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Digestive System, Components full lecture

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  • Opublikowany 25 sie 2019
  • Structures of the gastrointestinal system with liver and pancreas. Link to free download of my 2 textbooks

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  • Claire Brownie

    So interesting ! We should all be curious and have an insatiable appetite to know more about the human body. I think that we often dont know where to look to find easy to comprehend info. This is good stuff

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie  +25

    Had my gallbladder removed last year, it was full of stones and almost septic. Very painful. Since then I've enjoyed researching anatomy.

  • Tonya Wms
    Tonya Wms  +34


  • Zuhura Athman

    Thank you doctor John may God bless you sir 🙏

  • the chair the chair

    Really easy to understand. Thanks for the video, man. As a 15 y/o in Malaysia this is included in our syllabus. And it is pretty obvious it is easier to watch a 24 minute video than reading an entire text book chapter about human digestive system that would take hours and not even understanding a thing. Thanks again.


    Very informative video for all age. Thank you Sir!

  • King 1994

    Thank you Dr Campbell, gained much knowledge from your video. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Raphael Ferrero

    So I was born with an intrahepatic gallbladder (never descended during gestation) and wanted to ask what advice would you give to someone who had surgery for it? I had no choice, mine was malfunctioning and was filled with sludge.

  • John brooke

    God bless you Dr Omole on PLclip you are really a true definition of a great man thanks for helping me get rid of genital herpes.

  • Venkateswararao Putta

    Very good presentation,easy to understand. Thank you

  • Igor Kuznetsov

    Many respects for you sir! Truly usefull information on youtube is like a gem nowadays. Hail to the science! Only because of science humanity reaches and overcome all frontiers and limits. If we will evolve and be smart enough to stop all religious and cultural enmity, globalise and unite under science banner, we can do anything, and no Covid wouldn't stop us!

  • Ebony
    Ebony  +13

    An extremely very informative illustration of how our digestive organs function,thank you very much.

  • Nancy Patricio

    What happens to people when they have their gallbladder or the appendix removed?

  • Krishna Kavita

    Very well explained.. thankyou 👍

  • Oakey Sanders

    I just saw this was 2 years ago. I have corkscrew esophagus and the muscles that push the food down are having spasms so soon I will be going to surgery to stretch my esophagus and put Botox my spasm muscles. Have you heard of this? Great information thank you Dr. Campbell

  • Bharath Bhushan

    Great job sir helpful for common peoples to understand our own body system👍.

  • Fazil Abbas

    Thanks sir...... Amazing job🙏🙏

  • Dudlawar Sangetha

    Fantastic... This type of knowledge helpful to students alot. 👏

  • Oc Co

    This was amazing ! Thanks for sharing.

  • Bharati Singh

    Mind blowing🔥