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Severe illness after vaccination

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  • Opublikowany 30 paź 2021
  • Hospitalisation among vaccine breakthrough COVID-19 infections
    Robust vaccine efficacies at preventing severe symptomatic disease
    Breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 infections in fully vaccinated
    Impact of vaccination on admission to hospital
    Patients with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection
    Yale New Haven Health System, Connecticut
    Between March 23 and July 1, 2021
    Patients were considered fully vaccinated 14 days after second dose
    969 patients were admitted PCR positive
    172 (18%) of 969 patients had received at least one vaccine dose
    103 had received a partial vaccine course
    15 had received a complete course
    54 were fully vaccinated
    Among the 54
    25 (46%) patients were asymptomatic
    4 (7%) had mild disease
    11 (20%) had moderate disease
    14 (26%) had severe or critical illness
    4 (7%) required ICU
    1 required ventilation
    3 died
    Among those with severe or critical illness
    Median age 80·5 years
    Pre-existing comorbidities in the 14 patients with severe or critical illness
    Body-mass index more than 25 kg/m² (n=9)
    Cardiovascular disease (n=12)
    Lung disease (n=7)
    Malignancy (n=4)
    Type 2 diabetes (n=7)
    Immunosuppressive agent (n=4)
    Difference between vaccines
    13 of 14 patients had received BNT162b2, Pfizer
    1 of the 14 had received mRNA-1273, Moderna
    0 of the 14 had received Ad.26. COV2.S, J and J
    May 17, 2021, vaccine doses in Connecticut
    Pfizer, 1, 358, 175
    Moderna, 1, 044, 420
    J and J, 267, 000

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  • Iman amatullah

    As a vaccine injured person myself (although from a childhood hepatitis B vaccine series), I sincerely appreciate you acknowledging we (vaccine injury victims) exist, and that there are real people suffering real problems - sometimes permanent illnesses - as a result of vaccine side effects. Sadly, so many doctors and nurses treat us like we are crazy, and deny our injuries are real. Thanks for being open minded, and truly following the science, instead of politics, and government health department talking points.

  • maisiealfie1969

    I’m a paramedic working in London. I have noticed a very large increase in the number of people we are visiting with new cases of atrial fibrillation. The vast majority of these new cases are people who have recently received a covid vaccination ( within a couple of weeks).

  • C F
    C F  +739

    I'm 40 years old with zero cardiac history. 4 days after my 2nd dose of pfizer, while at rest, I suddenly got a heart rate of about 160 sustained for approximately 15 minutes, which slowly declined. Paramedics were called but I was on vacation away from home so I decided to just report this to my doctor when I got home. 4 days later while at work, my heart rate again increased to a similar rate. When this happens, I feel blood leaving my head and extremeties, and feel like I'm circling the bowl. That second time I went to the ER where all labs came back normal, including traponins. I wore a heart monitor provided by Kaiser for 2 month to catch the rhythm. The rhythms were ventricular tachyardia and sinus tach. In general, for about 6 months my heart was extremely excitable and felt like a "runaway truck" meaning that my hr very easily went up, and I could hardly slow it down with any/all attempts. Taking out the trash, watching a movie, or simply sitting down or reclined it would happen. I didn't exercise. I was off work on medical for 2.5 months during the worst part of it. PVCs also seemed more frequent, and more likely to have several in a row. I have zero history of "panic attacks" or anything of the like. I eliminated all "uppers" such as coffee/tea during this time frame. Oddly, the symptoms even happened while laying down for bed, and of course would happen while walking up stairs.... really it happened for any/all reasons or for no reason at all. My resting heart rate was constantly up, and during "episodes" would just go higher. Subsequent ER visit from another bad episode also yielded normal labs, and my echo cardiogram was said to be normal. I was not granted an MRI despite requesting one. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was caused by the vaccine due to it starting 4 days after, with zero previous cardiac history for myself or my family, and because it slowly got better over the course of 6 months. It most certainly did not resolve in a week as described in this video chat. My general doctor's response to me saying I think it was from the vaccine was, "You can't blame this on the vaccine" (I live in the Bay Area of California). My cardiologist said it was possible to his credit. I have a very strong hunch that the numbers of cardiac issues post-vaccine are underreported.... for example... me... I didn't report it. It has changed my life, caused depression and loss of work. Now my job is requiring the vaccine and booster "as a condition of employment". I did get a medical exemption so we'll see how that goes when they start actually asking us employees to get a booster (I will not... I went through hell and so did my wife with what happened to me). If you're not at risk of dying from covid, think twice or three times before taking the vaccine which is most definitely not as safe, or effective, as reported.

  • cw27vid
    cw27vid  +108

    Thanks to everyone for posting their experiences with the COVID-19 injections. I wish you all good health.

  • Sassy Cat
    Sassy Cat  +386

    Thank you everyone who posted their experiences and side effects of these covid vaccines. I had a heart transplant 5 years ago and was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 2 years ago. I'm currently going thru cancer treatment. Both doctors that are treating me have been pushing me to get vaccinated and I just keep refusing. I'm taking anti rejection meds for my heart and cancer treatment to build up my immunity. Have no Idea how this Covid vaccine would effect me. I've been wondering if I made the right decision. Thank you again everyone who has posted on this site. I realised now that I made the right decision. To you all, be well and stay safe.

  • Citizen Nobody

    My mother got a blood clot in her kidney from the AZ. It's a disgrace that this is being covered up and ignored.

  • Always Overcoming Bear

    My mother in law passed away within 48 hours of receiving her vaccine, this past Easter. She wouldn’t be counted as a vaccine related death, because it hadn’t been 14 days - the time at which she would have been classified as partially vaccinated. Instead, the heart attack was labeled as natural, even though she had never had any heart problems and was still relatively healthy, still living on her own, at 80. We will never really know whether the vaccine had anything to do with her death, but what I do know, is that the way that we’ve been collecting the necessary information and numbers, has been deeply flawed, unscientific and led by emotions! We’re screwed until the authorities start thinking logically and until we hold them accountable! IMO

  • Rocio Torres

    Back in July of this year while taking my daughter to the ER, I witnessed a young 16 year old girl getting admitted due to seizures. Her mother told the doctors that the girl received the first covid jab on May 31 and got the first seizure June 3. The girl has then experienced several seizures while asleep or at her summer job. Mother explained that her daughter was healthy prior to the jab. Also, when the mother sincerely asked the doctor if the seizures could have been brought on by the covid vaccine, the doctor immediately said no. I felt sad for the mother. I myself was told to vaccinate my daughter and one of her doctors tried to guilt trip me for declining to give my daughter the covid vaccine.

  • Jo C
    Jo C  +59

    Husband was jabbed mid June. 2 days later he started to feel "crap" weakness and fatigue. Gradually got worse, including palpitations and dizzy spells. Beginning of July he ended up on his hands and knees and the floor, on the verge of heart attack/stroke. Heart was racing and irregular, and he was taken to hospital via ambulance. Hes now in permanent AF, and on meds. Hes had Echocardiogram, and a 7 day heart monitor (after weeks of waiting, and having to chase up) but wont get the results of either, until he can see a cardiologist in JANUARY! I know of 3 who died within weeks of jab. One in 30s one in 40s and one just 19! 1 in 50s had clots in her brain, and is left with brain damage after a partial skull removal, and 2 left with neurological issues, which have gotten less over months (thankfully) These jabs are hurting people. More so than any other jab in history. In fact more than any jab in history COMBINED. Other meds/vaccines have been pulled with many less deaths associated with them. Tetanus, only something like 70 deaths in its history. Swine flu jab I believe it was, was pulled after 45 million doses and 25 deaths (ended up being 50) why is this one, not even being looked into properly let alone pulled. And they wonder why people have lost trust! I will NOT be having this thing injected into me, and neither will my daughter. Its cost my family enough, and we still dont know what the future holds.

  • Linda Hinojosa

    My mom passed away on New Years Eve, less than 2 weeks after getting the shot. She was in rehab for becoming weak walking during the lockdown. She was negative for covid19 x2 tests, and after the shot she immediately went downhill and started bleeding out huge clots. She said she didn't know what was happening to her, she didn't know it was the vaccine, they told her it was the flu shot. They didn't make a flu shot for last year. My mom had diabetes, but it was managed well. The shots are having too many issues, and should not be mandatory for anyone. I am horrified that they are saying it's safe for the 5 to 11 year olds.

  • Gio Rodriguez

    got the pfizer vaccine 8/2 and 9/2 ever since i’ve had chest pain, dizziness, malaise, lightheaded and other very scary symptoms. I been to the ER 11 times and no one can find what is wrong with me. I’ve had multiple EKGs, CT scans and one MRI. Blood work all comes back normal. These last three months have been the worst i’ve ever felt in my entire life. I’m hoping for a miracle at this point. I hope we all get better soon 🙏

  • Steve Farris

    These claims are valid. My Mother-in-law had the moderna in January, she is still having weakness heart palpitations, dizzy spells and vomiting after eating anything. You will not see any of this on the fake media and that should be listed as a crime against humanity.

  • Glenn Quagmire

    John, if you go back and read the comment on your video, "John gets fact-checked", you will see you are making an impact. Your followers are asking for the needles to be aspirated before the medicine is pushed in and even some practitioners are taking note because of our requests. Your training and theories are making an impact. We thank you. Grass roots efforts may be small but you may have saved some people from adverse effects.

  • CountrysideCat-田舎ネコ

    I know few people who got ill after vaccine but none of them were reported to the Japanese government (they are discouraged to do so by many ways). Many good doctors like you who has conscience and who talk about merit and risk based on the data have been kicked out from YT (and they are not anti-vac!) in Japan. Vaccine should be safer than medicine because they are administrated to healthy people.

  • SA
    SA  +14

    Dr Campbell, just want to show appreciation for all the hard work you do regarding this subject and the help and information you have given us. Thank you very much.

  • Neil Malcolm

    Many thanks for all your hard work and due diligence. I live in Thailand and had my first vaccine (Sinovac) without any side effects whatsoever. Three weeks later I returned for my 2nd vaccine (Astro Zenica) in early morning of 29th October ,all was well until late evening when my wife found me on the floor of the bathroom struggling to breathe. I was admitted to the local Army Hospital with supposed heart failure.After being in hospital for 3days, I recovered sufficiently well enough to go

  • Mr Mathews

    My wife had covid and recovered with no after effects after 7 days. She took first Pfizer vaccine and got a swollen tounge. This went away after 4 days. Three months later she got her second dose, and the same day her fingers swelled up, since then her fingers swell up every other day, her arms and legs ache, she has foggy brain and fatigue. This has went on for over 6 months. She has been to GP and they ran blood tests and cannot find anything, they won't accept it could be caused by the vaccine even though it started the same day she got it. She is waiting for further investigations via ultrasound at hospital. She thinks the vaccine has triggered rheumatoid arthritis. All I know is she was healthy before she took that second dose.

  • Si Se Pwodwe

    The stories in your comments section are incredibly heartbreaking. Sadly they will never be acknowledged by the mainstream media. What a vile disgusting time we live in.

  • CH
    CH  +728

    My uncle is one of the 400 blinded by covid vaccine and injured and as been recorded by the medical staff and hospital. But whenever discussed with other people it's implied we are anti vaccine which is completely untrue. Personally I'm completely disgusted by this whole situation and the complete denial that there's a problem.

  • Elvi Nimali

    Thank you for your continued efforts to engage the public on science John. I wish you were on public TV instead of the dreadful politicians we have to hear and their constant bought and paid for bullshit.