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Omicron, half of common colds

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  • Opublikowany 23 gru 2021
  • Half of people in the UK with a common cold have a covid cold
    Check out Wefwafwa's channel for more about our community health work in Uganda, plclip.com/user/WefwafwaAndrew
    ONS, 13th December 2021 to 19th December 2021
    Percentage of people testing positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), 2.83%
    1,544,600 people in England had COVID-19
    One in 35 people
    London 1 in 20 people had COVID-19
    Wales, One in 45
    Northern Ireland, one in 40
    Scotland, one 65 people
    SA data
    SA hospital data
    UK data
    Tim Spector
    Omicron, similar cold type symptoms to delta in the first few days
    Omicron cases have less anosmia
    Fever is less common
    Having 5 or more symptoms less common with omicron than delta
    More breakthrough infections with delta, after 2 or 3 doses of vaccine
    Common colds less transmissible than omicron just now
    One in two chance common cold symptoms will test positive for covid
    Therefore, test for colds
    Avoid people who have a cold
    Pings are now too slow to be effective
    Omicron onset, 2 days rather than 5 for delta
    Omicron will run its course faster, all over in 4 or 5 days
    Infection risk after 8 days in negligible
    IOM, back to work when symptoms resolve and 2 lateral flow tests
    From 17,000 omicron cases
    Runny nose
    Fatigue (either mild or severe)
    Sore throat
    (NHS test and trace is not telling users of their Omicron status anymore)

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  • Mr Chapman

    Historically every pandemic has ended when the virus mutates into a less lethal strain Omicron is great news but clearly many are not willing to let it go

  • chickychancer

    When all this is over there should be pandemic awards for people who have actually cared, been truthful and helped. Dr Campbell would be right up there for a top prize 🏆❤️🙏thank you Dr Campbell

  • Virginia Duran

    Truly appreciate Dr. Campbell. He helps me be well informed and reduces my anxiety.

  • Meatlover
    Meatlover  +100

    Had covid in march 2020. Was one of the first 500 in my state. My whole family and me all recovered from it within two weeks. We mostly had common cold symptoms no fever. All of us have underlying diseases ( my father, brother, mother and i have a lung disease , i also have high blood pressure and heart problems) and none of us had to be hospitalized. We eat healthy lots of vegetables almost no alcohol and all of us are active in sports or our daily life. My parents are in their 50s and me and my brother in our 20s. None of us were vaccinated. We still have a high antibody amount in our blood.

  • Len Pearce
    Len Pearce  +127

    I’ve recently stumbled upon this, and I’m so glad I did. After nearly two years, I’ve not seen this kind of reporting from any media outlet. Fear sells. Thank you! My national newscast (Canada, CBC The National) dedicates 20 minutes-6 days per week to Covid, and doesn’t provide near as much info as one of your 20 minute videos.

  • Reuben Stern

    Good man. You're really trying to give everyone accurate information. Hard to find these days, paranoia, hidden agendas, pranksters and psychosis are too common these days. You have my trust and I don't trust easily.

  • gmaa67 Flatterson

    Merry Christmas Dr. Campbell. "Thank you" just isn't enough. You've literally kept people sane with your calm, valuable information. Media outlets would have us thinking the sky is falling.

  • Renee Kelly

    I appreciate your reporting that’s not in a panic mode like most of what we hear in the US from the government and most media reporting on this.


    You are amazing, your life the last two years has been this subject, how on earth did you manage to keep the motivation. You are of great value

  • Karan Khatri

    You’re absolutely right,I am from Spain and I got infected recently and I think it was omicron,today is my 10th day since my symptoms started and I am completely fine like I was before.

  • Scott W Davis

    My wife and I had omicron 2 weeks ago, it was almost nothing for us. We're in our late 50's and smoke but eat healthy and have vitamin D levels above 50 MCG.

  • Linda Sun
    Linda Sun  +62

    My two teenagers complained of “feeling sick” on Xmas morning and tested positive with the at home Antigen kits. They ran fever for one day and were almost back to normal the next day. Tomorrow will be day 5 and they can end their quarantine. My husband had a fever last night and tested positive tonight. I’m the only one without symptoms. I had my booster shot in October and started taking vitamin D daily when my boys tested positive on Xmas day. I realize the odds of me not getting COVID is not good, but I’m not worried. Both of my boys said flu was way worse than COVID. Having some natural immunity is not a bad thing. I don’t ask to get COVID, but if it happens, I won’t panic or overreact.

  • SRM916
    SRM916  +323

    Dr John taking no days off to keep the public informed even though he doesn’t necessarily have to. Thank you sir! And merry Christmas to you!

  • Wim Van Renterghem

    Not sure if you've done this, but I think it's a good visualisation to look at Delta and Omicron as two different viruses. In that graph you can see the Delta going down, and Omicron on the rise. I did it for Belgium (where I'm from), and you can really see Omicron picking up even though we have numbers that are decreasing.

  • MikeH
    MikeH  +97

    Today is my last day of isolation from Omicron. Your channel has been a great source of information so thank you! Early on I had pain in my chest when I coughed or sneezed - I took some zinc lozenges and within a few hours the pain stopped. Head congestion lasted longer but overall symptoms where pretty mild.

  • Yasir Alsaidi

    Today is my 9th day with COVID-19. from my expiereance which doesn't mean is the case for everyone. but for me COVID was less symptomatic or painful than regular cold. I had a fever for one day up to 101 degree then fever is gone next day. then my symptoms were runny nose some cough and sore throat, overall I felt I'm tired. today my symptoms are slightly itchy or runny nose. I have very minor cough or irritation. by the way i didn't lose my taste or smell senses. I just wanted to share this with you guys. ( I did throw a bunch of meds supplments at it so this might've helped) also I forgot to mention that I'm not vaccinated.

  • Mixah
    Mixah  +24

    I’m pretty sure I had it over Christmas, but it was just like a cold but with some body chills and a really bad headache for 2 days and then after then was just being tired for 2 more days. Everyone wanted me to get tested but I’m confused why, I already know I was sick why don’t I just focus on healing and recovery instead of identifying what I had. I got it, I moved on, that’s how the world works. Haha glad it’s mutated into somthing less crazy, good signs

  • TCTerribleDog

    I love a channel that just get down to meaningful, up to date numbers, and try to interpret them as cleanly as possible. Just beautiful.

  • Ari Hia
    Ari Hia  +360

    all respect to this man, giving us daily updates based on nothing but pure empirical evidence, something sorely missing. amongst msm and our politicians...

  • Vanessa Griffiths

    Thank you. I’ve been following you since the beginning of the pandemic in canada. Our government is shutting down things everywhere and I am seeing the mental health fall out among children and young adults taking these extreme conditions over a potential cold