ( infact bulgaria's death rate for 2022 up to week 35 is down 3.5%) and Bulgaria is very low vaccine rate

  • Annabelle Patchett
    Annabelle Patchett 8 dni temu +359

    I live in Switzerland and we have high excess deaths. Our health system is great and I do not know anyone who did not visit a doctor at any point during the past 2.5 years if needed (so in the UK the media suggests it is due to that but that is obviously rubbish). The Swiss government said it was due to heatwave.... However every year we have a heatwave so people are used to it, stay inside or swim in the many lakes! Such a shame that no one is allowed to state the obvious....

    • Joe Lane
      Joe Lane 6 dni temu

      ​@Raquelle Rak I talked to one older man who was bragging that he has had 5 shots! It makes you feel sorry for these kinds of people. I haven't had any shots for over 52 years, I wouldn't take any of them for a trillion dollars, I would rather have my health! Doctor Eric Berg is a great natural doctor here on You Tube, I'm sure regular doctors get a kick back for having you take as many jabs as your body can take. Three of my siblings are fully boosted, I need to lose 20lbs so I can fit in my dark suit, in case I have to go to their funeral.

    • Angelique C.
      Angelique C. 6 dni temu +2

      People need to start screaming it from the rooftops if we're gonna save humanity. Stop being afraid

    • hallmobility
      hallmobility 6 dni temu +2

      Notice the difference on the graph between Germany, among the worst, and nearby Sweden, among the best. What were the public policy differences between the two?

    • justanothername
      justanothername 6 dni temu

      Except people are stating the obvious. Plus im curious If you in Switzerland have heatwaves EVERY year, how come we in Baden-Württemberg don't?!

    • Magi
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    Thank you for sharing the i formation with the public despite the risk of asking questions and stating the truths.

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    We do need answers and thank you for doing your bit to keep this in the public eye.

  • stefan78able
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    I just watched my 1st video on this channel, good solid assesment of the situation under rather difficult circumstances with this permanent threat of having the channel closed down by PLclip. It's everywhere the same problem with this censorship. However, I've noticed the wind is changing as word of mouth is spreading quickly while more and more people losing their healthy beloved ones, suddenly unknown causes post CV.

  • Andrew Bean
    Andrew Bean Dzień temu

    Thanks John for another great episode and yes we understand what your saying

  • Nate James
    Nate James 9 dni temu +387

    I'm feeling pretty comfortable knowing nobody in my family rolled their sleeves up for the experiment. Wasn't an easy task for them being in Australia where the government made it very difficult to live life without it. I was locked out of Australia for a few years during all this and wasn't getting back in easily once the government did open back up but I still refused to join the herd. I have to thank Ukrainian corruption for my ease of entry back into Australia 😀

    • Magic 21
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      Both my parents died within 5 months of each other after lapping the carrots up

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      @Nate James Ill be in.

    • Nate James
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      @Mike B I'm not talking about your 1st, I'm talking about your 5th

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    With respect, you have not worded things poorly. They are censoring well.
    Thank you for what you do for us

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    Thanks for still doing such a wonderfull work. Every time if i have questionmarks, the first thing i think of is you.

  • Julee Forget-me-not
    Julee Forget-me-not 3 dni temu

    My 40 year old non 💉 nephew died of sclerosis of arteries, he had had Covid though, it would be very useful to know if covid infection increases risk of heart or disease of arteries, so much for trying to save lives

  • Foo Feighter
    Foo Feighter 2 dni temu +1

    Dear Dr. Campbell I understand your preference for PLclip, after all that's how I found you. I'm sure you are aware that there are many alternative platforms. Have you ever considered to use one of those ? My guess is that they would grant you the airtime as they would love to have the content provided by you. Thank you for sharing your neutral quest on answers.

  • Metal Man
    Metal Man 9 dni temu +200

    I told my doctor no thanks repeatedly, a decision I’m proud of and still stand by .

    • VeggiePower303
      VeggiePower303 5 dni temu

      We must prosecute ALL these fucking doctors and nurses to the ends of the Earth, who pushed and gave the vacs.

    • RobUK37
      RobUK37 5 dni temu

      @ARandomLithuanian effects of covid

    • ARandomLithuanian
      ARandomLithuanian 5 dni temu +2

      @RobUK37 what do you believe has caused these excess deaths then? What is your opinion, genuinely want to know what you think has caused this.

    • iroj
      iroj 5 dni temu

      @RobUK37 Are you a paid shill working for an organization like the FDA or just a troll bot saying the jab is not causing problems ?

    • Susanna
      Susanna 5 dni temu

      @DiscipleOf Ra its not mentioned because he would get banned from You Tube but that is exactly what he is telling us In this video. Side effects of the vaccine are showing up but the truth is ignored or not investigated.

  • Patrick BURNAND
    Patrick BURNAND 2 dni temu +2

    Dear Dr. Campbell, I really want to continue to follow the information you provide. Could you please also upload your videos to another platform? (Bi.tc=hute, Od-ys[ee, Ru_mb|le,...) The censorship on the current platform is really getting ridiculous. People get banned for saying that 2+2=4.

  • Jim Squire
    Jim Squire 5 dni temu

    The main issue we know is people have been avoiding physicians/hospitals due to covid and have not had regular check ups, screenings or had procedures delayed. There is still a large backlog surgery

  • DahEnforcer
    DahEnforcer 2 dni temu

    Sorry to hear you have been pressured to be more careful with your wording. Disconcerting when CDC and WHO have been shown to get this wrong more than once. Keep sharing your valuable info even if you find you must leave this platform to find one more willing to have open discussions about aberrant data. Post the new platform - we will follow!

  • bill wilson`
    bill wilson` 4 dni temu +1

    Thank you for the information. Thanks for the showing the links in your video so we can see the official narrative. Good to know recommendations haven't changed even with all the new data they are ignoring and not tracking.

  • MartianTom
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    Why isn't this enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex in the room being talked about by anyone? We all have a good idea what the cause is. But as soon as you mention it, they shut you down.

    • peter love
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      @manoftheroad i thought he said maybe as Camilla's tampon☝🏻🥴

    • Monica Randall
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      @Ice Station Zebra Associates all the animals died in the studies silly.

    • Walter Stuermer
      Walter Stuermer 9 dni temu

      Covid attacks virtually every organ. The excess deaths are the true measure of Covid mortality. Every qualified scientist understands this.

    • Malia Placido
      Malia Placido 9 dni temu +3

      I know right? Better not mention it but does it involve literally “ dropping dead” by chance.?

    • Storskarv
      Storskarv 9 dni temu

      Spot on 🤐

  • Audrey B
    Audrey B 4 dni temu

    Dr John I read on this the other day, it was (heart arrhythmia) irregular heartbeat, that was given as extra deaths, it was given by ons statistics

  • Patricia Schoffelen
    Patricia Schoffelen 3 dni temu

    Wow, I followed this doctor a few times during the beginning of the pandemic and I remember this man being very positive towards vaccinations.. So, what changed here, in that time he used data to "prove" his information was right and now he does the same with a different outcome? I am confused.

  • Maya Persson
    Maya Persson 3 dni temu

    I'm sorry to hear YT are threatening you. I really hope someone who teaches medical students download all your videos and keep them stored offline for the benefit of all for the future. I understand why you can't mention the obvious consern about the course of the increase in the number of deaths beyond expectation. Some day all truth will come out. They can't hide it forever.

  • Sean Gallagher
    Sean Gallagher 11 godzin temu

    Dr John, please CONTINUE to objectively report the facts, and give your expert opinions. I DO NOT CARE if they might appear to contradict any official information.