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New Hope Children's Centre, Uplands, Kenya

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  • Opublikowany 10 wrz 2022
  • Founder and Director Anne Chege tells up about her work at a remarkable children's centre in Uplands, Kijabe, (near Nairobi) Kenya
    This is a great organisation I have been involved with for 12 years now. I fully attest to the veracity and dedication of all the staff I have met. The founder is Anne Chege, who my brother and I know well. Anne worked with Barclays Bank for 28 years, looking after orphans and abandoned children within her own home. On retirement she opened this centre and has dedicated her life to the work.
    To contribute to this work,

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  • Alan Phelan
    Alan Phelan 14 dni temu +156

    John if the world was more like you and less like what is in power right now it would be a much better place.

  • Joshua Benton
    Joshua Benton 14 dni temu +105

    A wonderful man and wonderful woman! I aim to be like you guys, people who change the world through love and kindness with action

  • S Gullion
    S Gullion 14 dni temu +49

    Yes! The babies and the children are innocent! True love in action. Praise God for Anne and all the worker's and people at the Children's Centre! They radiate such joy!

  • Arthur Barneys
    Arthur Barneys 14 dni temu +33

    What a fantastic lady. Thank you John for introducing someone normally unseen in life by us that is doing such amazing work.

  • Leia Lee
    Leia Lee 14 dni temu +48

    Thank you Anne for the wonderful work you are doing for God by having this facility to help the abandoned children & babies & the young girls who are pregnant so that the babies lives can be saved, plus the school. Praise God for your love & kindness.shown which is saving so many lives. God Bless You.✝️🛐💜

  • Zuzus Petals
    Zuzus Petals 14 dni temu +22

    May God bless and reward you, Anne. How blessed these children are to be in your care. 🕊

  • Marcelo S. Florido
    Marcelo S. Florido 14 dni temu +60

    Congrats Mr John and Ms. Anne. You' re such a kind of "Marvelous childhood partners"!! God bless you!

  • Ethics Cannie
    Ethics Cannie 14 dni temu +24

    Absolutely WONDERFUL video John. Thank you for showcasing Ms Anne and the compassionate and loving work that she does.

  • Hesdead Jim
    Hesdead Jim 14 dni temu +39

    This is amazing! God Bless you Ms Anne for working to change lives! God bless you too Dr. Campbell for your work and for giving the spotlight to amazing people like her!

  • J A Khan
    J A Khan 14 dni temu +34

    Dr John...you are indeed one of the world's most compassionate men ❤️ 💙, your 'hands-on' support for those in need is unfailing 🤗

  • NurseAdrianeRN
    NurseAdrianeRN 14 dni temu +52

    Thank You Dr.Campbell-from the 🇺🇸 I’ve learned so much from you since 2020. You’re heart is huge. Everyone please donate to this valuable charity.

  • Karen Stanislaw
    Karen Stanislaw 14 dni temu +47

    You're a dimensional and compassionate person, Dr. Campbell.

  • The Vegan Gearhead
    The Vegan Gearhead 14 dni temu +32

    Fantastic ! Thank you for raising awareness of such wonderful people existing in this world to help these poor children.

  • A&M
    A&M 14 dni temu +5

    "The baby is innocent, he deserves to live" --An absolutely simple and beautiful statement!

  • Mr Hyde
    Mr Hyde 14 dni temu +16

    Literally doing God's work. Thank you two.

  • Saskia de Bruin
    Saskia de Bruin 14 dni temu +29

    What a heartful 💗 human being you are john campbel! 🙏

  • Margaret Chase
    Margaret Chase 14 dni temu +25

    It is super that people care about children that others don't care about.

  • Andrew Nigsian
    Andrew Nigsian 14 dni temu +10

    I can't imagine a better name than New Hope for this children's centre.

  • jon st francis
    jon st francis 14 dni temu +4

    This lady is wonderful and this place is amazing: even saving babies that would be aborted so they can be born and cared for here. So heart warming to see such care and hope. Thank you for visiting this children's centre! God bless.

  • Linda James
    Linda James 14 dni temu +13

    OMG these poor children. What an amazing woman and organisation. John Campbell thank you for highlighting the plight of these children. What a world when there are so many people and so much food and money that we have to throw babies away. Why can’t we just help each other instead of competing with each other for power 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😢😢😢