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Africa, low vaccination, covid over.

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  • Opublikowany 12 wrz 2022
  • Despite very low vaccination rates, Uganda is now essentially over the pandemic. Do watch this video, we in the West can learn a lot.
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  • Odette
    Odette Dzień temu +2

    Well done Uganda. Excellent proof that a nation can handle a health issue without a singular intervention.

  • LibertyMatrix
    LibertyMatrix Dzień temu +584

    “The vaccine was not brought in for COVID. COVID was brought in for the vaccine. Once you realize that, everything else makes sense.” ~ Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

  • Sandra Townsend
    Sandra Townsend 21 godzinę temu +61

    I had covid in South Africa, am unvaccinated, my symptoms were mild. Our human bodies have innate intelligence to heal themselves, aided by better eating habits, love of self, and no fear of what might happen. Not listening to the gloom mongerers!

  • Mark McLean
    Mark McLean Dzień temu +151

    Natural immunity over vaccination for me...Best decision I have ever made...lost lots of friends over the mandates here in Canada...could not even fly domestically for 8 month's...I feel vindicated for what I felt all along.🇨🇦😎

  • Susan Brooks
    Susan Brooks Dzień temu +111

    Many people in Africa never had the luxury of "locking down" and had to work every day to survive. They werent sucked into the Fear virus that spread through Europe and America. I believe many have much stronger immunity and something else called "common sense" which seems to be not so common in the industrialized west. There are enormous lessons to be learnt from their approach.

  • A Jung
    A Jung Dzień temu +64

    Brilliant to hear this. It's so rare to hear western professionals calling for the west to listen and learn from other regions of the world rather than enforce their own theories and narratives on them. A welcome humility and very important message. Thank you.

  • Pauline Murray
    Pauline Murray Dzień temu +1

    This is more evidence of the horror that non-medical leaders have imposed on the peoples of the world. I really enjoyed this interview. Putting a face to Africa was heartwarming. thank you Dr. Campbell.

  • Theodore Dimas
    Theodore Dimas Dzień temu +53

    “This was a disease of affluence “, fascinating! I’m in the US and it is becoming obvious that our lifestyle had ALOT to do with the high death rate

  • Dr. J
    Dr. J 21 godzinę temu +28

    Very skillful interview Dr. Campbell, well done to you and to your knowledgeable Ugandan clinical officer friend. I am certain his warmth, compassionate-heart, transparency, and wealth of information are well appreciated by the many people he serves. This interview was very important for all to see, to hear, to feel, and "to know". While my heart feels sorrow for all of those who suffered, I am grateful for the more positive outcome. I hope the world pays attention.

  • Cayenne Peppa
    Cayenne Peppa Dzień temu +34

    Fantastic discussion, Docs!!! Yes, we can learn tons from the COVID experience in Africa. Funny how we, in the West, think that we're so smart and can almost predict everyone else's doom when we should have been concerned about our own problems.

  • mvp019
    mvp019 Dzień temu +30

    So refreshing to hear someone who practices patient-centered medicine on a rational basis without corporate policies driving absurd processes.

  • Dr. Wilco
    Dr. Wilco Dzień temu +37

    Great interview and of significant importance! Here is a theory to entertain, the western world suffers from a "Processed Foods" addiction which is determental to the equilibrium of our natural health system. A bio-chemical system that is easily thrown out of balance by wrong lifestyles and the chemical contents of these processed foods, which in a sense you cannot really call food at all. A strong immune system is attained by a proper lifestyle and REAL foods. Those lovely poor people in Africa, as it turns out that cannot afford western chemical foods, had a strong natural defense against this vir**us that is clearly our first line of protection. Eat natural and simple for God-given natural health.

  • Robert Daoust
    Robert Daoust Dzień temu +908

    The immune system of the human body when allowed to do it's job is a wonderful thing.

  • B Crawford
    B Crawford Dzień temu +20

    John, your journey has been an evolutionary and an inspiration to the countless number of those who have followed you over the past couple of years. Not only have you followed the data which at times has led to uncomfortable truths and realisation, but you've continued the journey in the spirit of helping people across the globe to navigate and make sense of the situation during times when such assurances were lacking. My sincere thanks to you, your contributors, your supporters, and all those across the world who listened, and are still listening, supporting, and stepping up. Thank you.

  • roselind emuge
    roselind emuge Dzień temu +59

    I travelled to Uganda for the first time after COVID and I was shocked how free everyone was. They are so strict in California!

  • Philip Price
    Philip Price Dzień temu +42

    The good doctor just explained what any self- respecting health professional ought to know. Concepts of cross immunity, herd immunity and acquired immunity with immunological memory were condemned as heresy these past 2 years in favour of a single solution vax. This doctor has no ulterior motive, has not been bought or coerced. He simply is here to do good for his patients. God bless him.

  • Tiffany Vanderpool
    Tiffany Vanderpool Dzień temu +32

    I want to thank both of you for taking the time to make me feel like doctors out there aren't all ridiculous like the United States thank you so much you guys and I know not all doctors are bad but I know they're putting a band on our doctors talking here in the United States freely to our patients online about negative and effects of vaccines and stuff

  • zxum wmki
    zxum wmki 12 godzin temu +16

    "Some people in the villages have never worn mask once until now, completely normal lives"

  • ThatNaturalistGuy
    ThatNaturalistGuy Dzień temu +1

    It shouldant really be surprising that humans are able to develop antibodies after being exposed to a virus. This has been happening for millions of years. It was a nasty virus but we have evolved to fight diseases as they appear. I was quite suprised to see the good doctor in Uganda. What a great man. Enjoy your trip!

  • M Rob
    M Rob Dzień temu +16

    Reading between the lines is a required skill for watching this channel. Thank you for giving us this valuable insight. Well done Uganda and Africa.