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Superior natural immunity

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  • Opublikowany 15 mar 2022
  • Scotland, mask mandates
    Nicola Sturgeon, “prudent”
    mandatory mask rules, until April 4 at the earliest.
    Mask rules, case numbers well ahead of England
    2,073,900 people (1 in 25) in England
    97,900 people (1 in 30) in Wales
    143,800 people (1 in 13) in Northern Ireland
    299,900 people (1 in 18) in Scotland
    COVID-19: Why Are We Ignoring Infection-Acquired Immunity?
    Antibodies from natural infection, more abundant, more potent, at least 10 times more potent, than immunity generated by vaccination alone
    Hybrid immunity, induces a sort of 'super-immunity',
    irrespective of whether infection or vaccination comes first,
    there is increasing evidence that immunity derived from natural infection with COVID-19 gives powerful protection on its own.
    Natural immunity has been shown to be both highly protective and long lasting,
    and to safeguard against both re-infection and severe disease.
    Vaccination before or after SARS-CoV-2 infection leads to robust humoral response and antibodies that effectively neutralize variants
    (Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Portland, US
    Antibody responses from the initial wave of vaccines in early 2021 have waned over 6 months,
    contributing to an increase in breakthrough infections
    We measure neutralizing antibody responses
    Those with breakthrough infections
    Hybrid immunity
    No infection history
    We find that human immune sera
    After breakthrough infection and vaccination
    After natural infection
    broadly neutralize variants to a similar degree
    Negatively correlates with antibody response after vaccination alone,
    no correlation with age was found in breakthrough or hybrid immune groups.
    Together, our data suggest that the additional antigen exposure from natural infection substantially boosts the quantity, quality, and breadth of humoral immune response regardless of whether it occurs before or after vaccination
    COVID-19 Cases and Hospitalizations by COVID-19 Vaccination Status and Previous COVID-19 Diagnosis - California and New York, May-November 2021
    By early October,
    persons who survived a previous infection
    had lower case rates than
    persons who were vaccinated alone.
    Natural immunity against COVID-19 significantly reduces the risk of reinfection: findings from a cohort of sero-survey participants (India)
    strong plausibility that development of antibody following natural infection not only protects against re-infection by the virus to a great extent,
    but also safeguards against progression to severe COVID-19 disease
    EU drug regulator expresses doubt on need for fourth booster dose
    European Medicines Agency, Head of Vaccines Strategy, Marco Cavaleri
    While use of additional boosters can be part of contingency plans,
    repeated vaccinations within short intervals would not represent a sustainable long-term strategy
    Boosters every four months,
    poses the risk of overloading people's immune systems,
    and leading to fatigue in the population.
    There is a need for an updated vaccine,
    any such change would need to be coordinated globally.

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  • Deidre Martin

    Dr. Campbell, I am being "fact checked" almost every time I share your videos. I'm SURE this one will be fact checked as well. Keep coming to us with reason, logic and actual science. Thank you.

    SATSAFE  +25

    At 20 min in, you completely hit the nail on the head. Thanks for this John. Some of my family and friends have remained vaccine free despite huge peer pressure and we are still discriminated against despite the scientific evidence. Keep up the great work.

  • Madeline Zech

    I had full on Delta in August of 2021 with fever of 101 for 18 days along with fatigue that made me want to sleep for 10 days. That’s it. I’m 100% now and back to life with regular workouts and no effect on my cardio abilities. No injections just natural immunity! Omicrom all around me for 3 months now and I continue to be healthy thank god!!

  • formatr6
    formatr6  +132

    Sir, thank you for doing this and breaking this down so clearly for everyone to understand. I've been watching since alpha wave and enjoy every second. Thank you

  • ellenmeilee

    The voice of reason throughout the pandemic, and no doubt throughout the endemic. Thank you Doc 👍

  • Chelle_NZ
    Chelle_NZ  +184

    I 've had 2 people in my household come down with covid and several other friends and family members as well. I have been around them all while infectious, I am unvaccinated yet have never tested positive. I would have liked to see if I had cross over protection from a one of the other sars-cov viruses, but sadly our government banned such testing. This was another area they failed to explore throughly.

  • Michael Gregory

    Good on yer, brother John! My wife and I had early Alpha cases here in California in December of 2019 and it took us about 6 weeks to get fully clear of it (I'm 60, wife is 69). Wife got vaccinated at the insistence of her daughter b/c she babysits the grandchildren. Wife got Omicron but I didn't and we sleep in the same bed and are constantly affectionate and in close proximity. I never got the vax after reading of the potential for risk factors of a post-infection vaccination. I work in healthcare and have been getting mandatory weekly tests since August and have not had a reinfection. I'm also a musician, playing in indoor venues with lots of people and still no reinfection. I'm not foolish and don't expose myself to obvious situations with high infection potential, but neither do I shrink back from living life as normally as possible. Thank you for your consistency throughout on your channel! It's scientific, evidence-based and apolitical - features which I value highly.

  • Cristian Dragomir

    God bless you Dr. John! Appreciate all your hard work and honest reports.

  • Tara Eveland

    I saw your very first vitamin D study read in very early 2020 and took your advice. My family has had it twice and both times the second day sucked, then after we were fine. We are thankful for you John and love seeing how popular you are now! Congrats!

  • Jennifer Stam

    I knew early on when COVID hit America that my plan was going to be firm. Natural infection. I had to fight for my job (large, well known medical facility in the Midwest) due to this plan but I was able to keep it thankfully. Had Delta in late October and still feel confident that this was the best plan for our family. We've seen most of our friends and family have "breakthrough infections" since having been boosted. We're very happy we made the choice we did. I am the oldest - 48 year old female. Husband is 45. Sons are 12 and 14. Vegan. No comorbidities. Took the "I" medicine (just hubby and I). No longer afraid of COVID!

  • Joshua G. Carapezza

    I got vaccinated before and post covid infection.

  • Nova
    Nova  +167

    Thanks Dr C! The denial of natural immunity was a red flag for me early on in the pandemic, along with the censorship of previously respected scientists and doctors, and the 2 sham studies paraded across corporate media against hydroxychloroquine when Trump spoke about it.

  • Roger Wilson

    I'm 70, unvaccinated and just caught Covid last week after 2 years of living my life as normally as possible. Pleased I can now build a natural immunity as I knew I would catch it eventually. I would say my illness is somewhere between a bad cold and flu, but not quite full blown flu.

  • JK _46
    JK _46  +4

    Dr Campbell your a living legend, thank you for all your educational videos I really appreciate all your doing for us to understand what is the best way to protect ourselves because government and pharmaceutical companies obviously have different agenda's it seems.

  • Vincey C

    Thank you for making this video and including links to your sources! Your videos are awesome, Dr. Campbell!

  • Kryz

    Hello Dr. Campbell, I have been following you for 2 years now. I am vaccinated and boosted…3 shots now. I recently tested positive. Yay! Super natural immunity now. My experience…felt like flu-ish 1.5 days. Body aches, fever and stuffiness on the nose. On 3rd day, went out gardening, worked at about 60% capacity. Had to re-schedule Easter Sunday meal. It’s also worth mentioning that my family started with the Vitamin D3 about 2 months ago. Most of the people I’ve spoken to who were vaccinated are not going for the 4th shot. People should also keep themselves healthy with common sense eating and exercise. Thank you for your dedication in giving out information from an international standpoint

  • bongosbm1

    Thank you Dr John I have tried to watch as many of your informative videos throughout the pandemic … I am Pfizer double vaxxed and boosted but had Omicron in January .. this video is helping me decide if a 4th shot is necessary and the answer is no. Thanks very much !

  • M. S
    M. S  +3

    Unfortunately, not everyone survives exposure to COVID 19, others who contracted it have developed long COVID, like me. The benefit of natural immunity plus two shots and booster is that apparently it’s nearly impossible for me to catch the virus, the down side is headaches, fatigue and body aches for nearly two years though previously very healthy. As my brother, a highly respected physician once said “we know so little about viruses.”

  • W Breeschoten

    Dear Dr. Campbell, you have been a rock for me in an unstable landscape. Since november you announced already that Omicron came from South Africa and that we all would be infected. But this could be a blessing as we would get natural immunity! And so it happened!

    EVOTRANCE  +33

    I'm pretty certain I had covid at the start of the pandemic here in Australia in March 2020, fever,muscle pain etc for 4 days,and a couch that persisted for 6 weeks. Since then,I've been exposed to 3 personal friends who've had delta and 4 who've had Omicron,and I've not caught the Rona. Give me natural immunity anyday over the G jab!