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Vitamin D in Israel

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  • Opublikowany 10 gru 2021
  • This video is for educational purposes only and must not replace advice from your own health care provider. Always consult your own doctor before taking any medication or supplements. It is not possible to give generalised medical guidelines, for example vitamin K2 may interfere with some anticoagulant medications, so you should see your doctor for individualises advice.
    Dr Michael Cohen discusses the importance of Vitamin D and zinc for the optimisation of the immune system. Vitamin K2 is also used to distribute calcium to the correct tissues. Thankyou Dr Cohen for this excellent explanation of preventing and minimising infection by enabling the amazing natural immune response.
    Dr. Cohen, Surgery details
    Notes on doses of Zinc, Vit D and Vit K2 for educational purposes only. This link will be updated from time to time to keep it up to date, telaviv-doctor.com/supplement...

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  • sc100ott

    I’m a physician (radiologist) in the US. Every day I see CT scans of the chest for patients who come into Emergency with hypoxia. These are typically done to exclude the possibility of pulmonary embolism (PE). Most show no PE, but many show the extensive bilateral pneumonia pattern which is classic for CoViD-19. If I have a moment, I will check their medical record to see if there’s a Vitamin D level anywhere. For most patients there is no info, but maybe 1/4-1/3 do have a level from the past year or two. Invariably the patients with the worst disease have levels of 5-25, with most being 12 or less. I notice some have vitamin D listed on their medications, but usually only 1000 or 2000 iu per day. Not surprisingly, most of these patients are also obese. My story is only anecdotal. Working in a community hospital, I really don’t have any academic time to do a formal study, but I think there’s definitely a pattern which is important to acknowledge. Most of my colleagues want to pooh-pooh what I say, do I don’t feel like I can push too hard, unfortunately.

  • Rebecca Jordan

    I hope your conversation is being heard by everyone in the US! The fear being instilled here is insane and divisive and is causing a divide in the human race. It’s so depressing! We need to be proactive in the name of our own health and stop following the fear mongers and taking sides. THANK YOU for having a civil conversation on our behalf!!! We need more like you two!

  • Marie Smith

    Amazing interview! I have been taking Vit D3 for the past 6 years and I’m 77 yrs old. Have not had the flu all that time. I agree 100% with everything he is saying.

  • Karen Hamilton

    Very interesting discussion and great to see doctors actually discussing and using these protocols. Would be interesting to see a discussion regarding Vit D, K2, Magnesium and Calcium connection along with Cholesterol. The presence of cholesterol in the skin causes Vit D from sunlight to be converted to usable Vit D in the body. Extrapolating out that fact, lowering cholesterol as we have been recommended to do for decades plus limiting sun exposure, it stands to reason, has helped cause Vit D deficiency overall.

  • Cat W
    Cat W  +20

    You two have a great dynamic together. This is a low-key interview with both of you respecting each other and giving lots of information for people. I appreciate both of you. I love professionals are willing to say... I don't know the answer to that. Please do this again on other issues. I enjoyed this very much and appreciated the giving of your time from both of you

  • Victoria Barnett

    I had Covid last November. I had been taking D3, Zinc and Quercetin for probably several months. While the illness was uncomfortable and took a long time to go away, I didn’t end up in hospital. Age and general health put me at more of a risk than younger, slimmer people. I have added K2 to regime a few weeks ago. I’ll continue this daily. Peace of mind.

  • Gary_F
    Gary_F  +1

    Funny how we get nonsense, fear and contradictions from Governments and their medical advisors, but these humble and immensely professional gentlemen can have a discussion for public consumption without any fear mongering and make perfect sense dispensing a vast amount of interesting and useful information. Most of all, they're treating the public like grown-ups, not children. Thank you both, you're a breath of fresh air.

  • Laurie Stone Haskell

    Thank you for this outstanding and informative discussion. I have been watching John Cambell's videos since the pandemic began and he has been advocating Vitamin D3 since the very beginning. It was so helpful to hear Dr. Michael Cohen give his medical recommendations for Vitamin D3, Zinc, and K2 -and to give the dosages. My uncle was a cardiologist and recommended K2 and Vitamin D3 to me 20 years ago. He said that these vitamins were essential for cardiac health.

  • Julia C
    Julia C  +26

    What an amazing and informative discussion. This is what real doctors look like. Thank you so much. Sending love from Canada 🇨🇦

  • Diana Nore

    Our community here in southeast Alaska provided vitamin D testing as part of their annual health fair lab screening. We were able to collect community wide data on Vitamin D and found a large percentage of Vitamin D deficiency with our rainy overcast country. We started 5000IU daily in our family and continued annual D testing to prove this amount was adequate. I learned more about zinc and K2 from this. Keep up the great information dissemination.

  • Susan Love

    Son unos de los mejores

  • Notso Fast

    The value of observational opinion from on the ground, in the trenches experience means more to me than an esoteric, million person study that isn’t available. The humility of both these men is meaningful. I will stay on my daily doses of Vitimin D, Zinc etc. using HcQ and Ivmtn in addition as necessary. This approach has kept many C19 free. Staying ahead of an infection makes more sense than going home and doing nothing until you turn blue.

  • Hazel Lucks

    So refreshing to hear doctors talking about preventative medicine.

  • 57Rosegarden

    In Germany we also have Prof. Spitz, who recommends also taking Vitamin D in higher doses.... I hope that lots of people will remember that the immune system is doing great work - and support their immune system as much as possible! Thank you so much for this interview!!!!!

  • Ann Helga
    Ann Helga  +15

    this is such a fantastic interview! it is finally giving me clarity about what dosage I should be taking for zinc and Vit D respectively.. (specifically, I had been taking too much zinc and not enough Vit D). Thank you so so much to these kind and brilliant men my daily regime is now officially tweaked!

  • Angsana
    Angsana  +12

    Obviously anecdotal, but my boss and I were the only two who remained negative while 50 plus others tested positive after attending a conference in the US. Everyone was double jabbed, some also boosted. I even flew back with an Omicron positive case (which was identified on arrival) who happened to be on the same flight, which resulted in me going through rigorous testings in the following 10 days. The only things we, the negative two, have in common are our very healthy lifestyle from good, balanced diet to daily work out regimes. I live in the tropics so I assume I get more sun than just about any others based in higher latitude locations. Incidentally I also have high-zinc and vitamin K2 diet without realising that is what I do. We may never know the real reason why, but staying fit and healthy must have worked to our favour.

  • Kat Derwey

    Been taking Vitamin D3 5000 to 10000 IU per day for years. Has helped slow arthritis, cleared my plantar fasciitis in both feet, been flu and cold free for years, and during the pandemic may have protected me from getting C19. In 2007, I got a Vitamin D lab analysis done for the first time and found I was 25. I was taking only 2000 IU of V D3 then. Now labs show over 50 and have up to 75 (when taking 10000 IU/day). I also had my father, who was bed ridden in his last years who was complaining of back pain, 5000 IU after I had him tested with Vitamin D levels of 8. Within a couple of weeks, he no longer had back pain and his mood improved. Did not need to take the Morphine prescribed by hospice doctor thereafter. I believe it caused him to live for 18 mths longer than he would have without it. I recognize Dr. Oz for bringing Vitamin D deficiency to my attention back in the early 2000’s. It was a life changer for me. Also has improved my mood and my energy levels. Will start K2 immediately. Thank you, gentlemen, for this discussion which reinforces my own experience.

  • African Mindset Series

    Such a great interview between two knowledgeable medical professionals. Thank you for the knowledge shared.

  • NYGuy2000
    NYGuy2000  +633

    Until 2004, I had been sick several times every winter. My first vitamin D test showed 29 ng/mL. Since then, I have been taking around 8,000 units every day except summer. I was never sick again. Not one single time. It makes me so angry when health officials disregard vitamin D.

  • You honey Coyvunen

    I live in Finland, next to Sweden. My vitamin D value is 153. It is midwinter. I used to to take 100 ug capsules once a day of vitamin D, but last moth or so I have taken two 150 ug capsules per day, that's 300 ug (12 000 IU) every day. I also take 25 mg zinc once a day. Been on a Keto diet for over a year now. I feel fine. No jabs, ever. 😁👌