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John gets 'fact checked' by BBC

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  • Opublikowany 28 sty 2022
  • But who 'fact checks' the 'fact checkers'
    Covid: Posts claiming only 17,000 died of virus 'factually incorrect'
    Then on 20 January, Dr John Campbell, a retired nurse educator who has amassed a huge following on PLclip, released a video describing the figures as a "huge story" and suggested Covid deaths were "much lower than mainstream media seems to have been intimating".
    "It has become a weapon of the cruel and heartless to dismiss the deaths of the people we love."
    The BBC has contacted Mr Nawaz, Dr Campbell and Mr Davis.
    By Rachel Schraer
    Health and disinformation reporter
    Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest insights: Deaths
    Information based on scientific facts is a human right
    Pope Francis
    To be properly informed, to be helped to understand situations based on scientific data and not fake news, is a human right
    Journalists and scientists, should try to build bridges to those who need to hear scientific truths
    lauded those who could properly place individual facts in a broader picture
    by explaining the causes and circumstances of a given situation.
    10 billion vaccine doses have been administered globally
    Professor Madhukar Pai, epidemiology and biostatistics, McGill University in Montreal
    South Africa, for example, has set up a hub to begin developing mRNA vaccines where scientists, are trying to reverse-engineer the Moderna vaccine from scratch, because the U.S. drugmaker won’t share its technology.
    Dr. Pai likened this to reinventing the wheel while a car is on fire.

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  • Dan O'Shea

    In my entire life I've never seen such a coordinated and politically charged attack on information as I have with this pandemic. I support facts and Dr. John has been not only citing reliable sources but also attempting to keep his own political ideals completely out of his summaries. Thank you, Dr. John!

  • Karen Cooke

    Dr Campbell, you have been the most transparent, balanced, and educated professional speaking on the issue of Covid since this pandemic. I’m appalled at their blatant lies and misinformation that they are spreading about you. I’m sorry that you’re having this experience. Please don’t let this distract you from what you have been doing. I thank you for your time in researching and educating us laypeople on these issues amongst all the noises that are out there.

  • Beccy Smith

    Here, the BBC have provided us with a perfect example of how they are no longer the impartial news institution they once prided themselves on. How sad. I hope more people are realising this and no longer trusting their word as gospel. Thankyou for making the huge effort to clarify information for people. This is so needed. You are loved and appreciated greatly.

  • Mary Ellen Montgomery

    I have been watching John Campbell since March 2020 and he has literally has gotten me through this pandemic informatively and emotionally as well. He shows clearly his sources of information and adds his years of experience in the scientific method and standard common sense with clear and fair interpretations. He steers clear away from far too common sound bite drama which we can all lower ourselves into. The many facets of the whole truth cannot be summarized in a sound bite. So appreciate the in depth, well informed, and respectful temperament of this channel for contributing well over and above the messages pumped out my main stream media, big pharma, and the gigantic wheels of an entrenched system which just seems chaotic and ineffectual. Thanks so much

  • Emily Madden

    When you get namedropped by those evil people in control--- you know you're doing it right Dr. John. You're such a blessing. The likes say it all. You have more likes on your videos than BBC, CNN, and all the other garbage outlets available to us. Thank you for what you do <3 We all appreciate your hardwork and HONESTY!

  • Dank
    Dank  +157

    They are clearly trying to debunk this man. Can't do it! He's a hero and has all our support.

  • S&P Private

    I think the BBC owe you an apology. They should be fact checked themselves over so many issues. Your work has been an outstanding source of relative and authentic information and of great help, support and encouragement to millions of people in a time where the fear based narrative of MSM has been allowed to run riot. I say keep it up Dr. Campbell… you are one of the few sources of information we can trust in! Thank you!

  • Max Capone

    The dry humor expressed by this genuine man is an absolute treasure.

  • Jamie Pearce

    I have been with you before Covid - I learnt a lot from you working on my anatomy and physiology class. You're a very intelligent guy and your work always brought me high marks. Keep going Dr John - you're doing amazing and we're all here to support you.

  • Sumaya Mustafa

    I believe that any wise person and any medical professional truly believe you are one of the best (if not the only one which I personally believe so) in educating the people about the pandemic when most of health professionals and institutes ignored the public and forced them to accept extreme unjustified measures.

  • debbie farmer

    Dr. Campbell, you are the most trustworthy person who educates others on the Covid 19 pandemic. Because you research and teach from your learned knowledge. You show us how you come to your knowledge of what you teach. I hope the ones who talk negatively about you find out how wrong they are and are embarrassed and apologize to you publicly. Please keep up your honesty and hard work educating us. Thank you for all your time and knowledge you share with us.

  • Laura Pauk

    Thank you Doc for all the work you do. We genuinely appreciate it.

  • jenny reesmann

    As an Immunologist who has watched you faithfully for the last two years, I too am utterly appalled at the comments made by the BBC. Is it just a co-incidence that this ‘attack’ on you comes only a day or two after you were calling out the Pharmaceutical Companies ( and Government) for not yet releasing the raw data on which they have been making decisions? Please continue your great work of keeping us informed. You are gracious, as always, in your response to them.

  • Kashmir Sidhu

    Dr Campbell you’re doing an excellent job delivering clear, accurate information in a calm,compassionate and measured manner. Truly appreciated throughout the pandemic by a nurse. Thank you

  • victoria Pittari

    The way you dealt with this was really admirable and my respect for you has increased. Keep it up! Hold your head up because you know the truth and your own level of integrity and you have shown that integrity to your followers. You earned their respect and trust. One article won't ruin that. People know quality when they see it.

  • caroljean161

    Thank you Dr Campbell for all the information you have shared and light you have shed on the covid data in terms of the facts. I remember you clarifying the measurements at the time and co morbidities. My husband died in April 2019 he had terminal cancer but but his death was hastened by covid 19. Part of the co morbidity statistics that that you helped me and thousands of others to understand during the last year. I have nothing but praise for your openness and humility as you share factual data and discuss the implications with the wide variety of guests you have had on your channel. Please don’t be discouraged by the inaccurate media report about you because sadly, you are one of many who get misreported by the media. Media misreporting is actually a subject that I’ve taken to my MP. It can harm so many and colour opinions in a fell swoop. I look forward to your interview with Rachel from the BBC😊👍🏽

  • Grace Wells

    John you've been so amazing all through the pandemic. You've made me proud to be English. The mainstream media have let us down so badly. I wish you only the best. You deserve knighthood.

  • barbvdvelde

    Your thoroughness & balanced research, coupled with your extensive experience & wisdom have been so well appreciated by both myself & all those I’ve shared your videos with.

  • Kate Chamberlain

    A wonderful response to a ridiculous and unfounded accusation. The good thing about always sticking to real data is that you CAN defend yourself easily against sensationalist and inaccurate media comments. It's just a shame we live in a world where that's necessary. Keep doing what you're doing John. Clearly there are thousands of people around the world who really appreciate your work. Thank you so much.

  • zelio coelho

    Dr.Campbell thank you for the information you put out there, your facts bring confidence and well-being to millions of us ,dare I say you save the nhs thousands just on antidepressants prescriptions,your analysis on what covid-19 Reality