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Neuro disease after vaccine with Nikk

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  • Opublikowany 10 lis 2021
  • Nikk describes her experiences after vaccination and her struggles to be heard, thank you Nikk. This is the link referred to in the discussion, www.c19vaxreactions.com
    (C19 vax reactions)
    On a separate note, John would like to talk to Eric Clapton, if anyone knows Mr Clapton please pass on this request, campbellteaching@hotmail.com

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  • Timberrr

    “The vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe. If they don’t, then the country is safe.”

  • Ian Stoa
    Ian Stoa  +762

    I’m a veteran and I receive my care through the VA. I asked my doctor to have a conversation about these new vaccines and concerns I had. She told me there have been no adverse affects and no deaths from the vaccine. She said they are 100% safe. After hearing this I knew I can no longer trust my own doctor.

  • Susan Jolly

    Hubby and I remain unvaccinated and glad we stood our ground. Thank you Dr John for everything you have done to reassure us all!

  • Rob J
    Rob J  +94

    Very proud to say I am not vaccinated for covid 19 and never will be. Those blue bars below the video will deny that the vaccines can be adverse to health! Also, note that the companies that supplied covid vaccines in the USA have zero liability! Why is that?

  • Deanne
    Deanne  +69

    God bless this brave woman. Watching her cry broke my heart. I'm going to pray that she gets the help she needs and deserves. We need to get more stories like this out there. There are waaaay too many of them now. Something has to be done!

  • Kimberly Finke

    I got sick after my 1st shot, my second shot I thought I was dying. I took hours for me to start and feel bad but when I did it started with body aches. From there I spiked a fever of 104.5 with uncontrolled shaking,vomiting and passing out twice. I was forced to get it and have refused the booster and will continue to refuse. Ever since the shots Ive had extreme dizzy spells, memory lapses and headaches. I pray for this lady 🙏🏻

  • Bill Smail

    There are literally thousands upon thousands of people just like her all around the world.

  • Jennifer Duhe

    The neurological side effects scare me more than anything. Thank you Nikk for sharing your story.

  • El Evans
    El Evans  +33

    What beats me is how a person , like this woman, who has been through such terrible side effects, still volontarily goes and gets a booster. In my opinion that is simply crazy.

  • Sarah Rose

    Thank you both for doing this video. It is helpful to hear others having horrible reactions, as I too have had a tough time bouncing back after the 2nd vaccine. I noticed a metalic taste in my mouth right away, shooting pains throughout my body and brain (2 months), tinitus for 5 months, aching legs for 3 months and so much grief for feeling changed from a healthy person to someone I didn't recognize for 6 months.

  • Brenda M
    Brenda M  +90

    Such a heartbreaking situation. I pray that she can recover from these injuries. She seems like a genuinely kind person. Thank you for giving her a voice John

  • Nichelle Loh

    My heart goes out to this precious woman. She & so many others have come out and speak up about this terrible vac 🤮! I sure hope she is feeling better my sweet Jesus. I hope she is being taken care of properly.

  • H Bree
    H Bree  +3

    I feel you’ve been pretty fair throughout this whole vaccine runout. The fact that you’ve given voice to the vaccine injured makes me respect you all the more. Thank you!

  • chariots8x

    Thank you for giving a voice to people who have suffered harm from this experimental treatment, yet the medical community is choosing to ignore.

  • Gillian Foote

    This poor lady 🥰 my heart goes out to her 🤗 thank goodness she has the warmth & compassion from Dr Campbell to tell her story

  • Pebbles
    Pebbles  +43

    Thank you for sharing these experiences. After vaccination in January, I became exhausted for weeks, normally energetic. 2 weeks ago I contracted covid, the strangest symptoms Ive encountered, loss of taste and smell unlike anything Ive ever experienced, but the level of dehydration almost sent me to hospital, I wasnt vomitting, but so dehydrated I couldnt walk, Better now, but confused about the varying symptoms and responses. I appreciate the open minded considerate comments here, I felt like I was duped, and nobody gives a dam, I feel so much empathy for our elders who have trusted and been abused and abandoned

  • Sarah Martinez

    Sending love and prayers to this beautiful lady. You are so brave and it's ok to share your emotions. Take care and stay strong. Everyone needs to hear these stories.

  • Chris M
    Chris M  +89

    My bro in law, an R.N., got the vax as mandated to keep his job. He lost a kidney right after his second vax. Blood clot went to the kidney. The neurologist said he basically had a heart attack in his kidney.

  • renata ugrin

    My huge respect for everyone who speaks about vaccine sides effects! ❤️


    Thank-you, Dr. Campbell, for being a credible source & man of integrity who is exposing the truth of what has gone on . . ..