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Fourth vaccine dose

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  • Opublikowany 21 mar 2022
    (Pfizer, 65 and older for 4th shot)
    request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration,
    for an amendment to the emergency use authorization,
    to allow for a fourth dose of its COVID-19 vaccine (mRNA-1273),
    in adults 18 years of age and older who,
    have received an initial booster of any of the authorized or approved COVID-19 vaccines.
    (A booster dose of the Modern, 50 µg authorized for emergency use in the U.S. under EUA for adults 18 years and older)
    Clinical trials are ongoing for Moderna's Omicron-specific booster (mRNA-1273.529),
    and a bivalent Omicron-specific booster (mRNA-1273.214).
    Will the 4th shot increase antibodies?
    Is it an emergency for a healthy 18 year old to get a 4th dose of vaccine today?
    Can beneficial endpoints be demonstrated for the individual?
    What n would be needed to demonstrate these beneficial outcomes?
    Will the 4th shot reduce T cell immunity for internal viral proteins?
    If someone has had omicron infection, will a 4th dose increase beneficial outcomes further?
    Is it time to end emergency shortcuts and get back to RCTS?
    Will there be guarantees a 4th dose will not be mandated once emergency use authorization is granted?
    Full FDA Approval of a COVID-19 Vaccine: What You Should Know
    The approval system for vaccines uses scientific data and exacting standards,
    to ensure safe and effective vaccines
    Review processes include
    Clinical trials
    The FDA requires rigorous testing of vaccines through a series of clinical trials,
    to make sure they work and are safe before authorizing or approving them for the public.
    The laboratories that conduct the trials are independent from the vaccine companies and the government,
    process is not biased.
    Risks and benefits
    must demonstrate that the benefits of a vaccine are greater than its risks for those who will be vaccinated
    Continual monitoring
    the FDA may pause the administration of vaccine to do more studies,
    and ensure that the problem does not outweigh the vaccine’s benefit.
    Manufacturing guidelines
    test the vaccine doses in batches (lots),
    to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the vaccines remain consistent and reliable.
    UK 4th Jab
    Fourth Covid jabs to be rolled out to about five million vulnerable people starting from next week
    The Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisations (JCVI)
    Another dose of Pfizer or Moderna, (six months after third dose)
    care home residents
    immunosuppressed people over 12 years

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  • PurpleRhino

    I survived the peer pressure, abuse and everything in between. UNVAXXED AND MENTALLY AT PEACE

  • Charles Frandolig

    My mother enthusiastically took the third booster from I believe moderna. She was elderly, aside from high blood pressure, which had been effectively managed for many years. She had some functional loss of her kidneys, but no medication was needed according to her nephrologist. She was doing very, very well . We had a average day and ate dinner and there were NO indications of anything being amiss, she ate a full dinner, then a couple of hours later she told me goodnight as she had done for the ten years preceding that night. I found her dead shortly after midnight. The EMT's and the police that came after I discovered her, adamantly insisted that a autopsy as I requested was completely unnecessary and would be extremely costly to the family, me, her only son. I think there was a reason that they collectively protested my wishes. They knew simply by thier examination of my mother, what had caused her sudden death a sudden explosive, severe brain bleed. This happens in a very small portion of the eldery as I have since read about online. I am ouraged but what can I do. I am and was highly suspicious of the God Damn booster. I would advise anyone with elderly parents to stay far, far away from that God Damn thing. Possibly acceptable losses to moderna and the C.D.C. But to me and especially my mother utter devastation. The world might be of the opinion, that well it was just one little old lady . But to me that was my mother.

  • Patrick
    Patrick  +532

    Not only did this situation make me decide I would under absolutely no circumstances take the covid jabs, but it made me absolutely sure I will never take any vaccine again ever.

  • Yoga
    Yoga  +472

    So my university demanded “you know what” and Without it we were not allowed to graduate. All the ones who didn’t want to participate in the experiment got together and threatened to drop out and sue. Within a few hours the university magically changed their mind. That is all it takes.

  • Marie Katherine

    No way. Not then, not now. Every last person in my family got Covid AFTER getting vaccinated. My BIL who was perfectly healthy and active, got Covid after the first shot. He reluctantly took the second shot in order to keep his job. This is a man who jogged 15 miles 5-7 days per week. He died two weeks later of a heart attack at 37. The autopsy revealed severe myocarditis. He left my sister with six children. They’ve moved in with me in a state where she can work without being “fully” vaccinated. She had the first dose and got Covid. Does anyone really think she’s going to get the second dose after being made a widow with six children at age 41?

  • Kevin Murphy

    No poison for this guy ever. No mask, no shot, no sniffles, no doctor, no hospital, no distance from anyone, i shake hands and give hugs, and I have compromised lungs from being up in Fort.McMurray Alberta Canada during the fires and got smoke damage from the fires and still here. Feeling excellent. Stopped getting the flu shot many, many years ago. Never felt better.

  • W Cooman

    There is something inherently wrong with allowing a drug company to dictate one's medical needs & treatments.

  • Penny Benton

    I remain unvaxxed and covid free. Prayers for family and friends who've endured horrible side affects.

  • Katrina is always correct

    I am a hospice nurse in United States and I can say that many many people have covid vaccine side effects, but it is hard to prove when almost all medical centers/hospitals will just tell them that it's not the cause, bye have a good day. If it doesn't happen within minutes of getting the "vaccine" then they will say it's not the cause. All these sudden strokes within days, pericarditis, etc.. take weeks to get a diagnosis for or might not happen for days to weeks after the shot, but then it is difficult to prove cause. It is obvious to me when my nursing home patients suddenly have changes post vax, but if you speak up in health care you are immediately dismissed. Suddenly I'm just a dumb nurse who can't possibly understand the problem... but I'm apparently smart enough to care for dieing neglected covid positive patients.

  • S A D E
    S A D E  +187

    I just got over COVID and I am so glad I never got vaccinated. I do not need it now. I have the best protection (natural immunity) Thank you Jesus

  • BartieBeanz

    Interesting seeing Dr Campbell's evolution during this whole scamdemic. Early on, he seemed more amenable to the pharma narrative, but lately he has been more circumspect/skeptical.

  • Commie Killah Jay

    A very nice lady I know had just Died of cancer stage 4 a few days ago. She is tripled jabbed and was is great health before the jabs. Months after the booster she developed cancer and did not last 6 months. She was 84 years old and was in great health and still driving her car and working as a food delivery driver. Literally months after her booster she died. I blame the jabs.

  • thefront

    Funny thing is, I'm 45 and have not even taken the first vaccine dose and I've never been sick!

  • Roe SA
    Roe SA  +190

    My brother had astrazeneca doses. After 2 weeks, ad excruciating pain at the back. The 3rd week was a downhill as he cannot walk and arms cannot hold cutleries. The AP thought at first that it was GB Guillain Barre' syndrome, but findings after MRI confirmed that cervical spine 5-7 were affected because of spondylitis, when in fact a month before the 1st dose he had PET scan/executive checkup and was given clean bill of health. He was operated upon, and now is recuperating. We really thought that the vaccine may have something to do with it

  • Keith Staton

    Thanks for the excellent, thought-provoking investigations. In the US, we know many who trust Dr.John's

  • Barbados Beach House Build

    My friend has a bar in the US very close to the Maderna facility. The staff that came in told him that their seniors and the government created the booster need in order to get rid of the mass amounts of vaccines made that are simply not being taken. They were initially told to make 500m and she said she feels they are not over 200 taken, the rest would have to be disposed of if they do not get these out.

  • Harp Grinder

    A distant friend just told me yesterday (yet another heart attack) her brother who was very healthy took the synthetic medical device injection and had a massive heart attack 1 month later. And today my good buddy said his father in law just had his up to date booster and is starting to stumble, fall down and was in the hospital Sat. My buddy told him don't take that injection, but FIL wouldn't listen.

  • Dog Mumma

    Since November 2021 I've had 3 family members with organ issues. My brother in law died of multiple organ failure aged 50. My step sister aged 45 had an emergency operation on her gall bladder and a blood transfusion was required, my Dad aged 61 is currently in hospital after kidney issues resulting in septic shock, two days on a ventilator and severe pancreatitis! All jabbed. Coincidence? I doubt it!!

  • Nikolai Koprinkov

    What a restrained, calm and objective way to scientifically address a premeditated crime against humanity. Kudos, Sir.🙃

  • Shinysides Music

    Your explanations in all your videos are excellent and vital for everyone to discover the truth. You make things very clear unlike the governemts, media and medical authorities.